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  1. Tip has some great remixes in him, dang.
  2. This track is quickly becoming one of my favourite Stott's. The distorted steel-bongo thing that ascends in after a minute and stays at the forefront for the rest of it is absolutely mental.
  3. Subtle Stott. I wasn't sure at first. Given that I've played this mostly in the works van this week, the more subtle arrangements get drowned out by the droning of driving but my oh my, when you get to tracks like; Never The Right Time, Repetitive Strain and Answers, it CLAPS. I find myself come to a stop at traffic lights and the van shakes with the amount of reverb Andy lays down, I love it. He somehow melds that dance element with really day-dreamy tones that sits just right when playing this on the way back from work. I think there's always something to like from his releases and whilst I think some of his 'earlier' stuff is very consistent, I'll always anticipate an Andy Stott release. Head like a fucking orange.
  4. Sounds great! Are any of his other releases available anywhere?
  5. Well, I haven't listened to his latest release yet but went off the recommendation of Holkham Drones and it's a beast! Will definitely be giving Translate a listen now.
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