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  1. Have had tennis elbow on my left forearm for the past two months from holding my arm in a tensed position and barely moving it during an 8 hour drive. Good to alternate arms and stretch more. Now I know.
  2. Finally upgraded, very nice not to see the ads now!
  3. Fantastic followup to the self-titled debut! Especially enjoying 'Arest B'
  4. Oh no. She had an undeniably unique approach. Still my fav 😕
  5. In the context of the album series this comes from (Everywhere At The End of Time) it's genuinely crushing: My fav 'love song' is probably Ewan McColl's 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face', I can barely listen to any version of it without thinking of my partner and the inherent fragility of human life yadda yadda and just breaking down. I had to pull the car over and just sit for 10 minutes when this one first played on a college radio station I was tuned into: The strings and guitar tone on this one and the way they interact really get to me, I adore it but really can't listen to it much, just draws out really troubling existential issues that I'll have to face:
  6. Yeah figs come from really hot places and generally yield their best crops where there is a long hot growing season. Mature trees have better tolerance for extreme heat (100 f +) and freezes (15 f) than young ones which will require more protection until they put on some size. Anything below 15 f will necessitate protection even for mature fig trees.
  7. This whole damn thing, best BoC-adjacent artist I've heard; Deep understanding of all the subtleties and nuances of the aesthetic whilst putting his own spin on it:
  8. This one is a lot of fun, thanks for the recommendation!
  9. Been waiting for this box set for so many years now! I’d given up hope we’d see these tracks released digitally.
  10. Finally giving this a listen, gahdamn they're amazing.
  11. Soooooo does this mean we can *finally* get MASK 100 & 200 (the only releases in the 5-part series that Musik Aus Strom was involved with) released digitally?!?!?!?
  12. At first it wasn't really gelling with the introduced perc for me, but around the 4 minute mark they're adding more lushness to the melodic component and it ends up being a beautiful rework. The laid back perc on the second half and the rhythm guitar pluck that straddles the cheese line but manages to just work out 🙂 There is another brief BoC live track recording mixed in there as well that blends nicely (most audible near the end)!
  13. Very moist sounding! Beautiful bloomy synths layering for the chords stating at 0:49, true to the original almost to a fault in its punishing brevity. Not a huge fan of the bass synth sound, but the original is so iconic in that regard so I can empathise!
  14. Merry ‘Mas, I miss our annual Xmas idm comps!
  15. Title track is sick; Jlin’s really noticeably upped the production!
  16. I don't think I've heard I record I've loved more in the past year, so bumping this topic 😛
  17. Hilarious vid, no cameos from the 'heads though? Anyone spot them?
  18. Love the AE remix, playing a beachside rave on Saturday and will drop this in somewhere!
  19. The delay on the bell sounds with the minimal perc is cool. Becomes a bit maudlin with the strings but really cool overall! Just discovered the OST to Sonic R, holy shit could this be any more uplifting in the best possible way?! When it modulates upward @ 1:52 🥰
  20. The first Monolake track I've heard and it's blowing me away!
  21. I work at a salon/barbershop and we just play a top40 station on spotify for most of the day. Lewis Capaldi is one of the only artists where I will actually stop my client, walk over to the main computer and click 'next'. He peddles in the most cloying piano ballads imaginable and sings the lyrics with this maddening cursive vowel sound that all vocalists under 24 seem to have espoused. This one in particular is tantamount to a physical assault:
  22. First Geogaddi experience? I randomly downloaded '1969' on eMule at some point in '02/'03 and was intrigued. Bought all available CDs from local record shop in Victoria BC (Ditch Records) shortly thereafter. The shop even had the 2002 CD pressing of High Scores! TBH I've never really connected with Geogaddi like I have with the other LPs, but I have the utmost respect for their approach/mission statement with it.
  23. Thank you! To go further there is another version of 24101999 from a 2000 Merck comp CD that I am also only just hearing now:
  24. Has anyone posted this vinyl-only offcut in here cuz damn I was only just made aware of it, total classic:
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