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  1. I was super enthusiastic when I heard that this was updated but then I decided it's maybe better to just keep the memory. Did visit the old site for a quickie though. Reminded me of the Michael Mayer Pensum ep in the minimal section, good stuff.
  2. I can't recommend any condenser mics but personally I'd just go on thomann and maybe some other sites, make a shortlist depending on my budget and then research those a bit and try to make a choice based on that. Tapedeck, yeah you're not gonna find any new ones if that's what you mean. Unless you can find some hifi shop with old stock? I've been picking up whatever comes my way, tascam if good, technics is good too I think. Serviced will probably set you back a couple 100 monetary units I'd think. Kinda depending on what's been serviced though, if it's a new belt and heads cleaned it can't be too much, if it's also been recapped however... Why do you need a double deck? Need to make copies? I'd just scour 2nd hand shops or maybe the local ads or something for a working tapedeck, and then every time you happen onto a good deal/something reasonably priced pick that up as well. Clean the heads yourself (it's not hard to do) and see if you can order a replacement belt for it (never replaced a belt myself but can't be too hard). That's about all you can do unless you want to dive into electronics repair or have the cash to spend on buying serviced items. Maybe someone with a bit more tapedeck knowledge can chime in here?
  3. I felt my composition and sound design process could be injected with a bit more chaos and noise. Rather than exploring new techniques or changing my routines I chose the path of GAS and got an olegtron 4060. Here it is in someone else's video: Some more info: https://www.olegtron.com/olegtron-4060 It's Finnish and a lot of fun. Morjesta! (the only finnish word I know, sorry:() Oh wait, I also know megapussi. Morjesta megapussi! It's basically a cmos chip with a breadboard attached to it where you can stick various components such as transistors and diodes and there is a knob for the frequency the circuit runs at (I think?) and a knob to starve it from current to make it behave differently. It has 4 stereo minijack i/o's at the top for audio and cv, there's apparently also a eurorack version but I felt a strong preference for the standalone device. Probably a shit explanation as my electronics knowledge really isn't up to snuff. Luckily it's not needed to use the olegtron.
  4. There are many things though, to be fair.
  5. Didn't get gorgonzola on the ham/gorgonzola/pineapple pizza I ordered. 😞
  6. THat's what I thought, thanking.
  7. What are you implying with that question, Diatoms? I've seen you ask it before but genuinely don't understand, could you be a bit less cryptic?
  8. That sucks man, never nice to have to sell gear or anything else for that matter. Hope you quickly find some good buyers for your stuff. I'd get the jv1080 but I'm not from around there.
  9. user


    Hope this becomes available as a download. I'm interested in the 20 hours of special features but really don''t want any die cast figures or individually numbered certificates.
  10. Smae here. Tried opera and firefox on el capitan. Was gonna post a screenshot of the error but I got distracted by the dank memes thread.
  11. I thought this was going to be about how crab legs are still alive while being on ice for the buffet and fighting amongst themselves and those legs having the craziest fights of all fighting buffet foods. Guess I'm crazy.
  12. When you say it's missing depth and power is that within the context of something you're working on or just the kick by itself? I've really gone down the rabbit hole with kicks a couple of times trying to get the perfect sound and spend hours and hours tweaking. Later I realized that all these hours of listening to kicks seriously distorted my perception and that often the subtleties in perceived weight and power etc come from the rest as the track as much as just the kick. In addition to rhmilo's advice, when you're working on a layered kick don't forget that you can process the layers individually, of course you'll want to compress and eq them all together but you could distort the hell out of the middle layer while putting a different more subtle distortion on top and a bit crusher on the bottom for example. Mess around with the order of your effects chains, try using several (different) distortions in the same chain, don't be afraid to use some additive eq after compressing to regain some lower frequencies.
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