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  1. What are you covering, or are you doing something original but 'boss theme' inspired? Boss inspired
  2. Looks like 9.1 has been released... lots of goodies! https://www.ableton.com/en/articles/live-9-release-notes/
  3. Thank you Mr. Braintree, I am a sucker for the same.
  4. More stuff from the Widelux (Tri-X, XTOL): widelux_tmax400_057 by akagoffer, on Flickr widelux_tmax400_055 by akagoffer, on Flickr One from the Xpan 40mm (Tri-X, XTOL): xpan_trix400_103 by akagoffer, on Flickr
  5. Been working since 7th grade, it's taking a tole... this last job, which I have been at for almost 4 years, was my first to provide vacation and personal days (have about 180 hours total saved up), so I am looking very forward to using those up.
  6. goffer

    Now Reading

    About half way through DFW's The Pale King
  7. Love the album... really like Raccoon Acid's track. Also echo mcbpete's thoughts on the Orginasm track. Beautiful work dudes
  8. Pirated an ebook which won't sync between my Kindle and my PC Kindle application (at work) thus I have to keep skipping ahead to the correct chapter.
  9. goffer

    Now Reading

    Been reading quite a bit this last month: Started/Finished: Erskine Caldwell's Tobacco Road - Loved it... could really see the Coen Brother's adapting this in a film. Tom Robbin's Still life with Woodpecker - I once read that Robbin's could spend an entire day perfecting a single sentence and after reading this I believe it. Started: Thomas Pynchon's Bleeding Edge - About 70% done and am enjoying it; It reminds me a bit of Inherent Vice at times.
  10. What is your build and what type of fit are you after?
  11. Brave thing to say... I could say I was a bit of the same when I was in high school, then as I aged to now my latest 20ies I have completely de-branded myself. I guess it could be due to finally feeling comfortable with myself and or finding myself. I'm also old enough now that I'm not really interested in people who are only going to take me at face value. I don't have time for the BS and games anymore. Things are much simpler for me now and I have never been happier.
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