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  1. Just started watching season 4 of "Baskets", imo a really great show
  2. Maybe this should get a seperate thread as this is no "Colundi Sequence" Album, but anyway: NIce Ambient stuff from aleksi's new album "PRESENCE" https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/presence
  3. thanks for the hint this is awesome
  4. Anyone listening to channel 2? Lots of good stuff, too. Especially Mark Pritchard's NTS Mix from 2016 which is one of my alltime favourite Sets
  5. BTW: Is it possible to watch The Phantom Brickworks Screening again ? The youtube stream was awesome yesterday.
  6. Rian Trenor's part is fucking awesome. Hope there will be a tracklist soon, so much great music I want to posses
  7. Nice to see weirdcore is playing some V/VM 365-stuff. I really enjoyed his project in 2006, thanks again Leyland.
  8. Would be nice to get him access for his efforts , but otherwise it's just 3USD for a subscription
  9. Thank you very much for recording everything @LionLionTheLion
  10. Viva Zwei was amazing, golden times for music on tv
  11. Oh man, I missed all the amazing artists from friday (Mark Pritchard, Plaid, Autechre) and today (Clark ) Oneohtrix Point Never is great so far, lovely floating stuff. Anyone recorded the sets/perfomances? Is it possible to listen to the streams somewhere "offline" ?
  12. https://porridgeradio.bandcamp.com/track/eugh
  13. Emotinium II (00:00) - Unknown/Synth Chan (3:14) - Sneaker Acid Intro (5:36) - Sneaker (10:30) - Fossil Funk (16:40) - Capsule In Space (22:28) - Friend Track (Haliphax Mix) (25:00) - Unknown 5/Phaxalot's Intro (32:20) - Legend Of Phaxalot (34:35) - Ceephax Acid (41:50) - Sidney's Sizzler (44:35) - Probey's Poker (47:22) - Prelude In 303 Major (51:55)
  14. My cassette just arrived and (as almost always) it is really great. I just love Celer's drones
  15. Playlist with most of the tracks he played in chronological order dunno if this has ben posted already
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