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  1. Hah, it's funny you say the Tascam US-16x08. I didn't see any responses to this so I bit the bullet, spent a little more and got one. Reasons I love it: Proper ASIO support (none of that ASIO4ALL crap) Midi support to control your synths More inputs than I will probably ever need On top of that, a headphone jack I can plug in to my stereo I can rackmount it if I want Thanks for the replies, I'd be interested to know what else people are using.
  2. I'm trying to get up and running with USB audio recording and have discovered that my current mixer, a Peavey PV-6, only supports stereo audio input to the computer over USB. What's a good, relatively cheap mixer that can output multiple tracks to a DAW over USB? I've been looking at the Alesis Multimix 8 USB 2.0, but the USB 2.0 version (with multiple USB tracks) seems very hard to get, and somewhat old now. Most sites listing USB mixers are very mum about the number of tracks sent to the computer via USB, and I would be pretty bummed to buy something only to find out it can't do what I need it to.
  3. Not only does it on closer listening not sound like him, he says himself that it's not him. I think we can believe DMX Krew over someone pulling our leg on WATMM.
  4. https://soundcloud.com/public-transport/dmx-krew-vocals-comparison/s-AGT1C
  5. I just pitched the vox from "You Can't Hide Your Love" down 4 notes and compared the voice to his voice in "Twenty Minute Affair". Sounds like the same voice to me, but I could be wrong.
  6. Hm, reminded me of something I'd heard out of Sweden back in the '90s, but pitching it down in FL Studio it sounds like you're right. That's hilarious.
  7. Does anyone have any more info on the vocalist "Tracy" who lent her vocals to a number of DMX Krew tracks? Solo work, et cetera? Example- "You Can't Hide Your Love"
  8. I've been trying to identify this string/pad synth I've heard in a couple tracks, but can't figure out exactly what synth it is. Help? From the intro of "Cups" by Underworld: And in the background of "Fly over Bombay" by A Reminiscent Drive: FWIW, I suspect the same synth (with different presets) is used on ARD's "New Jerusalem": Thanks! This is driving me nuts.
  9. It's remarkable how little there has been in the media about this. Was this just a case of IndieGogo saying "OK, we've given you the chance to give us documentation and you haven't, so we won't give you the money", or was she somehow found out and they are withholding the evidence because while it's a hoax, they don't want to embarrass her?
  10. Ich habe keine Ohren mehr, und du bist daran schuld meine karriere ist kaputt
  11. The Tokyo Tower remix reminds me a lot of The Orb.
  12. You should replace those James Brown grunts with Howard Dean screams.
  13. This is a single from my solo project Public Transport. If you like Ulrich Schnauss or '90s shoegaze, you'll probably like this- but I'd like to think that I've gone a bit beyond my influences and developed my own sound. I haven't been finding enough music that I want to hear, so I end up writing my own music to listen to- although I won't deny that it's nice when other people enjoy it too. http://publictransport.bandcamp.com/album/dark-days
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