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  1. Any super easy soundcloud link for the guy who just did a 21 hour shift splicing fibres?
  2. I wish I had known about that Liverpool show Osk. I would have been down in a second mate!!
  3. PM your postal address. I did German at school many, many moons ago so I should be fine!
  4. Cheers Andy. It's been a while!
  5. When I say trade. I will take anything you will send me. Drugs would be nice but a thank you letter would be just as cool. Just want it to go to a good home.
  6. Do any UK BOC heads really NEED this in their collection? Let me know. Its just sitting here. I have no need for it but something in trade would be cool. I just hawk here these days so email if you want it. [email protected]
  7. Very interesting little read. I live right near Balerno. Might have a little wander around there this afternoon.
  8. Mugsey

    Plaid - Reachy Prints

    I completely ran it into the ground for 6 months when it was first released. It is such a nice day out today I think its time for a long overdue spin!
  9. Mugsey

    Meemo & Mu

    Really enjoyable hour and a half. Great new Jlinn, Baha and Kluedo. Also haven't heard Mover & Rave Creator in a long time.
  10. Mugsey

    Meemo & Mu

    Ask and you shall receive. Thanks.
  11. Mugsey

    Meemo & Mu

    Drunk Boxing day special please
  12. Mugsey

    Meemo & Mu

    I have defo warmed to it halfway through.
  13. Mugsey

    Meemo & Mu

    Sounds awkward as hell.
  14. Manchester was a great night. i was the guy stumbling round dressed in camo. My t-shirt that I wore home is fucked already after a 40 degree wash. I have metal t-shirts I have worn for 20 years in a better state! Great night
  15. Four more days of work in this horrible Scottish weather then four hours on a train. Nice! Pretty excited now. I have been caining the recent boots, that Helsinki recording is incredible.
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