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  1. Yeah just digi, albeit in full lossless as opposed to the original 128 kbps net release from ‘98.
  2. Damn I only just noticed this was reissued!!!
  3. I only just noticed that Lassi remastered and reissued his 1998 '128 kbps mp3 only' LP Kobn-Tich-Ey on bandcamp, now REkobn-Tich-Ey. This is a musthave if only for track 2 'Dekc': https://brothomstates.bandcamp.com/album/rekobn-tich-ey
  4. New track is excellent, crazy they wouldn’t release or even perform it for all this time.
  5. Played a set in June at the release party for Hydroplane's new LP in his backyard. Here is the result: Featuring (in order): Nina Simone - Brown Baby (Mr. Roque Mix) Clark - Superscope Datassette - Gravel Seefeel - Hive Boards Of Canada - Buckie High Kode9 Vs. LD - Bad Richard Haig - Are Libertarians Just Closet Incels? Digital Mystikz - CR7 Chamber Plaid - Stills Autechre - Sublimit Nymphomatriarch - Blood On The Rope William S. Braintree - Random Computer Jargon David Last feat. Christina Chatfield - Obligerant Boards of Canada - Nothing Is Real Push Button Objects - Non-Existant (Keyed In By Gescom) Clocolan - Let The Future Be Unknown Again Some wonky transitions here n there, but overall captured the vibe I was going for.
  6. Gah I can't believe I missed this, managed to grab it from Internet Archive! Thank you thank you THANK YOU for all your efforts ios/digit!!!
  7. The world's best BoC-alike artist (though I feel the constant comparison does him a disservice) has just released a new record, with cover art by DJ Food: Definitely a darker/heavier record this time with more unusual melodic and rhythmic structures on a few tracks. As well the vocals are more obscured and mangled than the previous works. The vinyl appears to be sold out but there are still some cassette copies: https://clocolan-cis.bandcamp.com/album/this-will-end-in-love Here is the track 'We Are The Descendants' from the LP:
  8. I’ve had this on repeat for the past few days, one of my favourite remixes they’ve done; the funky bass and guitar licks (vox work well too)! A whole album of this would be phenomenal, though it might make more sense as a Hell Interface LP.
  9. There is strange, cryptic clip on all their social media now...
  10. Yeah gonna chime in to cheer for BALROG21 as well. I feel like I'm having a renal surgery with rusted instruments in an abandoned parking structure... but it's the fun version of that!
  11. Great fest, capped off a truly unforgettable (and possibly unrepeatable) year of shows in 2016 when I got to see Underworld, M83, Grimes, Radiohead, RPM 20 fest (Plaid, Vibert, Seefeel, Funkstorung, Leila), DFN, and the Defunkt afterparties... Probably forgetting some too but overall a crazy year! I also played my first live Sweguno set in 2016 so also adds to the personal significance! And meeting you all made DFN so much more fun! I had my “Quite Good” tshirt on which prompted @Joyrex (who was carrying a stack of Causitc Window custom CDrs) to ask who I was outta the blue when he saw me! @xxx gave me the biggest, warmest bearhug ever 🥰
  12. This seems more like marketing for a new LP or something...
  13. My interactions with Salv were limited, but I appreciated his humour & candor in topics we both posted in. Off to the iddems show in the sky.
  14. I've been working on a thing with some friends called IDMTV which will be premiering tomorrow night 9PM PST at twitch.tv/IntelligentDanceParty It'll be some IDMish music vids, weird interstitials, a live set by Schematic artist 'Wake', and more I am failing to convey accurately. A brief promo: 1952100423_IDMTVpromo.mp4
  15. Nicely engineered/mixed as mentioned before, nice vibe. The MAGA reference in the title is a turn off though, but maybe it's unintentional(?).
  16. Really beautiful work, and I forgot how wonderful this early version of 747 is.
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