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  1. Haven't seen it, maybe... or maybe intentional propaganda put on Netflix against his extravagant personality and way of life cause he upset more than someone else in the high scheme of the ruling mafia
  2. https://www.mdpi.com/2304-8158/10/8/1752
  3. Sadhguru wineing around with a funny hand
  4. Haven't seen those 6 parts of Schauberger yet but the stuff is waterblowing
  5. DJ Zarathustra trickster DJ Legendado DJ Goldstein vs Silverstein DJ Scaloppini DJ Cars Sovid 91 DJ Avobe
  6. The relationship between Ukraine and Russia is more complex than it seems. Ukraine has been pretty much severely abused from the elites of Moscow through the past century, forced the country to be part of the USSR, and punished every attempt to not accept their rules or trying to gain independance. Much of the cossak ukranian speaking population was subjected to massive repression through the De-Cossakization in the 20's destroying the cossacks as a nation and then most notably the "Holodomor" an intentional infliged genocide which whipped out millions of ukranians specially in the Donbas area which was repopulated with 3rd class russians of near regions. So the story here is basically an attempt to kill every ukranian possible, not hard to understand many of them prefer the influence of the west. Once they gained independece as a country there's been always interest in controlling the country with prorussian puppets, as it is the case with Belarus. Most people put the blame on NATO, and yes USA has like more than 600 military bases overseas vs 20 or so that Russia has, but in this particular case it was more an ambition and a form of revenge post Euromaidan and Putin wanting some kind of new USSR 3.0, and he uses NATO pressure as an excuse for that. Meanwhile Black Rock and USA tries monetize every bit they want out of it
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