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  1. I think blogs are the way forward tbh. Way better for archival purposes and feels more authentic and meaningful rather than an endless stream of AI curated content. I hope metaverse will somehow be the end of facebook.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Haven't gotten a response yet, says it's unread.
  3. Experienced so many random acts of kindness the past weeks, fucking warms the heart.
  4. Psychic spies from China try to steal your mind's elation
  5. @Joyrex Is it possible your inbox is full? Sent you a pm a couple of weeks ago wrt my subscription.
  6. The low level anxiety associated with basically being available 24/7 to anyone that has your phonenumber has been eating away at me a bit. A lot of it seems like empty chit-chat that would be alright irl because it might lead to an actual conversation but on WhatsApp 90% is just exchanging tokens, confirming each party is still alive and making plans to meet up. I switched off my phone entirely for almost 24 hours the other day and it felt amazing, did feel the need to notify some people in advance in case they’d think I’d died or something. Gonna try to make that into a regular thing.
  7. Spent 3 days in and out of bed with food poisoning and have now reached that transient stage of extreme grogginess where I'm subconsciously trying to sort through which conversations were fever dreams and which ones were real. Feels fucking weird, sleep is a strange beast.
  8. Maybe you're already aware and it's not exactly the world's most power user tip but make a habit of using Spotlight (CMD + spacebar to open) to launch programs and open documents etc. It's super quick and works really well. You can customize results (ie exclude internet search, certain filetypes and directories etc.) in System Settings.
  9. Fair enough, I've consumed my share of lead enriched water but not entirely sure if that makes me feel more confident about using leaded solder. Otoh it's a lot more likely I'll have a stroke way before the lead gets me.
  10. In this vein, but in a perhaps more basic bitch fashion, I always have a plugin on the masterbus that makes everything below a certain frequency mono. Have it at 120 hz by default but adjust it as things progress.
  11. I hate to admit this but I've been looking on the website for over 10 minutes but fail to find a link to actually download the AU's and or VST's... Same for the 1.08 update of the most excellent ambience plugin. Can anyone help me? 10 seconds later I stumble into the museum... ffs. Also never occurred to me to click on the icons next to the posts. I'm old and irrelevant.
  12. Or maybe he's phrasing it like that in the hopes that people that see themselves as skeptics/critical thinkers find it more relatable and believable?
  13. No offers/buyers on discogs for almost 2 months. Almost all the stuff I have is set to allow offers but in my experience it’s more common for people to just pay the asking price. Today within a 60 minute timespan I get 2 offers on 2 totally unrelated releases. Both offerers are from Portugal, I’m in NL
  14. Went to a festival today, danced next to fire breathing ladies in leotards, hugged strangers, complained about the line-up and the shitty funktion one soundsystem. It was nice and in a way felt like a big fuck you to the paranoid anti-vaxxx crowd.
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