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  1. I stumbled upon this and then remembered this thread: http://blog.abletondrummer.com/play-loops-in-drum-rack-in-ableton-live-free-max-for-live-device/ Haven't tried it out yet but looks like it does what you want?
  2. Fries with mayo and satay sauce. Cheese soufflé, croquette. More mayo and satay sauce. Cold Heineken. Solid layer for a night of amphetamine fuelled techno dancing.
  3. No way, it's interesting!
  4. It's been a while (started in feb I think) but if memory serves I got a plaits, tides, shades and a mult. Bear in mind I already owned an a4 and a keystep for sequencing/envelopes/lfo's etc. After that I got the maths, just like to echo how good it is. There's so much it can do and then there's the 2 attenuverters on ch 2/3 which you can never have enough of which also generate functions on some of the outputs in a way. I would also recommend a (micro) O&C if you can build one or someone local is selling them. Got one a few months ago and just bought a second one, so versatile and I'm learning so much from using it. I wanted to get a PNW but ended up with a temps utile instead. I'm happy with that for the moment. Even though it does tend to slightly spiral out of control I would recommend getting into eurorack to anyone. I've never had so much fun with synths as the last 8 months or so and I've learned a lot. Using eurorack has also improved my "regular" synthesis skills. Maybe I'm still in the euphoric new love phase though and I'll be just as cynical and bored as usual in another 8 months.
  5. Whaaaaaaaatttttt. In what sense though? Maybe Martin gore is a better singer but surely Dave Gahan’s voice wins.
  6. @Suction Records Will there be a pre-order on BC?
  7. Here's a list of the playable arcade games in the GTA's https://www.grandtheftwiki.com/Arcade_Games Maybe it helps. FWP; Over 25 years of dealing with dysthymia and depressive episodes is getting old. Bah.
  8. Just point the speakers at your eyes?
  9. Cheers, don't get how I managed to miss that, it's right there. Had a lot of fun last night dialing in some housey/aciddy bassline stuff and it really made me appreciate how essential getting the exact settings on the fillter env right to get them to the way they sound on records I like. Might put that patchsheet under the photocopier although knowing myself I'll probably end up with a bunch in a drawer never to be referenced again. Trying to remind myself to always push record and maybe add a couple notes to the recording, although the last 3 weeks I've completely broken with this and have just been trying things out, not recording anything and thinking "I'll remember this was a cool thing to do somehow"
  10. I like it. You should consider doing some tracks in the Bonzai tradition Mozex. You could be an underground trance sensation.
  11. Yeah, sounds too good to be true. Careful you're not getting ripped off bro.
  12. Wasn't squarepusher really into heroin for a while?
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