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  1. Cheers, no you clearly said "ban the monetization of of user data" and I read your post but my brain decided to selectively process it so it could have an idea.
  2. That's a great idea, cheers! I'm planning to get some diy supplies somewhere this month, just gotta brush up on my soldering skills which are currently a little below the level they were when I was 9.
  3. One might argue that could cause a divide between people who are able to afford to pay for all kinds of ad free services that won't have their personal data collected and sold and people that are not able to afford such things and are already vulnerable and be even worse off because they are now the sole target group. This is just a thought that occurred to me and I am not at all able to back this up with any kind of knowledge or authority or whatever.
  4. I found this today: It's not that exciting, the digital distortion thing had me going at first because I hoped it would be a digital distortion but as expected it's just a gigantic jogwheel that makes super cool authentic 90s dj hiphop style scratch sounds. The thing that makes it somewhat interesting however is this: It has trigger inputs! 😱 And it has a headphone out and a mic in. So at least it will provide some sample fodder and I can hook it up to the modular for polymetric carribean digital music style ambient rock. It runs on batteries so there's a good chance it will start making cooler sounds when they start running low. When I'm a bit less shit at electronics I might try hooking it up so a controllable power supply so I can starve it and get permanent crunchy disco drums. Also I dropped it on the tiled floor of the restaurant I went to with my brother and something came loose inside it but it still works, this thing was clearly built to last.
  5. That will lead you down a one way road to genocide my friend. Don't wanna go there.
  6. Just tell the restaurants you're an instagram influencer and coerce them into giving you free food.
  7. Absolutely beautiful, this feed has brought me a lot of joy.
  8. Just fuck critics in general though, imho. Except for maybe food critics, I'm pretty much ok with them.
  9. Oh goddamn. Any idea yet on what happened? I’m way too content just doing nothing. It’s a terrible trait.
  10. Yeah, happens to me all the time. Drove me nuts first time it happened and I had record quantisation turned on.
  11. Lately I've had Harikiri for the Sky's Arson on repeat. Heroin Waltz is a favorite. https://artofpropaganda.bandcamp.com/album/arson
  12. If your software isn't controlling your hardware remove my number from your phone imho.
  13. Beautiful! You're doing gpd's work here.
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