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  1. Solid. 7 track album next month, so he says on twitter.
  2. Love The Final Vision. The general feeling of this album fits perfectly into the mood of things right now.
  3. dumplings

    Rob pls

  4. Nice to see a release finally under this (retired) moniker again. Only just coming around to his Dim Grimm stuff which sounds rather lovely too. https://emporium.dimgrimm.com/album/wonne-suite-2
  5. I know Sean has moved up in the world of rambling attire, sporting Arc'teryx windbreakers et al. But do you think he ever wonders into a Go Outdoors and finds himself admiring the neat stitch work on a Berghaus mid-layer fleece? Like, would he ever stoop back down to that level again?
  6. Is there a way to download these mixes from NTS?
  7. What a mine this is. Swooping everything on his bandcamp.
  8. Erm, this is absolutely great. A return to form from the Stottmeister, Stotters, Heavy Kilted-Andeh, Thick Beef and Stott Stew, The Beautiful Balding Drumster. Can hear the glacier synth tones echoing in Promises, like a thread from New Romance. My favourite Andy.
  9. Best album to start with the sunshine band?
  10. New Stott and new Lanark? IIIIIIIIT'S CHRISTMAAAAAS.
  11. Can't wait to download this! How did Madlib make these beats on an iPad?!
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