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  1. Can't wait to download this! How did Madlib make these beats on an iPad?!
  2. I missed the ae mix because I had to go to bed, gonna listen to that later. Anyone catch what Devo track was played in the BoC mix? It was roughly around an hour into the mix I believe. Brilliant mix altogether.
  3. Five minutes away from future harvest?
  4. fonk yes. Sounds like a James Pants mix.
  5. The lads need to show madlib some of this stuff! raaaw.
  6. Bought this from Amazon from the sheer absurdity of there being such a thing and I'm so happy for it. D a n k .
  7. Have the Boccer lads played their set yet?
  8. Sounds good! ae tones almost. Has SDEM done anything else?
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