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  1. first of all: thanks.


    as i got some time to finally sort my digital music collection in a ultra OCD-esque way, this is very helpful.


    now i realise, i can put cat-numbers to the analord series. i found and image of analord 07 with cat number "6669080-169-65".

    if i name the releases in ascending order, "Analord 11" will get [cat 173], but "Chosen Lords" already gets (cat 173].


    any idea concerning my serious first-world problem?



    Edit: it's probably the same as with macc&dgohn-same shit saaink. single and album both got [cat209]

  2. " naivete" versus "maturity, straight reasoning" regarding production ?


    i think the more you grow accustomed with production techniques, the more you lose a kind of simple approach to making music, which can lead to boring or overly intellectual music.


    is it important for you, whats your opinion ?


    if yes, how do you preserve an unsophisticated playfulnes?


    The one at 39:40 is fantastic.



    OG ! OMG ! OMFG !......................................................listening until 41 min or so...............ahhh shit, WTF?...................were is the rest of the track i instantly loved so much after watching the bangface video and hoping since then to hear it in good quality ? where. oh dave ?



    anyway, good set.

  4. Sorry Guys, been quiet on this one (mainly because I didn't want to read 23 pages of nonsense), but we came to an agreement and now I have the tapes. Will post pics when I receive them.

    Joyrex is a bell end waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!


    that would be a perfect reason to start another radioshow (although i dont care about the boc tape, just some tunes, some babbling and maybe a tune from wisp or eod) :music:


    i miss your and tessa's voice in combination with a canny evening and some bourbon. :happy:



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