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  1. A barrel aged korenwijn (translates to corn wine, not sure if that’s entirely correct...) by Zuidam. Haven’t had anything from this distillery yet that wasn’t tasty, seems like everything they make is full of flavour and incredibly smooth. Highly recommended if you’re into genevers and ryes and such.
  2. The title of the “weirdly specific diy books” thread has bothered me from day one. Vague and broad diy books would be a lot weirder and more useless. A more accurate title would have been “obscure diy books” or “weird diy books”. Just waiting for someone to respond with a “lol that’s so random” to make the cycle complete.
  3. Does anyone have experience/advice when it comes to buying self-tests? I want to order some but have no idea what to look out for, prices seem to vary a bit and so far the only 100% reputable source is only selling them per 25 which is currently too costly for me.
  4. Prloletariat That's what you get for not reading a thread through, before posting. I'll leave this stinking turd here for all to admire.
  5. Damn, thanks for coming through with a whole bunch of good ideas everyone. Plenty to try out. Haven't tried it yet but would be cool if the crossfader idea works, but I think Live's crossfader only works with audio.
  6. I also tend to linger in the 100-115 area. It always surprises me how "wrong" it sounds when I significantly alter the BPM of a track I've been working on but have no problems playing other people's music in a completely different range even if I'm already familiar with it at the original tempo.
  7. Does anyone know if there is a way to crossfade/blend between 2 or more MIDI clips in ableton? Vaguely recall this being possible with Clyph-x but I'd like to avoid diving down that rabbit hole again. I'm not entirely sure based on which rules such an operation would decide which note gets blended in/faded out at what point, but I'm sure there would be some musically pleasing scenarios thinkable depending on the pattern. Or it could just be linear I guess where the first note in clip A gets added, which then replaces the first note in clip B for example. Or something based on velocity or note
  8. Damn. That sounds agonising... I guess there’s no point in trying to reach out to DHL’s global offices or something?
  9. Goddamn, that would drive me nuts. Nothing you can do? Over here in NL I've had almost only positive experiences with UPS, DHL/Deutsche Post however... Although a DHL delivery dude did once help me while I was trying to break up a fight in front of the place I was working by pointing at us and repeatedly shouting "No!" from his stopped truck. A+ for social responsibility.
  10. Maybe ask if they want to come over for some cornholing.
  11. Ginger beer with lemon juice and some artisanal jenever that turned out to be unpalatable on its own.
  12. A bit more info would be helpful; what connections between computer and soundcard are acceptable (usb1/2/3/4/thunder/lightningbolt/fw/etc) how many ins/outs would you prefer, midi or no midi interface, budget. Having said that, I’ve been really happy with my focusrite saffire pro. It’s a fw interface, current laptop has only lightning and USB ports but it has been working fine with an adapter. Here in NL they’re pretty easy to find 2nd hand, last time I checked prices were anywhere between 150-250 euro. Also I’ve found their customer support to be really good, when I bought mine new my o
  13. Yeah, and the unfold track also works in arrangement view, also supposed to be able to show/hide automation lanes I think but seems to not be working currently. With midi stroke you could technically also add stuff like consolidate and split clip etc but for now that would add too much complexity for me. Yeah, it’s a real beast of it’s own, but that seems to be the general consensus anyway. I noticed that lately I’ve enjoyed using the internet evolvers own interface more than controlling it from the sound tower editor the person I bought it from added in the sale. I’ve been meanin
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