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  1. Bleep are doing an instant track-download for pre-ordering the album - https://bleep.com/release/81644-scarper-warmer-squares
  2. https://soundcloud.com/plexusrecords/plxs008-scarper-warmer-squares-full-album-sampler-140417
  3. Out this Friday on Plexus Records!
  4. Clash Magazine are premiering the video here - http://clashmusic.com/videos/premiere-scarper-lacuna
  5. Here's a teaser/trailer for the accompanying video… https://vimeo.com/188326551
  6. https://soundcloud.com/plexusrecords/plxs007-scarper-lacuna-preview-out-091216
  7. Parts of it I like, but overall I feel it's missing a bit of heart & soul.
  8. Yeah to be honest I'm surprised he stuck around for as long as he did! he was there for about 5 mins then gone.. I was expecting him to be accosted in the first minute. Weirdly, no one really started approaching him. I think some people were to mashed to even notice.
  9. I'm afraid no pictures, and it was a small exchange. Must say, it was incredibly surreal seeing that oh-so-familiar face whilst tripping your nuts off! He rocked up next to the bar near my mate & I... I asked if he was playing & he just shrugged & shook his head. Still, as unexciting as that sounds, it still made my night! We thought he might be the secret guest DJ but no such luck :(
  10. Yo, anyone in London this Thursday who wants to hear 6 hours of electronic music (FOR FREE), come down to the Dead Dolls Club. Electro don DMX Krew headlining! BLIP Thu 19th Feb Dead Dolls Club, The Arch, Bethnal Green, E2 6HA DMX Krew Scarper Pause 8:00pm - 1am
  11. DMX Krew is headlining the launch of a new monthly night called 'BLIP'! It's on the 19th feb at the Dead Dolls Club, Bethnal Green. It's gonna be all kinds of electronic music from Ambient & Electronica to Electro & Techno.
  12. Agreed! It seems everyone's been having a nice discussion thus far. Dissent isn't being forced out. We're all just chatting...this is a forum, ya know. I only like maybe 50ish% of what RDJ does, honestly. So yeah. Actually the tone of some people's responses seemed to be peppered with anger & despair. Of course discussion, healthy debate and even heated debate is totally fine, but seriously some folk just need to calm down, chill out, relax and take it easy.
  13. Reading this thread is frustrating & entertaining in equal measures. Why anyone should have to justify their tastes & opinions when it comes to music is beyond me. It's the most subjective thing in the world. God forbid someone couldn't like an Aphex release! I've seen perfectly reasonable posts here with someone explaining that this new EP is not really to their taste, and occasionally they then try to explain why it's not really to their taste. The response? Anger, vitriol and a sincere desire to make these people stand up in the court of 'braindance' & explain themselves. Why? It's not disrespectful to dislike some of Aphex's material. He doesn't care. Aphex is one of my fave artists, and I probably like about 95% of the stuff he does. That's more than the percentage of stuff I like from my other fave artists which is usually around 80%. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE EVERYTHING EVERYONE DOES, EVEN IF MOST OF THE TIME YOU DO.
  14. Hmm, I seem to be able to post. Not going paid that's for sure, do not believe in paying for forums in the slightest.
  15. Surprised at xmas_eve coming up top. Most of it is great, but it really meanders towards the end. The last two minutes or so are completely pointless with nothing really happening.
  16. Nah this is bollox. I stopped listening after about 3 seconds.... don't want it popping in to my head every time I listen to Ageispolis.
  17. This has been my favourite from the start. It's one of the funkiest things he's done... but (to me) it's also got all the best elements of AFX condensed.. head-fuckery, beautiful emotive melodies, snaking arrangements....
  18. After digesting it for a couple of weeks, my verdict is that Syro is better than good, but not amazing. Em... great??
  19. Than why is it that I DONT SEE YOUR VOTE UNDER SYRO U3422wtf !? What are you on about? My vote is there.
  20. Syro u473t8+e (Piezoluminescence Mix) It's got everything... funk, emotive chords & melodies, twisted beats & edits. Best by far.
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