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  1. That radiogenova account seems to be a real shitslinger. I don’t see the point in “reporting” on these kinds of events without some analysis or background. Except for spreading fear and uncertainty.
  2. Although I’ve tagged the occasional train and defaced the odd streetbench I’ve mostly been more or less indifferent when it comes to graffiti in the public space. But tonight I felt a profound and unexpected appreciation for people willing to go out and practice their art, makes a lot of places seem a bit more human.
  3. Re: the case, are you into DIY, do you have the tools to make a case? Do you enjoy building things? Otherwise I wouldn't bother. If you wanna integrate your machinedrum... Something to boost the line levels from md to eurorack Something to bring eurorack levels back to line Some sort of mixer Something that can process triggers from MD Something to trigger (vco, sampler, sample player, etc) I'm not entirely sure what's going on in the video but it seems the md is being ran through a compressor or something and the md is triggering plaits. Plaits would be a good vco I guess because it has a built in lpg so you can just send it triggers from md and route the sound somewhere. Just some random thoughts. Obvs.
  4. Hope the lift continues, being depressed is never no good for no one. You seem to be contrary to common understanding in associating a nocturnal schedule with anticipated relief of psychological burdens. I feel the same though, I usually need to start worrying when I feel the urge to go to sleep really early. I started sawing from an angry place, something I was entirely aware of and reminded myself of several times to keep cool and steady to prevent the sheet from cracking. Obviously my incompetence is immune to awareness. To make things worse this is the second time today, first time was a toxic mix of ignorance and enthusiasm though.
  5. This is something I’ve noticed as well, think in some cases it has to do with the way the lights are angled, something that can apparently be adjusted? Fucking obnoxious either way. Fwp: my iPhone keeps switching to live mode when I take a picture. Seems to have started happening after the last update and the internet doesn’t offer any solutions.
  6. Tell them you're experimenting with a hands-off approach wrt to recording and want them to really dive into their own process and that you'll be checking in on them only occasionally.
  7. So... everyone here has sustained disappointment in roland since at least the late 80's? I'd get it if there weren't a ton of other (smaller) companies making things and the only options were the roland cloud or buying used on reverb... but that won't be until a couple more years when the supply chain has really fully collapsed, right? By then, if the acb stuff is really as accurately modeled as roland claim, the first caps and transistors will start to go on those and zencore will be all that remains.
  8. Weren't there a bunch of other juno's before this that were also digital and didn't have that much to do with 6/60/106? I bet they just went with the esthetic and it's actually also a bunch of other classic vst's at the same time. I fail to understand your disappointment btw, if roland would do an og rerelease of the juno don't you think it would cost about as much as a used juno? 808 & 909, I could see them retailing for around 2000,- local monetary units which I guess would probably save you a couple of grand but on a juno? I dunno. Korg doesn't do clones btw. Or did I miss something? But yeah, flol at huge company not restarting production on some machines they made decades ago that are now being released by other companies at a pricepoint they will never be able or willing (this is is speculation ofc) to compete with. Especially after their ceo or chief of design or whatever has stated (several times, I believe) that Roland as a company want to look to the future and is not interested in going back to techniques they no longer use.
  9. "Honey, I made us a gluten-free, 100% plant-based and therefore healthy lunch on wholewheat bread." - A Dutch person in 2022. https://www.remia.nl/producten/tosti-quick/tosti-quick/
  10. Holy shit that went fast. I read some article about twitter's cashlords wanting to have a chat with elon about maybe buying the website while stuffing my face before going to a show, back 5 hours later and the deal is done. I'm not sure how correct this info is as I might be missing context or whatever but the article I just read says that he wants to offer an inclusive platform for free speech within the confinements of the law. (two seperate quotes but same wording and meaning, I think). And this makes me kind of hopeful that maybe he will run twitter into the ground? I mean, apparently he's not aware that twitter is an international platform so what is considered free speech within confinements of the law is going to be different for each user and he probably already alienated some of the (usually misguided right-wing (in my experience anyway)) hardcore freedom of speech absolutists who tend to get very upset when words such as "inclusive" are used because that means they might have to deal with people that get angry at them for (re)tweeting stupid shit. So in my mind he's gonna have 2 fairly large pickles to deal with from the get-go and hopefully this will take long enough for the majority of the userbase to become alienated without any good alternatives being available. Elon will lose interest and Twitter will wither and die. Meanwhile the Zuck is fucking himself with meta. Would be such a blessing if these ridiculous out of touch cunts that are fucking the world over by buying into something that has nothing to do with actual day to day reality and human interaction but do carry a disproportional potential weight making things more horrible on an hourly basis for everyone everywhere en up falling victim to their monomanic megalomania. I feel more and more hopeless about everything on a daily basis but this might be a blessing in disguise. Please Elon, don't fuck this up. How is it not already? The fact that this naive cunt bought it might actually open people's eyes.
  11. I'be been entertaining myself with the idea of a limited edition + 96 channel foh desk with 6 aux busses and 4 stereo send return pairs. When their chief engineer appears in the promo video recorded for a npr tiny desk with 10 piece band plus full orchestre to give some background on the technical/design challenges his team was faced with he sounds exactly like Rob Brydon's man trapped in a box. In the background we see a local crew manically digging through flightcases to find the one that has all slimline minijack to xlr/audio over utp/ multisnek adapters.
  12. Instagrambient content generators perhaps?
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