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    That looks like a beautiful language. Would it be difficult to learn ?Isn't that where Tolkien derived his Elvish from ? If you know Estonian or some more obscure Finno-Ugric-languages close to Finnish it might be not very hard. Otherwise it's considered one of the most difficult languages to learn, especially the grammar. Also some of the old vocabulary is probably pretty odd, like "sun"->"aurinko". Now, if you want to use the word aurinko it might get tricky.. "from the sun" -> "auringosta" "also from the sun" -> "auringostakin" "also to our sun" -> "aurinkoommekin"
  2. This was held at Sheffield University Students Union at a night called 'Computer Club', which plays all manner of electronica, mainly to a student crowd. We got there after a 3 hour drive to find the warm up DJ playing old school electro, breaks, IDM, 80's - 90's house and techno. It sounded pretty good but the crowd was very small and very 'reserved'. Just sitting at tables and chatting which I found a bit puzzling. The next DJ slowed it down which only made the 'crowd' even more reserved. I spotted Kouhei Matsunaga just next to me so I made a beeline for him and struck up a conversation. H
  3. NHK Koyxem tour dates. Got my tickets for Sheffield next week !
  4. Well, reading this thread has opened up a whole new world for me. I'd never even considered listening to any jazz, at all, ever. All my musical love has been for electronic, for the last 3 decades. From listening to jazz based on recommendations in this thread, this stuff is on a different level, fucking awesome ! I only wish I could play a real instrument. I might be getting a little old to start now though. I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this thread. Without reading it and listening to the music recommended, I might never have been exposed to this incredible genre of mu
  5. How did I change my life ? 1. I cut out smoking weed, completely after 20 years of almost daily smoking. 2. I learned to meditate. 3. I learned Chinese qigong.
  6. lifeforce

    Now Reading

    Really ? Well I've got a lot to look forward to then with Murakami. I've just finished reading it as my first Murakami novel and I loved it. Bizarre, funny, engrossing and utterly fascinating.
  7. For anyone who hasn't experienced Neil Landstrumm live, please, if you get the chance, do. He's fucking awesome ! Saw him at the legendary Orbit about 2002 and he nailed it. Seemed to be on for ages as well.
  8. As for console/computer stuff, the 3DS seems to have an obscene amount of RPG's and JRPG's. Enough to keep anyone busy for a lifetime. I might have to get one at some point.
  9. Back in the 80's was big into Runequest, Middle-Earth RPG, DC Superheroes with a few like minded friends. My youngest lad is 8 and everytime we pass Games Workshop he's fascinated with all the figures and the set up's like LOTR, Hobbit, Warhammer and 40K. I haven't a clue how to play these wargame RPG's but they have these beginner sessions now and again, so I've promised I'll take him along and we can learn how to play etc.
  10. Home made chicken rogan josh with mango chutney, naan breads and basmati rice. All washed down with an Australian chardonnay. Awesome !
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