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  1. This can be solved by using the imp.midi external https://www.theimpersonalstereo.com/max-externals I can confirm that it works. There's another person offering a similar external elsewhere but I couldn't quickly find it and I should be sleeping.
  2. If you like truffelmayo then your opinion on food is irrelevant and you should probably fuck off to basicbitchesthatareintobasicbitchesshitliketruffelmayostan.
  3. I no longer enjoy viewing dank memes. FML
  4. I’ve been rinsing that tune over the last couple of years. Now I’m gonna feel self-conscious every time I wanna play it. Goddamn internet.
  5. (self) Tested positive for the first time. Definitely got some olphactory involvement, notice a distinct increase in sensitivity to certain smells and flavours.
  6. Just wanna add that I just managed to land my full weight on my lower back again. This time wiping out my bike because of a combo of trying to catch a train, slippery conditions and not noticing that the road wasn’t as level as I thought it was. This time the pain was instantaneous though, counting that as a win. Fuck me.
  7. I wiped out in the circle pit during Suicidal Tendencies almost 2 weeks ago and landed on my lower back. I was a bit startled but everything seemed ok. But now it's starting to feel sore. Stupid old body. Also fuck everybody on fatbikes. Seriously, fuck off and die. Thanks.
  8. I think porting this environment to a usable, mostly bugfree max for live suite of things would take even someone who is skilled at max/m4l at least a couple of hundred hours... Not what you asked for but why don't you make a list of the things that appeal so much to you in this environment and either try to find existing m4l patches that may approach it and perhaps teach yourself how to modify those a bit and see where that takes you?
  9. Perhaps this post would get a bit more of the attention it deserves in the main EKT forum?
  10. @[email protected]_politics Thanks very much. Even though yeah, indeed one will likely end up finding samples way too noisy and/or unable to capture what makes these things so great in the first place your posts made me glad I asked the question. Cheers!
  11. On my way to Graspop. Only going for a day and a night but I’m still slightly nervous as it’s my first festival across the border since the plague. I’m in the train rn and there’s a dude across from me whose feet I can smell through his shoes. It’s really disgusting. He’s phoning his aunt so I can’t really hate him though.
  12. I don't want to start a thread for this so I'll ask here instead; Does anyone know of a good/alright windorgan (the cheap kind from the, I think 70's that have a little motor in them that sucks air into the organ) or harmonium sample pack or vst? I'm looking for something that sounds kind of creaky. Might try something with an additive synth and some added noise later maybe that'll work. WRT plugins I bought, besides some of the stuff already mentioned I bought the Soundtoys suite/pack/lot a few years ago during a sale. No regrets at all. If you wanna dip a toe in I can thoroughly recommend the lil little plate reverb (think it is or was free, maybe 25,- 99,- now)
  13. This will be my Q2 oversharing self-pity post. I feel pretty good about it. It seems that, somewhat inevitably, my stupid reptile dopamine fiend brain has finally fallen victim to some variation of the online shopping feedback shitshow. Getting into various forms of DIY combined with the sustained threat of various crises are kind of a perfect storm for fucking consumer simpletons like me. I don't actually buy that much, don't have the money and I'm terrified of debt and also it's not really the point anyway, but will spend ages and ages foraging for the best deal on the best whatever the fuck I think I need that will provide some relief or redemption or security or something. Back in my freebase cocaine addict days I had a few bouts of what is known as transient compulsive foraging where you start looking for bits of accidentally dropped coke, which in my case was triggered by finding an actual decently sized chunk under my kitchen table where I'd cook the freebase. Before I knew it I was literally on hands and knees going through every bit of white debris. Even though I was alone each time it happened I still felt embarrassed about this pathetic behaviour, being aware of what was going on and how unlikely it was that I'd find anything 10 meters from where I would smoke. Still it was very difficult to stop and when I finally did, I would easily lapse and go back to it and snap out of it after loading the umpteenth breadcrumb or bit of drywall into my pipe and coughing my lungs out and repeat the cycle. The current situation isn't nearly as bad but it sucks to realize what a fucking ridiculous weak willed pointless wanker I am and how easily I fall into the trap of thinking things are complex while it's just manifestations of the same basic instinctive/biological mechanism. It's shitheads like me why we can't have nice things.
  14. Hope you give in to the urge, love a good rant.
  15. Woke up really dizzy and nauseous yesterday, even hurled because of everything spinning. So I pretty much spent the last 24 hours in bed and now my back is killing me. Still a little dizzy and there's a headache in the mix now too. I'm hoping it's an inner ear infection and not a tia or something, I can't afford to turn into more of a drool dribbling idiot than I already am.
  16. Oh goddamn. This is the first real concrete gas I've had in at least a year. No way I can spend 236,- eu on this right now though. Goddamn, there's even a spectrum analyzer. HNNGGG.
  17. As I failed my umpteenth since they were available self-test today I wondered if there's any info on how reliable they are with all the new variants. After googling around for at least 5 minutes I can definitely say there's no clear answer. It was to click around here for a bit though: https://www.path.org/programs/diagnostics/covid-dashboard-implication-variants-covid-19-antigen-test-detection/
  18. That radiogenova account seems to be a real shitslinger. I don’t see the point in “reporting” on these kinds of events without some analysis or background. Except for spreading fear and uncertainty.
  19. Although I’ve tagged the occasional train and defaced the odd streetbench I’ve mostly been more or less indifferent when it comes to graffiti in the public space. But tonight I felt a profound and unexpected appreciation for people willing to go out and practice their art, makes a lot of places seem a bit more human.
  20. Re: the case, are you into DIY, do you have the tools to make a case? Do you enjoy building things? Otherwise I wouldn't bother. If you wanna integrate your machinedrum... Something to boost the line levels from md to eurorack Something to bring eurorack levels back to line Some sort of mixer Something that can process triggers from MD Something to trigger (vco, sampler, sample player, etc) I'm not entirely sure what's going on in the video but it seems the md is being ran through a compressor or something and the md is triggering plaits. Plaits would be a good vco I guess because it has a built in lpg so you can just send it triggers from md and route the sound somewhere. Just some random thoughts. Obvs.
  21. Hope the lift continues, being depressed is never no good for no one. You seem to be contrary to common understanding in associating a nocturnal schedule with anticipated relief of psychological burdens. I feel the same though, I usually need to start worrying when I feel the urge to go to sleep really early. I started sawing from an angry place, something I was entirely aware of and reminded myself of several times to keep cool and steady to prevent the sheet from cracking. Obviously my incompetence is immune to awareness. To make things worse this is the second time today, first time was a toxic mix of ignorance and enthusiasm though.
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