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  1. 37 € for the vinyl? I hate RSD with all my heart. Apart from that the tracks are ok but unnecessary. The originals are perfect and Lifeforms was re-released some years ago.
  2. Just watch 13th on Netflix and you'll know.
  3. Love this new Ambient album by Siavash Amini: https://room40.bandcamp.com/album/serus It's even available on vinyl.
  4. Let's stick to the fact that it's Squarepusher and buy the album.
  5. Hm, the tapes or the cds? Love the tapes but have nothing to play them with... Or any chances for a vinyl box? ?
  6. Hm, The Mountain Must Fall was actually quite good after several crap albums. But this now is just usual as business since Private Press.
  7. The album sounds pretty uninspired after the brilliant Feather EP.
  8. The Squarepusher 12" is the REAL WXAXRXP release! The other ten 12 inches were just badly done distractions.
  9. Wow, this most be the most boring 30th birthday I ever attended. Just listened to most of the Peel Sessions, and they are either mediocre or redundant. LFO stuck out though.
  10. Autechre are too good to us! ?
  11. Try http://uk.thelion.me/nts/
  12. Damn, this Kelela set is pure bliss!❤️
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