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  1. What a mine this is. Swooping everything on his bandcamp.
  2. Erm, this is absolutely great. A return to form from the Stottmeister, Stotters, Heavy Kilted-Andeh, Thick Beef and Stott Stew, The Beautiful Balding Drumster. Can hear the glacier synth tones echoing in Promises, like a thread from New Romance. My favourite Andy.
  3. Best album to start with the sunshine band?
  4. New Stott and new Lanark? IIIIIIIIT'S CHRISTMAAAAAS.
  5. Can't wait to download this! How did Madlib make these beats on an iPad?!
  6. I missed the ae mix because I had to go to bed, gonna listen to that later. Anyone catch what Devo track was played in the BoC mix? It was roughly around an hour into the mix I believe. Brilliant mix altogether.
  7. Five minutes away from future harvest?
  8. fonk yes. Sounds like a James Pants mix.
  9. The lads need to show madlib some of this stuff! raaaw.
  10. Bought this from Amazon from the sheer absurdity of there being such a thing and I'm so happy for it. D a n k .
  11. Have the Boccer lads played their set yet?
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