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  1. Doubtful, as long as we keep following the basic guidelines to mitigate the spread. Although not everyone does. Shame we're still dealing with racist assholes this far into the 21st Century. Was hoping we'd put that behind us until 2016 happened.
  2. Finished the main story line in Rage 2 last night and then hunted for the remaining three Vaults Arks I missed. Now I'm ready for those DLC quest lines I've been putting off. Can confirm that I'm disappointed in the story writing in this game, but...the journey beats the destination and all that. As for Doom Eternal, I have a feeling that it's a one-time thing for me. I admit that I was fully aboard the hype train in the months leading up to its release, but now that it's all passed I've had time to take a step back and realize that not everything about it is gold. The combat is so over-the-top, for one. And everything has to be done a certain way. And the platforming, the purple slime shit, and the tentacles...the fucking Marauder...come on. And on top of that the game didn't have as much continuity story-wise as I'd hoped. It's like a bunch of new lore was shoehorned in to effectively elevate Doomguy to superhero status. Kinda cringey tbh. Id Software should get back to basics. Get bigger guns to kill bigger monsters more quickly, that simple. That's what I liked about Doom 2016. And the Doom subreddit full of meme-parroting Gen Z edge lords can fuck right off. (End "Boomer" rant)
  3. Dammit. I don't even wanna set foot outside anymore, but I got called into work tomorrow. Granted it's only for 4 hours, and human contact should be minimal, but still.
  4. The last one wasn't a failure. It was a defiance.
  5. Evangelists are the worst, especially considering the amount of influence they have these days...whether cultural, political, or pathogenic.
  6. I'm tempted to make this my new profile pic EDIT: Son of a bitch. File was too large. Oh well, probably safer that way anyway due to its seizure-inducing potential.
  7. Shame we have the shittiest possible administration during this pandemic. Wish JFK could have jumped thru a wormhole or something back in November 1963 to today, knocked out Trump like Danny Marianino did Danzig in 2004 AND proceeded to stomp him in the nuts, and led an emergency coup d'etat. Okay, some useful information: apparently CBD is an antiviral agent (and not just physically): https://medcard.app/can-cbd-help-prevent-or-treat-the-covid-19-coronavirus/ Don't smoke it though obv. Use CBD-based oils. But for ganjaphobes, there's always Vitamin C from citrus fruits and even cranberry juice. And basic cooking ingredients like garlic, ginger, and turmeric should help boost immune defenses as well.
  8. Seems like Ethiopians bear a closer resemblance to ancient Egyptians than modern Egyptians do, who are predominantly Arab. Also, written Amharic is aesthetically similar to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Some expert anthropologist can probably explain better than I can why this probably isn't a coincidence. And I don't get why married women on FB suddenly change their full name to just their first and middle. Third time I've seen that happen in the past year.
  9. She has a dark road ahead, to put it in the nicest possible way.
  10. Lashings? Do "beatings" in a certain area count? n/m that was in poor taste Rage 2 is more fun than I expected, even if the story is its weakest point. Game reviews and ratings can sometimes be misleading. It is somewhat buggy though. I think twice now I've had a highlighted waypoint on the road no longer present, and yesterday I had an audio crash. But these are pretty infrequent glitches.
  11. I feel like I've prepared for quarantine culture for years without realizing it. The main changes I've felt recently are more active social avoidance (at least physically) and washing my hands more thoroughly, as well as using soap more efficiently. Also time to prioritize on Vitamin C intake.
  12. I've been on a shopping spree the last couple of days thanks to Steam sales. Bought Rust yesterday, as well as Generation Zero just now. BTW is it wrong that I'm enjoying Rage 2 more than I did Doom Eternal? Ironic considering the latter was the very reason I bought a new PC.
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