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  1. Chocolate and a New England style ipa. My mood is a cunt.
  2. Yeah, but no, but yeah. The thing is that the Corona virus is real but it is not nearly as dangerous as they want you to think. They just took this opportunity to start mass social experiments and exercise further control over citizens. People have a blind believe in science and government which is enabled by the mainstream media that are all just mouthpieces of the government and policy makers. This is how they try to set us up against each other while we should be coming together and form a fist against our tyrants. But because science has become faith the people that adhere to it are like religious fanatics which is making it difficult to have them see the error of their ways. Science has been wrong so many times so it’s obviously flawed and things in general are not as great as they could be which means that we’re being exploited and things would be so much better if we overthrow the current system and install a new system that is actually democratic and we all constantly are involved in policy making through the way of referenda. We will simply get the information we need to make informed decisions from the internet, so we can bypass the evil mainstream media and get quality info from people who have only our best interest in mind. The other scientists all have mixed interests or are being manipulated, but this diffuse group of people that is made up of anonymous sources, random internet posters and old white emiratis posting their monetised news/talk shows from the dining kitchen of their idyllically situated renovated farm will show the way. If you’re interested I can show you some YouTube videos and you too can know the definite answer to everything instead of being one of those stupid bumbling idiots that keeps changing their mind based on false new information. Seriously, they are just trying to cause panic, don’t listen to these evil blood drinking devil worshippers that try to manipulate and control us. Everything is fine, we can basically keep the status quo as long as we vote the right people into office to overthrow the malicious elite that is exploiting us and we can all just go back to our daily jobs and normal lives the way we’re used to. This is basically what I’ve been able to distill from hours and hours of irl conversations with people that have “woken up” over the last year or so.
  3. Where do I change the fov? Also my dude got his foot stuck in the GAS thread and we were calling for help for hours before someone came and now the right side of his face is all weird and glitchy plus some things are missing from his inventory I think.
  4. Do you mean like rides? Can we hear some examples of ironic cymbals? Last question; is it the way the cymbal is played/programmed, the place it occurs or the way it's mixed that makes it ironic? Took me a long time to get my rides right and not too long after I figured out some programming tricks/swing settings/etc and started getting the mix right I switched daws. So now I usually decide to get rid of the ride.
  5. thanks so much, buddy 🐥
  6. Hey man, thanks a lot for your webtivism! It’s good to know someone’s got our backs and thanks to your relentless efforts fascism is kept at bay. Some goddamn (excuse my blaspheming) important work you’re doing here, exposing all the other fascists on this board that are trying to seize power. Time well spent, that’s all I can say.
  7. I just read someone on elektronauts refer to a metallica concert as a live dawless jam and it made me laught out loud and clap my hands.
  8. I remember Gerhard Belles saying in an interview that was published around the time Ableton incorporated Cycling '74 that piracy wasn't really a priority for them and he said something along the lines that he himself wasn't too bothered by it.
  9. I could’ve just responded with “messy nest of wires” but here’s some pics. Initially I made a version closer to the one in the article but it felt too cramped and when some issues started arising (probably because of inadequate soldering skills) it was very difficult to troubleshoot. Plus I didn’t like the lightweight plastic enclosure sliding around my desk. This is (hopefully) the inbetween version with dip sockets to try different diodes, or in this case some transistors and the veroboard that I couldn’t be bothered to cut bluetacked to the bottom of the crudely repurposed mixer enclosure. I think I have a dlc file with the wiring/layout on my laptop somewhere, which I would gladly share if it’s of any help.
  10. I'm looking to add a stereo pre-amp to the Mojo Maestro (https://audioxpress.com/article/you-can-diy-build-the-mojo-maestro) I put together a while ago. Preferably based on a TL072 because there's a bunch of those in my stash. The plan is to add some more diodes (finally found some actual, I mean actual, germanium diodes in different flavours), a couple of transistors salvaged from an old obscure hifi amp and a pair of output transformers that I took from a reel to reel that was beyond repair and put it all on a rotary switch so I can select different diode pairs or just go through the transformers. Of course I googled a bunch but get a bit lost every time looking for "tl072 stereo preamp". Any and all tips, insight or banter welcome 🙂
  11. Was supposed to get my first shot yesterday but was forced to reschedule due to an allergy attack that had me involuntarily dispensing snot to my surroundings. Luckily it only amounts to a slight delay but a bit miffed anyway.
  12. Yeah, I think it takes some trail and error to get it right. Used one for a couple of years on a gas stove and it always took some attention to get consistent results. Worth it though.
  13. Leftover (non longer) crispy pork that I'm dipping in a mixture of ketjap manis, shanxi vinegar, szechuan pepper and crushed fennel seeds. Goddamn party in my mouth. Drinking a cool guy.
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