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  1. I had a feeling shitty times were coming. I was right so for tonight I'm consoling myself with a bunch of speed, benzo's, pizza (I can eat on speed, total sfws), beer and vodka. Overindulgent man baby? Moi?
  2. There’s a Dutch biologist that did extensive research into the mating habits of ducks after noticing a duck furiously copulating with a dead duck that had been sitting outside his window for some time. Turns out gangrape and necrophilia are just a small selection of the average duck’s sexual repertoire. https://www.theguardian.com/education/2005/mar/08/highereducation.research Sick fucks.
  3. I noticed that my local synth shop significantly dropped the price of the cyclonic 606 and 78 and it seems they’re about 330 eur everywhere now. Wonder if they anticipated the inevitable announcement of this clone. The tt78 is still very tempting, the cr78 sound is so lovely... but the tt is such an ugly machine with its altoid tin rounded corners and office supplies store style cyclonic logo. Although the latter can be easily fixed with a sticker I suppose. Must be kind of sour for cyclonic they were forced by Roland to redo the design of their clones when they first came out and now behringer is putting out masses of devices that have the exact same look... Had a preorder for a td8 but ended up changing the order to a tr3 which should be ready for pickup any time now. I guess it’d be wrong not to get the 606 clone at some point.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations. I'm not in the us and I couldn't really find any place that was convenient to order from that offered anything beyond 32 row headers so I just got a couple different sizes, pretty sure I selected the right ones (right pitch, pin size and shape etc) from the catalogue of 3000+ pin headers this place had on offer... Also got a bunch of resistors, caps, diodes, leds and a few transistors and pots (they were more costly than I expected!). Also a breadboard so I can finally start trying out the exercises from this electronics book that I got years ago but didn't really think through that I wasn't gonna be able to afford the needed tools and components back then. Next up is that clock thing you recommended in the gas thread to modify/circuitbend that drum trigger thing i found a while ago, if it ends in cool results I'll try to throw together a nice samplepack or something.
  5. I’ll wait for Behringer’s Jan I guess.
  6. Thanks so much for the detailed advice! Gonna give the desoldering another go tomorrow, pin by pin like you said. I would have never thought of soldering the pin headers like that, I’ve been klutzing around keeping them in place with tape or little clamps and have been lucky until now. Doing one pin and then repositioning makes total sense. Looking forward to trying that out. Gonna order me a strip of pinheaders as soon as I’m done being completely broke, seems very useful to have around. I think I’ve seen that arp cleaning video before. Very satisfying watch that.
  7. The Turing machine did have some issues after all; no pulse out, no noise out and had to set the little calibration pot all the way ccw to get a lock. One of the pin headers I soldered on was slightly tilted making the connection between the two PCBs difficult. So last night I decided to try to desolder the pin header but ended up softening/melting the plastic socket that holds the pins together because I was too focused on navigating the desoldering braid around the pads... I used a metal clip as a heat sink but it popped off at some point and I didn’t bother to put it back on I guess there’s a reasonable chance that I damaged other components while doing this, what would be the best way to go about this? Try to get the pin header off and hope for the best or try to carefully remove more delicate components first to prevent (or possibly cause) further damage?
  8. I’d love to replace my ms20 mini with a mini desktop/module version. Full size is nice but just means more adapter cables if you want to do some euro intermingling.
  9. Definitely keeping this in mind if I ever do end up getting a matrix 1000. Over the last 2 years I've almost pulled the trigger on one about 3 times and kinda regret not going through with it now as they seem to have almost doubled in price by now, from around 400 eu to over 700. Like Tubularcorporation said you can pretty much prod them off using your fingernails or a brush. I started soldering about 2 weeks ago but haven't been able to get decent desoldering results with the braid yet at all but maybe I haven't been using enough flux when applying it.
  10. Cheers! It seems everything except for the Pulse out is working so it looks like I’ve got some reflowing to do either way. Put together a music thing mikrophonie right before the turing machine btw and got a bit annoyed during that one, some of the pads seemed to be outright rejecting the solder and took much more heating than I expected.
  11. Fuck, I feel your pain. Seems like a great controller. How’s the arpeggiator and sequencer, any good? I just hope that I learn from my fuckups... gonna brush the board tonight and then check the module in an empty case.
  12. Yeah, they pretty much did but I’m slightly neurotic and let my ocd get the best of me in this case. “Better scrub it all off, cleanse the board and you will cleanse your soul. Not a single speck of possibly invisible solder must get into your precious case for the contaminants will destroy what’s otherwise pure.” Etc.
  13. Yeah, the flux didn't bother me and I left it on the other boards I soldered. But the little drops and beads of solder worried me because I'm afraid they might come loose and cause problems at some point. After scraping off a couple with a plastic wedge I though fuck it, I'll just clean the whole thing with some alcohol to make sure there's nothing left on there that might go wandering around my case at some point. Then for the first time in my life I was confronted with a white powdery substance that I found unappealing.
  14. Thanks! Of course I looked up the exact brand of alcohol I used after applying it to the board instead of before... it’s got some bergamot oil in it, supposed to be used as a disinfectant for wounds. It does look like the cotton somehow combined with the flux in the picture but I don’t think that actually happened, the white coating is just very brittle and there’s a lot of sticky flux everywhere. Did some more reading, and found a thread over at mw where someone had a similar problem. The general consensus was to keep scrubbing until the white stuff disappeared so I just spent about half an hour swabbing away and it’s hugely improved. I won’t risk testing the module until I’ve gone over it one more time with isopropyl alcohol and a brush and it’s been able to dry for a reasonable amount of time though so gotta wait until the isopropyl I just ordered gets delivered.
  15. Finished soldering my 4th eurorack module today, the turing machine by music thing. Even though I didn't add any extra flux while soldering I noticed the boards were quite sticky and had some specks of solder on them so decided to try to clean them a bit with cotton swabs and 96% alcohol. While doing this a whole bunch of the joints developed a white crust that doesn't look good at all. I googled a bit but got overwhelmed trying to figure out what it could be so I turn to the watmm hive-mind for help. Here's a pic: (feel free to ridicule my crummy soldering skills) This is after going over the whole board, as you can see not all the joints are as badly affected... I used 60/40 leaded soldering tin with a flux core. There's still a lot of flux but I stopped what I was doing when I noticed the white oxidation or whatever it is. Anyone have any idea what I should do? I've some distilled water as well but don't wanna try anything else before getting some advice from someone who isn't as ignorant as myself.
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