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  1. Arp Jam crew represent! Some of my arp jams include A4 arp jam, long arp jam, weird arp jam and A4 arp jam (EDIT). I vote for the disco kraut project to be the first to be revealed!
  2. And tons of Dutch supermarkets, other shops and public transport. When I got out a tapemeasure to see how my intuitive measured up against the actual distance I was unpleasantly surprised. Also found out I have a rather small penis : (
  3. You mean in the same way envelope should be pronounced as Penelope?
  4. user

    I need a DJ name

    DJ Bumfart DJ Nyquist DJ Pointless DJ Intellectual Posturing
  5. Time condensed pussy squelch for most idm 2020 imho.
  6. I would if I could but my job running someone else’s 2nd hand shop requires physical presence. Stayed at home for 2 weeks last month when I suspected I was ill. Have been back at it for about a week and a half. I’m now using an app offered by a local hospital where you send in some info every day like temp, if you have a cough and how frequent and a couple of other things, this info is checked by humans and you are contacted if any action is needed. I notice I’m really worn out when I finish now, a typical day is about 10 to 11 hours of which 8 are spent dealing with customers of which a sizeable portion need constant reminding that they need to keep distance and that they need to use a basket (they’re used to keep count of how many people are inside the shop) and a lot of people seem to take it as a personal insult when I take a step back when they get too close. Then there’s a smaller portion that roll their eyes at all these ridiculous measures or they start sharing their views on how all of this is probably some great conspiracy. I tell them it’s irrelevant for now and they need to follow some simple rules if they want to stay. At the same time I have to disinfect baskets, dispense handgel, keep the shop tidy, try to test/demonstrate random electrical devices that I’ve never seen before, haggle and discuss the price of stacks of clothing/kitchen/records/utensils/some weird antique statue, sort through boxes and boxes of books, clothes, kitchen stuff, all kinds of curiosa, hifi equipment and any other items that people bring in, sometimes carloads at a time and decide what goes on sale straight away, needs to be discarded or be put aside for taxation, repair or cleaning. There’s no lunch break or anything because I’m on my own for at least half the day so when I want to eat something I wash my hands vigorously for the 10th time that day and try to remember to eat with my right hand and handle money and items with the left. I like my job but this added layer of much needed caution is exhausting. Sorry for the long rant.
  7. Yeah... I guess that should be a main reason for my annoyance as well... it wasn't initially though.
  8. My new housemate that I posted about earlier in this thread started having a friend sleeping over on a regular basis about 2,5 weeks ago. She didn't ask or say anything, I just stumbled upon the friend making tea at 3am when I went out to the kitchen to grab a beer. I thought it was a bit weird but figured the friend stayed late and didn't want to make the journey home so fine. But then 2 days later she's there again and there's also an additional toothbrush in the bathroom. At this point I should've said something but in these types of situations I tend to be non-confrontational (something I'm working on) and started wondering if maybe I was overreacting. So over the past 2 weeks she's spent like 8 nights here, some consecutive and last week I had to ask them to keep down the noise (our bedrooms are right next to each other, thin walls and they're up all night watching movies and talking etc.) because it was early in the morning and I had to go to work the next day. Then the friend doesn't seem to know how to use a toiletbrush, doesn't bother using door handles which results in slamming doors, and a bunch of other minor annoyances that probably wouldn't even bother me that much if they'd just asked if I was ok with her staying over but I feel like I'm forced into a position where I have to point out these things that come naturally to me and it's 2 people that need occasional reminding that we're sharing a not super large apartment with downstairs neighbours that might start complaining about door slamming and such. So this morning I finally did what I should've done earlier and sent my housemate a message saying that we should have a chat, she asked what about so I told her I found it strange that she wouldn't bother to ask whether or not I'm ok with her having someone sleeping over on a regular basis and that this is causing me to be annoyed by little things which is not necessary so we should make some things clear etc. Her response was that it never occurred to her to ask because this has never been an issue in any of the other flats she shared which is super weird to me and I kind of don't believe her because I think she just thought I wasn't gonna say anything. I asked her if we could talk tonight but she's out and tomorrow she's having a bunch of friends over for dinner (which she did ask me about and invited me which I said was cool, and I actually like that she has people over so that's all good) so now I've to wait 2 days to get this stupid talk over with, which is gonna make me feel like I'm some uptight weirdo (maybe I am) and want to get out of the way as quickly as possible so I can move on. Ugh. This is what I get for being a spineless nice guy I guess Feel free to point out I'm overreacting or being a stick in the mud or whatever.
  9. Let's talk about what's really going on here. Also a general tips/revelations/questions thread in the ekt forum.
  10. I feel terrible for saying this but having Trump as the potus during a time like this is like the perfect storm. If someone had described this scenario to me 4 years ago I would probably have believed the pandemic bit, although in no way I would be able to comprehend the far reaching consequences, and the ways, ranging from subtle to explicit, life would be different, I would've scoffed at the idea that someone like Donald Trump would be in office, like that would be the part making this scenario unbelievable and over the top. I think his behaviour and statements go to show that any decent elected official in a time like this would defer to the governmental structures that have been around a lot longer than they have, putting a strong emphasis on Trump's idea he's leading the US rather than trying to serve it.
  11. I think it's perfectly fine to be happy about your own situation, especially during shitty times, count your blessings and all that. Currently surprised I still have an income and pretty chuffed about it, trying to build a small buffer at least in anticipation of the economic fallout, which I guess was gonna happen anyway at some point regardless of the cause/catalyst/accelerating factors. I was almost at the point where I'd saved up 1 month of rent and ghetto groceries but then I got drunk last night and ordered some tools and got angry and frustrated today which resulted in the purchase of over 70 uro's worth of locally brewed beers so at least I'll have another hangover when I have to go into work tomorrow.
  12. Most of Wolgang Voigt's output is farts as well, I heard.
  13. Although most people probably don’t wear masks for this reason I understand it might help prevent the wearer from infecting others because at least it should block tiny droplets of spit that you spread when speaking? Guess just keeping ones mouth shut when in public would pretty much do the same thing... I’m about to get on a tram and then a train and am considering wearing the mask a Chinese acquaintance gave me last week but I probably won’t have to speak to anyone anyway.
  14. Sorry for the slow response. It's the watmm dark theme that's one of the available/selectable themes on the we are the music makers watmm forums. The twitter/link/etc embed is really useless for me. The content in the embed is not selectable so it's not even possible to make the embedded tweet readable on the dark background. If I click on any of the embedded links nothing happens except for that the embed changes to an empty dark box. Like so:
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