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  1. Perfect dates in Australia, quieter sport calendar period unless you're manic about the early summer cricket tests (looks like the Windies & SAfricans are visiting). Only downside might be the increased difficulty of day sleeping in tropical summer rather than winter, so might opt for more replays over live. Can imagine a lot of soccer balls and related merch filling stockings next Xmas if the final is on December 18. And Asian Cup and HOME women's World Cup six months later 😁 And as an atlas nerd kid Qatar was my obsession at one point and I did follow the Q-league for a bit in the 2000s so a part of me is fond of them hosting it.
  2. I've been listening almost exclusively to 1982 stuff the past couple months, so I'm just going to publish this early for what it's worth. 1. Aspects - STR4TA 2. Solar Power - Lorde 3. Smiling With No Teeth - Genesis Owusu 4. Call Me If You Get Lost - Tyler, the Creator 5. Moodswings in This Order - DPR Ian 6. Cavalcade - black midi 7. Deep States - Tropical Fuck Storm 8. Bright Green Field - Squid 9. Juntos ahora - Nair Mirabrat #10 would probably be out of Hushed & Grim (Mastodon), Times (SG Lewis) or possibly Sycco's First EP (Sycco), but yeah 9 standouts.
  3. Yeah that's cool, and your post content was entirely valid, Australia has plenty issues (you also refer to some pot kettle black overlap which I was mostly careful to navigate). I think there is already a comparable thread about Australia, and there is room for both the serious and in jest. But in quoting mine specifically it did give the impression of being aggressively contrary, direct and presumptive, as if I was one of your maligned numpties, or less woke on the 'perceptive blind spots'. But I'm reading a bit too much into it clearly. Sorry, carry on 🙂
  4. You’re a bit off topic though, I hope you’re not implying I’m one of your ‘blissfully unaware’, American-jeering Australians, bit of an ignorant reach to make if so.
  5. Things I’m glad my country doesn’t really go in for: guns, god, pep rallies, college football/basketball, cheerleaders, Mexican food chains, Dr Pepper, miliinduspsychpharmacomplex,white xmas, elect Trumps, cable, expensive healthcare, land animals that can eat you, the worst football code, driving on the other side, Iran/Russia obsession, all that constitution/amendments mumbo jumbo, evangelists, elderly presidents, lynchings, capital punishment, non-compulsory voting, ‘putting the kids through college’, simplistic English spelling, dadt, kardashians, etc. etc.
  6. The low this year was 14 Celsius one winter night 🤔 I’ve noticed that after a few years of this wet/dry tropical sort of climate with a glancing ‘winter’ that I can’t tolerate the temperate cold as well as I once did.
  7. On Hitchcock, I've seen 40. Vertigo is his best by a long way, but I'm also very partial towards Rebecca, Suspicion and Dial M for Murder.
  8. Ran through the Bond series again in recent months, god I love that franchise! My current ranking: 1. Dr No. (9/10) 2. Casino Royale (8.5) 3. Spectre (8.5) 4. Goldfinger (8) 5. The Living Daylights (8) 6. Quantum of Solace (8) 7. Octopussy (7.5) 8. For Your Eyes Only (7.5) 9. You Only Live Twice (7) 10. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (7) 11. Tomorrow Never Dies (7) 12. Die Another Day (7) 13. Skyfall (7) 14. The Spy Who Loved Me (7) 15. Never Say Never Again (7) 16. From Russia With Love (6.5) 17. Goldeneye (6.5) 18. Diamonds are Forever (6) 19. Live and Let Die (6) 20. Licence to Kill (6) 21. No Time to Die (5.5) 22. The Man With the Golden Gun (5.5) 23. Moonraker (5) 24. The World is Not Enough (5) 25. Thunderball (5) 26. A View to a Kill (4.5)
  9. Roo

    Now Reading

    Been reading a lot of Joyce Carol Oates in recent months. Night. Sleep. Death. The Stars (patriarch dies saga) Carthage (daughter goes missing, mistook it for true-crime until halfway through) A Book of American Martyrs (abortionist killed) Plus a few short story collections (Give Me Your Heart, Sourland, The Evil Eye) - not as good but a quick palette cleanser given her novels can be long She's cool. Gets bereavement, does gothic stuff well, and don't give a crap, very productive. Some of it is more borrow-from-library, but the first two I mentioned really connected with me and are worth an own. Will try to get my mother into her (already got my father into Nevil Shute this year, and think JCO is something my mum will get).
  10. Those 'Save Australia' protests in NYC from teachers protesting mandatory vaccination...just surreal stuff yo. Hopefully we can scam those crazy gullible conservs to gofund us poor totalitariats a $1 a day rather than being liberated with drone strikes.
  11. those bad takes are gonna come in here just like they did before. And they're gonna come in here...and they're gonna come in here...coz it'll be dark mode soon and they mostly come at night. Mostly... *logs out and cuts power and cocoons self in hypersleep until a future when Covenant is well-liked*
  12. I adore Alien 3, Covenant, and Ridley generally. Anyone ragging on them will go on my company expendable list. The Blomcrap/GImpson stuff is dreck we were spared.
  13. Been smashing this in recent days, nice throwback
  14. From hip hop, I’m most crazy for Run-D.M.C. and Follow the Leader.
  15. Before Hollywood by The Go-Betweens is my #1
  16. I'm still very fond of that turn-of-the-millennium time when a subsection of the then rock-rooted Australian music scene was dipping into electronic & urban a bit more. Things like Friendly (big beat), Josh Abrahams (D'n'B), B(if)tek (techno), Gerling (indietronica). Regurgitator were also a bit synthy rap-rocky at times. 1200 Techniques and Koolism had some funky hiphop. Along with The Avalanches, all these acts were quite eclectic and exciting. It only really poked into the mainstream for a few years before slipping underground again, lasted about as long as big beat. Sort of like 90s indie/alternative meeting urban electro. Avalanches did a remix for Gerling in 1999 and pre-SILY Gerling called the Avalanches the best band ever.
  17. The Scalas could also do with a reissue, they’ve been disappearing from some music streaming stores recently.
  18. Already own most of this (existing stuff) on digital, and whilst that CD set looks so tantalising, the GBP exchange rate is a killer. Might have to cave digital, mainly because Succour is one of my fave albums and my existing copy is very old now.
  19. Yep, Factor V Leiden. Luckily, Australia effectively stopped AstZen for under-50s overnight! (a future rollout phase) My father and his mother are the hereditary line, both high risk to Covid, going to exercise Pfizer choice.
  20. Australia is trickling towards its millionth vaccination, far behind schedule. Still in the initial phase of healthcare worker and elderly. I’m not even thinking about a vaccine at the moment, because it still feels months away. Given my being an early 30s woman with a blood clotting disorder and likelihood of AstZen, little perturbed as it could possibly pose no more or less risk to me than COVID itself, but it wouldn’t stop me taking the jab for communal sake at all. I’ve run clotting risks like this before with various things.
  21. Still, here’s hoping for some new stuff. On Page 3 circa Spangle/Gatha live they mention new stuff coming the following year. Feels like we’ve been hanging out forever, S/T just turned 10.
  22. Imagine if they were supergrouping with Radiohead. You’d imagine it could mean a 25th anniversary reissue/tour of Succour.
  23. Been heavily into an Untouchables phase recently. Fantastic album that. Has me itching to revisit some others now, especially the two surrounding (Issues & Take a Look).
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