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  1. My first thought was that your flight was actually eventful
  2. Firefox F5 test accomplished Strangely enough, it was working fine with Edge
  3. just digging through my record collection and rediscovering old gems
  4. Started watching season 3 of glow and remembered the good ol' kate nash stuff and the golden times of my first love. I enjoy crying to this one.
  5. Just now discovered the artist ZULI and his album "Numbers" is bonkers. His style hits exactly my musical g-spot
  6. haha, took me way too long to get it
  7. FLOEX's soundtrack for machinarium is marvelous, he also did the soundtrack for Samarost (another Amanita game) PS: I love this cover of videogame soundtrack, but never played the actual game
  8. Just watched Black Mirror S3E2 "Playtest" and this episode was fucking intense This series is great and sometimes it really scares me. Now I have to watch some dumb comedy shit to calm down.
  9. great news, eager to hear some new(or edited) bw stuff i love bochum welt so much
  10. nice ambient selection, just made myself a playlist with these (except switching rhubarb with "1 lmt b", because rhubarb has too much memory attachment)
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