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  1. Wow this is really fascinating and I don't doubt that analysis here at all, when I think about those 2 lps and how unique they are. And yup, HAB jumped right into UK jungle territory. So did Richard move to London around 95ish?
  2. What is it about SAW 85-92 that feels like some untouchable magical thing where no artist would ever be able to draw from or recreate, maybe even Richard himself? Like this light heartedness, chillness and peacefulness floating around in the tunes. Part of me when I hear it is almost like man this is wholly unique and a holy grail. And the other part is like this is just really good ambient techno. But then when I'm like hmm what other "ambient techno" is out there like this? Nothing Ive found is in the same vein or even close. Closest stuff maybe Global Communication / Reload / Pritchard / some Orbital.
  3. I miss new tunes too, but the way I see it, it's like a natural correction period from a major AFX bull run that was Syro / SC Dump / Collapse / Live Releases / Cheetah / Orphaned / Acoustic etc. If you're spending like 10 straight years every day in the studio and releasing like a machine, a good 3-5 year break is probably necessary for regaining inspiration, ideas, purpose etc. Otherwise, you may just shit out recycled iterations of past works over and over. Richard seems the kind that would keep making music into his later years like others here have said. Bowie, Sakamoto and other prolific songwriters / composers / artists have kept creating and releasing into their late age. Of course everyone's different but no reason to think Richard won't be doing the same given his obsession with the machines (you've got so many machines richaaaaaard!) 🙂 That kind of passion doesn't usually just fade.
  4. Has anyone read any Robin Cook? He wrote a lot of cheesy medical thrillers back in the 90s and 00s, and I kind of love them so far. The movies made based on them are even better, so Lifetime Television caliber lol.
  5. Leftover Angel Hair Picatta and some bread and pesto butter from our date night tonight at the Italian spot down the street. So good after blazing up and a few glasses of wine. 🙂
  6. Do you guys think Biden or any coalition forces will take any action?
  7. Love bodyline... Their instant images LP is still a favorite.
  8. What do you all think Richard thinks of his Polygon work? To me, it's so distinct from the rest of his stuff... And one I return too insanely often as it just never gets old. There's something spiritual for me with it I think. Of course most acid and hypnotic electronic music does this, but there's something extra hypnotic that draws me in. The tapey / dat saturation on the 808s, menacing pads, alien 303s, watery blips, icy hats. So alien and cold, but so warm and comforting. Fuck I could go on lol.
  9. Hey peeps, I don't typically post my projects in this thread (mostly just drop my originally composed Donovan Hikaru work in Vaporwave thread), but thought some of you might dig this dark ambient / IDM ish EP I just put out via No Problema - tape label out of Chile. A side shoot alias within my Donovan Hikaru project, original composition, and a very personal difficult release for me (made back in 2015 inspired by growing up with hypochondria and helping take care of aunt and grandparents and eventually lots of family drama and anxiety that occured around the time my grandma had strokes around the time she passed). Maybe the darkest thing I've done or even will have done, not sure. Needed to channel it somehow haha. By no means high production sound design level, just a diy bedroom release to get out of my head. Love to hear your thoughts! Thanks. Cheers, LV / DH
  10. Not gonna lie, youve just me realize I've had a slight subconscious crush on her every time I watch a press briefing lol So weird! Always wondered why I've been transfixed even though the Biden briefings are boring af
  11. That's like saying don't look at the person behind you! Haha
  12. No way guys, this is so shitty and sad. Poor dude 😕 He really seemed like a genuine and interesting person. Man it just feels like 2020 will never end sometimes.
  13. You NEW guys RELEASE are SPECULATION getting BASED me ON excited FACTS about WE this HAVE
  14. First single from the upcoming DH full length... the LP is really more trip hop than vwave lol. Went a little grimey and minimal on this one but still rising ambience beneath. Huge thanks to the brilliant Tom Cochien (KoShrimp) for making the animation/video!
  15. Cheers to that and yes! Definite 90s TV surfing vibes too.
  16. Super chill, thanks for sharing! Loving this too, I feel like I'm 5 years old, half asleep on a trip across europe with my parents haha
  17. Nice Braintree! "Kudos... So yours hasn't started yet?" Yeah totally, Its fun to rediscover the same places much later. Cinematography is so rich in that film and it's cool to see some of the original locations as they are now. The scavenger hunt based on the film that I did a while back was such a blast getting to plant things in the original spots/scenes. San Fran has so many cool nooks and crannies and makes for a great film location in general. Believe it or not many of the locations were actually filmed in other parts of Cali like LA. Would be cool to visit those sometime. Also sad that the laundro mat where he answers the phone and New Moon Cafe aren't there anymore.
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