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  1. There is a fly literally breakdancing next to my laptop
  2. I checked the XBOX store yesterday tho and The Outer Worlds is available there for pre-order at the standard 60 USD for Win 10. So the subscription is optional then I wonder? Maybe I missed something.
  3. I wish I could pay Obsidian directly tbh, especially after their solid work on F:NV. Like I said, I just refuse to deal with Epic.
  4. I'm playing NMS again too lately. Noticed a huge change to the Space Anomaly since the Beyond update. Haven't really gotten into much base building this time around yet. Just trying to follow Artemis's trail atm. Also been playing the Hell On Earth Starter Pack WAD via Slayer's Rampage mod on classic Doom (GZDoom source port). Slayer's Rampage is so satisfying. And was done by a chick from Brazil apparently, which makes it even better.
  5. I'm in the process of roasting a second batch of thin-sliced potatoes for a potato pizza I'm about to make because I burnt the previous batch to a crisp. Could be worse.
  6. WATMM will get banned in China now. That would be ultra-dank.
  7. The Outer Worlds is out on the 25th. And I just found out I can buy/download it from the XBOX store and play on Win 10, rather than to go thru the Epic Games Store bullshit in order to play on PC. This gives me hope.
  8. Guess I better stock up on canned goods and bullets in prep for a Mad Max/Fallout scenario then. The fact that Trump's head looks like a mushroom cloud isn't reassuring.
  9. Fair point. Like I said, I've never actually played. Beauty is only skin deep and all that.
  10. I went to the courthouse this morning to reschedule my jury duty, but the front entrance doors were locked, even though the hours specified that they were open 8 AM to noon on Fridays. And my summons notice also specified that rescheduling cannot be done over the phone. Fuck-monkeys.
  11. And to think a majority of us here are old enough to remember blowing the dust out of bulky plastic NES cartridges prior to insertion...
  12. Needless to say, we live in politically divisive times. But despite what our affiliations are, I think we're all in agreement that the Chinese government can eat a dick. Also, fuck Blizzard Entertainment for banning pro-Hong Kong players. And lol @ South Park getting banned in China this month as well.
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