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  1. Knew him as a fellow fluid in primordial soup, never suspected it to become this big and huge, nevertheless supported him all the way thru
  2. I get tired of all tracks, I bet you will too, it's just a matter of an amount/regularity of repeats
  3. Yeah, he was just a generic beat maker, then became involved into producing schmop via M.I.A. and later was lauded as some sort of cutting edge leader by fashion maggots. The Skrillex line is characteristic of their evaluation methods (big = inventor, Jimmy Hendrix bruh), unfortunately I've read similar praise from Mr. Oizo when he did a collab with Skrillex (a shitty track The End of the World), I guess it's part of bohemian worldview, once you get "in"
  4. Nobody acts like you crazy, you intellectualise the most conformist current view (reddit consensus). The truth is billionaires ride that discourse to their interests (Amazon, Google et al sponsor AOC), it's socialism minus economics for the masses, and separate conditions for the minority elite. Most of the so called communists are/were part of the elite beginning from Marx & the French, and now they just attack the real working class (which is racist, fascist, non-conscious etc.) for petty issues that suit the elite's interests.
  5. That's nice poetic touches, a bit oversensitive to the usual demonic imagery, but I enjoyed it. Jesus Christ didn't brought salvation to the world, to be exact
  6. Also they had at least two different approaches: pre-Quaristice with constructed titles that can sometimes be interpreted like a puzzle (ends with Sublimit), and post-Untilted with seemingly internal working titles (begins with Altibzz). https://web.archive.org/web/20201101001558/http://autechre.wikifoundry.com/
  7. You're right semantically, but regarding "pointless gesture" it's not that clear -- watching a game on TV/internet, buying merch, even talking about a club online leaves a trace in the current era.
  8. I support Ajax deeply, because I like their principles of play & growing players, as well as historical influence (Michels, Cruijff, van Gaal, van Basten, Bergkamp, Seedorf etc) Qatar 2022 is a monument of FIFA corruption, everything's wrong about that tournament, and since they plan to do World Cups every two years, it could be the symbolical gravestone too
  9. This is the truth bomb. I bet if drill had a caring woman up for a drill at least occasionally, the situation might be a hella of a lot different. And that's of no fault of his own (if he's ghey, the narrative is bit more complicated but not drastically at the roots). You laugh at boomer Christians, yet it's satanic liberal order that created the schizoparanoid situation with only pharma solutions.
  10. The one you posted surely mean what it says -- an abstracted illustration of scientific situation/process -- aside from No.1 which is suspiciously wordy, may be related to his sound processing in some way, or not at all
  11. I've been here regularly for 14 years at least, I know my shit and your reviews, don't know caze tho (bullied him out already no?), so maybe i'm not sufficiently self-reflective. Have nothing against your posts or anybody's for that matter, chill out my bass (alco-free, aint it a cool line bruh) Not hating on 5 minute rule by Dialectic by the way, it's memorable, but it's really just super-basic fade ins and fade outs -- nothing to praise in itself, probably cut ups from live sessions. Not loops as in repeat the same, yet anti-structural more so than Maurizio or Chain Reaction minimal jams were. I bet he/they decided on it out of not bothering how to organize it
  12. Thanks for the upload, but regarding AOTY... Disagree, he's doing the same bunch of stiffly stitched together similar bursts for years now. All those neatly simplistic graphs and dispensable descriptions won't save it, as they've become part and parcel of trademark nerdotronic pack, typically deutschsprachig as is Florian. Chimerization was the last intriguing one for me, that was wild
  13. Gotta be something unlike SIGN PLUS, if we judge by previous conduct
  14. You try to bully me or what? You're too pussy for that, sorry.
  15. Kanye? Tend to agree, but what's your method for truly and what's our time anyway. I would say since pop music globalization the most overrated went something like Elvis, Beatles, Madonna, Radiohead, Drake, Adele, Billie Eilish. Kanye is not the worst case by far
  16. That's unfortunate, i'm against cool
  17. It is a paradox, and I could agree with general suggestion of combining two practices, but me personally -- I am disgusted by Spotify and the like, I hate (what became of) Youtube, I would immediately stop using Youtube videos for sharing stuff here when Bandcamp alternative is available. The numbers game (views, listens, likes etc) in deciding what matters is especially retarded since they are faceless. Bandcamp is growing larger in terms of back catalogue and it is as close to a perfect mainstream platform as it ever was in digital era, so I feel like the solution is investing all attention/consumption there against all competitors (when there's no better direct-from-artist option). I do not stream though, I just occasionally listen to music and do not care about musician's fates.
  18. These guys deserve more respect than any current "free world" political leader, aside maybe from North Korean guy since he got the position by inheritance and not a lot is known about his politics. But I suspect the funny series ends with them, the bloody dictators (one of which gave up his power like a pussy despite the popular support). The humour in this is very low-level. And AFX cover is beautiful.
  19. I don't get this way of comparing, does it mean that Thom has bigger dick than BoC brothers? If you compare such categories then talk about records or songs, I may even agree
  20. That's not a proper perspective: the music of "3000 years" was developing in a different frame altogether, now known as tradition, on a far lesser scale, basically villages. This whole progress thing is a matter of specific Western culture that exists probably for 300-400 years. A lot have happened in those years, in every generation, in far lesser circles of enthusiasts. Regarding technology -- the fastest technological development happened in these 20 years with global internet, but music got almost nothing out of it. Acoustic to digital is not in any way an unprecedented progress in music terms, it has very little to show musically (arguably). Anyway, I don't expect it to continue, simply reacted to question of why "acid" (or any 80/90s genre) is back again and again. Chasing novelty is indeed a trap
  21. All music is largely in stasis mode last 15-20 years, no new genres, constant re-use of previous stylistic achievements
  22. It makes sense, both have schizo tendencies, take the song Jesus Lord from Donda: Kanye is self-proclaimed Yeezus and Anna Lord is AFX, Kanye delivers the gospel, AFX the hair.
  23. It mostly stays in the same lane as the original, updating the sound (successfully in my view, tho not a fan of the original) -- a different approach to the Oberman one which was like a new track. It's not in Ae style, but it has Ae treatment of all components. It's alright to me, not a hit, not a miss
  24. For a commie Zeff is such an elitist, trying to death-conceptualize the most banal processes. Though I guess it's normal since most of leftist over-thinking stems from up-its-ass academia Is there a way un-boomer yourself, you ask? First world problems!
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