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  1. I feel like he got way over the top and almost like a caricature with his whiney high pitch delivery — started to get annoying. This release seems like he has calmed down finally and is just rapping. So I’m pretty excited for this one.
  2.  chill wit @KingBo0 in CHATMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  3. Yah mate. Not gonna lie I'm a bigtime sucker for great folksy guitar. Blame it on early Bibio lol.
  4. chillarxin in chatmm


  5. I think it's the same reason why someone would like Boards of Canada over Autechre, or vice versa. Light Brigade is all about flowing emotive melodies (boc) while Veldt kind of builds it's own little planet of rough and tumultuous sounds (ae). I've always gravitated towards the prior.
  6. Massive Daedelus fan here. Agree with almost everyone’s sentiments above. His latest full lengths have been pretty mediocre, lacking something. But Light Brigade was something else. Not digging this Veldt track at all, but if at least a couple of the tracks on here get to the level of Light Brigade I’ll be happy. To you others that like Light Brigade, have you listened to his full length collab album with his wife Laura Darlington “The Long Lost”? Awesome release if you can acquire the taste for her voice.
  7. Vibert day while cleaning the house.  Suggestions?

  8. Damn i think everyone on here is UK.  Asleep RN


  10. lyst

    Modern Grime

    I could listen to this track every day. Rest of me life, mate.
  11. lyst

    Modern Grime

    New Kano. Might put it on if I need something to help me fall asleep at night.
  12. lyst


    Ok very last link post (I swear!). For people that listen / support through Bandcamp. https://electronicbrew.bandcamp.com/track/dndwn
  13. lyst


    Here is the Soundcloud
  14. lyst


    Track is getting released soon. Here's the Wav. https://drive.google.com/file/d/12s4_J_bnsUuBPYoVY7gylpWE9B-2JFZ6/view
  15. lyst

    Modern Grime

  16. lyst

    Modern Grime

    Traumatik is something else. Last two albums so good.
  17. "Now You Are" is flippin dirty mate. Love it. Usually I hate derivative BOC stuff but this is too good not to like.
  18. lyst

    Modern Grime

    pretty good for tempa t. altho i guess this is considered Drill music.
  19. ZzzzzzzZzzzzz. Not sure why either of these guys have hype tbh.
  20. mate, ricky gervais.  quintessential mate, mate. 

  21. pretty blitzed

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