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  1. I personally like the track very much and wish more rappers realized AE's potential for being sampled
  2. https://youtu.be/yvPI9czE-ho this is good!
  3. Should have limited it to 70 only God damn it Joyrex. Why? Smallest weird number I guess
  4. OneSixSeven

    US dates

    10:15 each time
  5. OneSixSeven

    US dates

    Haha from Russia with love, fellas. Didn't want to seem mysterious or shit, those 3 shows just got me into parallel dimension so I lost touch with reality a bit. Boston and Portsmouth shows were amazing, was happy to see so many cool ppl in the US. Peace! PS waiting for the portsmouth recording
  6. OneSixSeven

    US dates

    Anyone going to portsmouth?
  7. OneSixSeven

    US dates

    I wouldn't recommend taking psychedelics before Utrecht show 100% (irreparable damage alert), and I think they've become even harder
  8. OneSixSeven

    US dates

    Guys, anyone knows how one enters brooklyn show? I bought a ticket a century ago and only got a confirmation, i.e. no ticket to print/QR code or smth. FAQ of the le poisson rouge says that it's "will call", am I right that it means they'll have a list of names of people who bought tickets and they'll check it with ID? Worrying a little since I am doing over 10.000 km for the show
  9. While working on an album, or when it finally comes out, do you regard one or several tracks as standout ones or they are all equal to you?
  10. Has there ever been a piece of music which made you think "oh, that is so %good in any way% that we will probably never manage to get close"? And if yes what was it?
  11. I know absolutely nothing related to music production but I have listened to your whole discography for many-many times and I enjoy it as nothing else in the music universe, so my question is: do i still miss too many elements in your music due to not knowing anything about music making? Any chances of a gig in Russia? There sure is an established fan base here in Moscow.
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