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  1. I was unaware of the discontinuation of the expansion, what a ridiculous move. They should make it freely available if they discontinue production of the tr-8, if that is the reason for the expansion pack being unavailable. Yeah, I guess for some machines prices can differ quite a bit based on where you are. Here in nl tr-8’s incl expansion were going for around 300,-, last time I checked.
  2. Totally missed the analog four / rytm / ob update that elektron released last week. Reignited my gas for a mk1 A4. In a rare case of foresight I’d already bought a 2nd hand A4 a few years ago so the gas quickly passed In case anyone else missed it; Most of the update works for mk1 and 2 a4’s and some of the highlights are: Step recording mode trig probability trig preview (inc plocks) Improved preset management Bunch of other stuff in the release notes. First time ever updating ob went without a hitch. Even though I seemed to be one of few people being
  3. No one here considers a tr-8 with 7x7 expansion a cheap/affordable alternative to an actual 707? How so?
  4. Looks like someone has tried to trotsky the prodoction tops topic. Probably one of the feautured artists that felt too many sacred tops have been disclosed and then attempted to distract us with a, admittedly very valuable and informative but much more general, wikihow on producing IDM music.
  5. Regular shop visitor gave me these, were delicious. Managed to work my way through all 4 of them while drinking my “fuck it, it’s 5 o clock I can have a beer while serving customers” beer. Makes these 10+ hr days bearable 🎉
  6. Last time I’ve seen as many hacked/shady websites as I have since getting into diy electronics/audio was in the late 90s when I used to check this site that hosted mirrors (I think) of sites that had been recently defaced by h4ck3rs. Pretty much any slightly obscure part that I google turns up at least one site that has nothing to do with electronics hosting a page with part info and/or generated gibberish. An example found while hunting for cheap esd safe brushes, it’s a website for a small Dutch veterinary clinic;
  7. Yeah, records are nice but not so much when it's all about the feverish consumerist wanting. I realized that my desires were too strong which was fucking my karma. As soon as I let go, the enjoyment returned.
  8. If the pots aren’t causing any trouble I’d wait having them replaced until they actually start crapping out. In my experience pot replacement can be quite expensive and even the most flimsy feeling pots can go ages before causing any issues.
  9. Dude, how the fuck do you expect to fix all issues globally? You want some sort of global dictatorship? Focus on your own community and personal growth and actually contribute something or stay in your hypothetical theory based space and live a life more pointless and useless than that of the most brainwashed mcworker drone.
  10. If AL GORE didn’t invent INTERNET then why was AOL the world’s first INTETNET provider and why does everybody still use the expression LOL?
  11. There’s a dude on speakerphone cueing in front of my shop, i feel I can’t say anything yet until he’s actually inside. But I still have to suffer the annoyance of being forced to listen to his tinny sounding friend.
  12. Probably not the answer you’re looking for but here’s a couple of thoughts; Couldn’t you set the levels to be where you want them and then use the volume control within whatever you use to play your daily listening stuff from and leave the physical and motu software controls alone from there on? When you want to change the levels when making music/mixing use your daws master fader or separate monitor out, and have 0 as your reference. Another option would be to use a dB meter (could be an app) and measure the spl when you’ve decided on your reference level, make note of tha
  13. Some bastardised borscht I made earlier. Had to garnish it with dried dill, which is ok when you’re in a pickle but not half as good as fresh. It turned out a lot more orange than usual, it’s not just the lighting/picture, flavour is all there though.
  14. I prefer the smell and texture of the Shea butter, coconut oil made everything a bit too greasy for me but perhaps I was overdoing it. Unsolicited, too personal for watmm post in the spoiler.
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