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  1. Thanks for that. Seems like a smart and pragmatic move. Hopefully other countries will follow this example.
  2. It's kind of inevitable and pointless to bring it up, isn't it? OTOH it's also kind of silly and counterproductive to shout people down and make up some facts because you're right and feel the details don't matter. The Dutch government for example paid 5 million euro in settlements to the families of kids that permanently developed narcolepsy after they received the pandremix vaccine. Although it's controversial wether or not the narcolepsy was caused by the vaccine I feel it's better to stay with the facts rather than dismiss them, it's fuel on the anti-vaccination/conspiracy fire. I sh
  3. Not really that far fetched as there are several active posters here that have identified themselves as healthcare professionals... And then you go on giving the advice. Lel.
  4. Somewhere in the back of my mind is the nagging fear that when the T-meister’s gone we’ll find out that things are fucked beyond recognition regardless and we’ll miss having someone so clearly incompetent to blame.
  5. Quite partial to Ambience. It's free and available for osx and win. I like that it has a built in gate, variable reflections, variable quality and freeze settings. http://magnus.smartelectronix.com/
  6. I chose the timeless medium of the sticker as a platform to spread your important message. Finally all those years of studying graphic design and printers in business school start to pay off, they turned out beautifully. Hope you’re ok with having your face distributed freely.
  7. If your blender had already shipped you’d be able to find out in a jiffy.
  8. Guy, we need to convene (possibly digitally, hmu wrt your local ‘rona stats). There’s several things (mainly one thing) I’d like to spar on concerning your interests intersecting wrt those of mine. Let’s make this happen, ok?
  9. Continue this year’s only resolution; waste less food. Did okay but there is still room for improvement. Besides that I hope to: Keep the 20-ish kg off that I lost this year and hopefully lose another 8. Find a new/different job. Expand diy/electronics knowledge and skills. Started at the beginning of this year and am reasonably happy with the stuff I’ve built but there’s a lot to learn still, obviously. Meditate more. Drink less. Will do a dry January to symbolise this. Maybe try to taper off my drug use a bit. Hope everyone has a good one. Looki
  10. I forgot his username but I think the ceo of peepeeland made a similar proposition some years ago and I’ve found it to be true to my ears.
  11. If you want exposure and attention you have to work harder to make appealing/interesting things and to stand out. If you do it just for the art, regardless of wether or not you make it accessible in a public space you should not give any consideration to how many comments or plays or views you get. If this woman/girl hadn’t posted her track would your track have gotten more attention?
  12. Thanks for all the help. Ended up buying a 15,- class compliant usb midi dongle and got it to do what I wanted straight away.
  13. GCC is installed. Running build.sh gives the following error: My last attempt at following the earlier mentioned kernel module rebuilding guide went ok-ish in that the compiler built/compiled all the drivers mentioned in the .config file that was copied from /lib/modules/uname and a midex8 directory was also created but nothing appeared in the directory. I also don't understand this step in the building guide: What is the patch to driver? Or is this a typo and is it supposed to be "path to driver"?
  14. I installed all the required dependencies and it seems like all the other drivers were built correctly, I think something is missing in the config file but I can't really figure out what. Running build.sh failed a bunch but I haven't tried this after getting to the one to last step in the instructions. I'll report back later. Thanks!
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