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  1. Well, I haven't listened to his latest release yet but went off the recommendation of Holkham Drones and it's a beast! Will definitely be giving Translate a listen now.
  2. First time listening to this and this certainly rings true, LORN heads will love this. It really is a great back-to-back EP that fits nicely into these frozen mornings we're beginning to have in England.
  3. Confused me a little upon seeing ghostly uploading this to youtube. The track is noice though m9.
  4. Yeh the 'singing' adds nothing for me either, it spoils the music. Touching a few keys for a Weeknd track doesn't mean you can go all alt-pop on us nerds Dan, ya waz.
  5. Haha I immediately thought of this: Definitely sounds familiar if he isn't Mr. Fantastik.
  6. Is Pan Amsterdam > Mr. Fantastik?!
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