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  1. Apparently I'm absolute shit at striking up conversation with random chicks at social events. Then again, I always have been.
  2. Is the US the only country today to have radicalized Christians?
  3. It's the ushering in of the era of enlightenment for jive-ass muthafuckaz
  4. Bitch-ass hoes are people who can't get their own shit together yet like to involve others in their mess (To be clear, it's mainly the bitch-ass hoes I have to deal with at work. Has nothing to do with fellow WATMMers.)
  5. Definitely my next music buy. Prior to the release of Trilate Shift, I've only really known about Dilankex by way of Ae's stellar remix. But as an artist OK is starting to grow on me.
  6. Completed Void Bastards. I think I'm about 10% thru Gato Roboto now. So I'm gonna make that my gaming priority for the time being. The more I think about whether to buy a new rig for next big AAA titles though, the more it seems like a waste. Maybe I should learn some new music software instead. Or try rock climbing.
  7. I'm spending less and less time on YouTube lately. Whereas last year and the year before it sapped countless hours out of my life. I reckon it's for the best.
  8. I've seen more lightning than usual this summer.
  9. He's a radioactive shit blob that just happens to have the one-third zombie population of the country under mind control. (Disregard most of my posts in this thread. More hot air than actual news updates.)
  10. Doom Eternal out Nov 22nd it looks like. But I'll more than likely need a new gaming rig first. Borderlands 3 I'll wait til next April for when it's out on Steam, because Epic can eat smegma. In the meantime, new Cmdr. Lilith DLC for BL2 just came out. (Do I really want to slide back down the gaming rabbit hole tho...)
  11. Another great thing about 2077 is that CD Projekt Red pretty much gave Epic the cold shoulder in terms of PC platform. But as awesome as the game looks, I'm worried that it won't run on my aging laptop. Already had that problem with Rage 2 nearly a month ago.
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