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  1. Finally beat Ion Fury. Solid throwback shooter overall, but the final battle was utter bullshit. Tempted to hop back onto Mutant Year Zero again already. Haven't tried the new DLC yet.
  2. Nightmare situation. I hate being forced into small talk, as well as answering the favorite music question by individuals outside of our IDM cult. Because there's no way to answer that without potential embarrassment. And it's a particularly foreign concept to old people.
  3. Too bad my machine can't run it, even though it was able to run Far Cry: New Dawn. I heard it's basically an open-world Doom 2016. Not sure how accurate that sounds though.
  4. Ae/Gescom Oberman Knocks Seefeel Actress Team Doyobi VHS Head
  5. Even FOX are saying that Donnie's chances at a second term are dwindling: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/donald-trump-i-dont-believe-fox-news-poll_n_5d5a5d5ee4b0eb875f261ec9
  6. To be fair, I can't take all the credit. Ignatius, Lada Laika, and Lewps are major contributors to the Dank movement as well. Plus Prdct's dankness has a unique surreal quality that stands out among the rest.
  7. My whole city is shrouded in smoke. I heard somebody set fire to a homeless camp. A very shitty thing to do, especially when there are already two simultaneous wildfires to the south and to the north. And chances of rain are still slim in the forecast. Plus it was super windy the last two days. At least it's finally cooling down, now that summer's almost over. But where is our rain ffs
  8. I'm finna make the first one today and the second one tomorrow EDIT: So I made the first one just now. Apparently I made the pancake WAY too big, because it fell apart when I tried to flip it. Gonna make it about half that size next time. But still turned out pretty good. Tasted more or less like a meatless egg roll.
  9. The owner of that vehicle should be added to the FBI's terrorist watch list, for obvious reasons. Or is that more under DHS jurisdiction? Idk anymore..
  10. Speaking of cartoons, the new Invader Zim movie is supposedly pretty good, despite its lack of promotion. Gonna watch it at some point.
  11. ^ Every MAGA clown needs to be given the Alex-in-the-theater treatment a la A Clockwork Orange whilst being forced to watch that
  12. If they fight over the legs again the restaurant staff should serve crab poop instead at the buffet as punishment
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