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  1. Wow, this most be the most boring 30th birthday I ever attended. Just listened to most of the Peel Sessions, and they are either mediocre or redundant. LFO stuck out though.
  2. Do you mean this? https://wxaxrxp.net/
  3. Autechre are too good to us! 🙏
  4. Try http://uk.thelion.me/nts/
  5. Damn, this Kelela set is pure bliss!❤️
  6. Anosognosia: is a deficit of self-awareness, a condition in which a person with some disability seems unaware of its existence. I had to look it up. So I share it with you in case anybody else is wondering 😉
  7. jaderpansen had it posted earlier: http://uk.thelion.me/nts/
  8. Quite a beast. Really looking forward to get this on my stereo soon. Will have to give Greetings from Birmingham some turns before, I guess. Haven't been listening to it for a while.
  9. First listen... got the impression it goes nowhere really.
  10. So I have to buy lots of batteries for my old walkman then... OK.
  11. A friend and I decided to take care of matters ourselves. We'll be playing Warp only next Wednesday. So if anybody is in Leipzig rolling with the Antifa or something like that for the sake of Mayday, have a break at night and join the FCKW crowd at Sowiewir.
  12. That actually would be a treat! Loved the Born Ruffians' take on Milkman on Warp20! No, really. Tread lightly, for that which I cannot say cannot be unheard
  13. Will there be anything for Warp30? I haven't read / heard anything really. In particular after the big event of Warp20 - with the Fan Selection and stuff - it's so awfully quiet on the Warp front. Any insights apart from maybe a few gigs?
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