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  1. take a look at ITVL, it is Max based, provides some generative features but still in the form of a step sequencer, great for generating/manipulating AE style melodies.
  2. So, I have been working on a midi "If this then that" for a while, I will probably make it a standalone app like ITVL, it is everywhere in my max system for both controlling other modules and generating midi. This is a track I did using this method plus ITVL style sequencing two years ago, 90% are generated, this is direct output from max, the time stretch at the end was added in DAW. [sc5]158417607[/sc5]
  3. I recommend Max/Msp, you can schedule your code / make gui control interface very quickly in Max, and it is more stable than SC, I made some very complex system that I thought may cause crash but turn out working very well. The user community/documentation is great, very helpful, plenty of tutorials. Don't think it can interface with RPi except thru udp/tcp
  4. zleep

    elseq 1-5

    after a few days of listen, elseq2 is now my favorite, c7b2 is fierce, chimer I can keep listening to second half forever, elyc6 0nset grows on me a lot, it sounds kind of very exotic middle east hippie psyche to me, even reminds me of Alejandro Jodorowsky's holy mountain and el topo, like a surrealistic one man adventure without end
  5. zleep

    elseq 1-5

    Yeah I was wondering the same thing. There's got to be some reason. Like maybe this well develop into something bigger somehow over the next few days? yeah, I somehow feel like this isn't all that's coming feel the same about this.... there is nothing about elseq on warp website and twitter ... how come this happen, there should be somethi n g e l s e
  6. I sampled a lot of my own material, not whole merged music but just some separate tracks, leftover material, noise etc. And import to Max, you can do so many things there, slice, wavetable, granular, run thru some weird fx, use as instrument, random scan ... a lot of fun! this track is made using samples, directly generated from Max [sc5]264681315[/sc5]
  7. zleep

    Autechre - feed1

    this does sound very similar to AE_live, but yeah ae live is so good, would like to hear more tracks in the same direction
  8. There is a demo version with limited function, you can use it forever, download at bottom of the itvl page.
  9. Thanks man! I have been using it myself for a while before I make the app, it is a lot of fun to use and yes there is nothing like this, that is why I decided to make it an app.
  10. It has a chromatic scale in the poly mode, check out the feature video @4:35 I use Heptatonic scale for the mono mode because it is the most common scale used, and it allows you to use Pentatonic, Hexatonic scale as well by just leaving one or two rows blank.
  11. So, as I mentioned in this thread, (yes its been a year) I made a max patch for generating melody, and now it is a standalone app called ITVL (interval). It is basically a generative sequencer packed into a step sequencer, you decide when the next step will be triggered and what note will be played instead of letting algorithms do it, so you have the full control and it is easy to change a single note anytime. It is like you have the generative framework but your brain will be the "algorithm". It is my first time to make an app and it did take a lot of time to build on my prototype, fix bugs, a bunch of stuffs were added and a lot of functions were adjusted for releasing to public. How do you guys think about this? It is available here some videos, more are coming soon. [youtubehd]LD3H8RUSFIE[/youtubehd] [youtubehd]tPg3IQRkZFw[/youtubehd]
  12. nice dark track, I like both the beat and the melody. And it is cool that it is made using stochastic composing, you should try more.
  13. absolutely yes! they are one of few musicians keeps getting better and being creative, every album is a quality release and distinct from previous ones, imho, can't find anyone else keep being that much creative for 20+ years.
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