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  1. You just bringing those drugs with you on the plane? You just bringing those drugs with you on the plane?
  2. I'm saying this not having listened to anything on this album yet but it's incredibly hard to do longform techno in this style imho, you either loose steam or give your audience a headache. Not saying it's impossible (peter van hoesen's stealth comes to mind although that could be considered a lot more psychedelic, a few planetary assault systems albums might apply) but with paula temple's relentless style it's difficult.
  3. Makes me never wanna go back working for a place that has a hr department to start with. Ugh. I feel like I've been put in low power mode. Quite cotton headed too.
  4. A bunch of great tracks with a few that aren't doing anything for me so far (fahr 451, vortex 150 & fett)
  5. Maybe recognisability, art and contraceptives aren't things to be laughed at?
  6. Just installed a μO_C in my rack. Wasn't really planning on it but turns out there's someone in my area building them and was selling for a good price, great build too. It's even deeper than I anticipated, on the other hand it's easy to get something started after cursory manual reading. It's amazing how many avenues it opens up and how many cables and attenuverters it eats up :D
  7. There's no need to make Buttigieg the butt of Beavis and Butthead butt jokes, but whatever.
  8. I don't think they have stereolink (although maybe you can get a mod) but with your requirements 2 klarkteknik eqp2's seem yo be your cheapest option but you're probably already aware of those.
  9. Yeah, he seemed to be pretty regular though. Don't know him or anything but was wondering as he seemed to have disappeared and then I noticed dome's post.
  10. Yeah, anyone know what happened to usagi?
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