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  1. Is / Was Danger Mouse the most overrated hip-hop producer of all time?   Never thought any of his beats were special.

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    2. lyst


      @d-a-m-o I got pretty much laughed out of an MF DOOM forum for saying this.  But Dangerdoom was a complete snoozefest of an album.  I only kinda-sorta liked one track on the whole thing.  What do people love about this producer?

    3. d-a-m-o


      That 2003 DM & Jemini Lex album was nice, everything else is lame as fuck.

    4. TubularCorporation


      I bought that Dangerdoom album on vinyl when it came out, listened to it twice and sold it.  It didn't help that it came out so soon after Madvillainy, the contrast was really stark.

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