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  1. Is that some sort of generative Euclidean sequencer?
  2. Haven't got much useful feedback but that looks incredibly lush. Nice sounds as well. So much creativity and talent everywhere.
  3. I appreciate it. But that's not what I'm reading there. Anyway, you got yourself a new volunteer! Just gotta relax a bit.
  4. Not trying to be an asshole here but you ignored the first 2 questions and instead rephrased what you already said. Are these stats about case mortality or overall deathrate? If you'd link to the stats then I could go and look for myself. I mean, if the stats you link to provide this info. Hope you're able to go back to work soon.
  5. Wrong again. Jon Hopkins. I thought this was a music forum ffs. Bunch of fact-free goddamn hippies.
  6. Do you mean 0.005% case mortality or like general population death rate? Where did you find this clear data? Are you really a paramedic?
  7. As a person that gets their musical results from process, not talent or ideas, this makes me feel threatened and angry. Also apologies for this post.
  8. Would find it super convenient to have some sort of postblast/multi-post panel added to my interface which enables me to post the same post across multiple threads without having to go into each one and posting. I'm thinking that a list where I can check off the threads on the first 2 pages to which my post will be submitted (or posted) plus the ability to search for threads that I then manually add to the list (I'm thinking either checkboxes or radiobuttons with "post / do not post" of course by default everything would be set to post) would initially be sufficient. Would be super convenient for me and looking to have this feature implemented ASAP.
  9. Yeah, maybe don't drive a car if you're prone to all kinds of bullshit. You could kill someone.
  10. Yeah, the same challenges of testing and distribution. And manufacturing. And convincing people to actually take the medicine. And unforeseen circumstances. Molnupiravir won't be the end of this pandemic. I think the end of this pandemic will probably come in the form of the distractions that a myriad of riots and localized civil wars will provide. Up until recently I was convinced things would be better at some point but I've lost all faith, the tail of this pandemic will see us into the next catastrophe. We're fucked.
  11. I don't think that's en entirely fair assessment of his skills but I see where you're coming from. This mix album is still really solid: https://www.discogs.com/release/1398844-Santogold-Top-Ranking-A-Diplo-Dub And, unrelated to his creative abilities, he comes across as an ok person in this Nardwuar interview:
  12. Going by the way some of my colleagues share work info it seems some people are unaware they can copy/paste text on their phones and everything is screenshots. Very annoying.
  13. user

    NOT pizza

    My building has a communal oven to save energy. Everyone gets a rack so you can take whatever you want to be cooked downstairs and pick it up when it’s finished.
  14. I love you yek, but you’re too old to be on TikTok.
  15. user

    NOT pizza

    About to throw this baby into the oven.
  16. Been meaning to respond to this for ages. I noticed the same thing but I still have both devices in my library. And to add to the confusion my yellow ones seem to be the live 11 ones the one in the screenshot has the mpe label for example. There's probably an easier way to do this but I just add my preferred version of live's devices to my favourites label thing in the browser, should have some sort of spring cleaning next year.
  17. When I got my bottomies removed the dentist gave me a couple of syringes with slightly angled tips to rinse out the excavation sites. Was quite handy.
  18. This thread has titties. I like it.
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