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  1. If it's any consolation Trump's consistent strategy to ascension has been the art of lying. In this case that same tactic could be his undoing. The election is still 11 months away, and the MAGA crazies have been chanting "TRUMP 2020" for the last two years now. But is it really a foregone conclusion? They think they're unstoppable. But I'm pretty sure throughout the course of human history the least stable leaders have also seen the shortest reigns.
  2. A coworker from Lithuania is genuinely saddened by the sparsity of snow this winter where we live compared to past years. And I fear that there's little I can do to console him.
  3. 0:28-0:32 couldn't help but notice that the stove igniter is capable of producing some sweet synthetic drum loops
  4. HL Alyx does look cool. But I'd need an expensive VR set, plus very likely a whole new PC just to be able to play it. So I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble. Still deeply immersed in No Man's Sky at the moment. Just now completed the base-building quests, and only recently learned the art of rapid profiteering. Still need to get to the Euclid galactic core. But I like what's been done with the latest Synthesis update, especially the Personal Refiner. Pretty much makes the Portable one obsolete, as you can refine materials literally anywhere now.
  5. Damn, that is a nice one. Looks like it would be excellent for chopping all kinds of fruits, veggies, tubers, etc. Santoku knives are generally my mainstay for cooking prep. Can't go wrong with Japanese-style blades I reckon.
  6. lal It was around noon tho. So she probably just went to grab lunch.
  7. I experimented by making my own sandwich. I made sourdough toast, layered with fried egg, extra sharp white cheddar, sauerkraut, Japanese mayo, kielbasa, and pickle, top-to-down, in that exact order. I drizzled gochujang on top of the egg the first time I made it but decided it wasn't compatible with this particular combo. I don't know what to call it. I thought about BFS 9000, but that's pretty corny. But it washes down well with beer.
  8. On my way into the specialty goods grocery store a young woman was standing out front with a clipboard asking people of they're registered state voters. When she asked me next, I did not respond. After I'd finished my shopping, she was no longer there. Did I hurt her feelings? I'll never know. Regardless, I don't take kindly to beggars or solicitors.
  9. One can make the same argument for our man Bernie tho. At the end of the day it's sources of income, policies, empathy, and ability to speak coherently that matter the most.
  10. Sriracha or gochujang?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. StephenG


      Sriracha by a country mile. 😉


    3. Joyrex


      Well, it's okay to be wrong

    4. StephenG


      If Sriracha is wrong, I don't want to be right. 👊

  11. I've never actually been on a date, but after everything I've read about it above and heard elsewhere, it doesn't really seem worthwhile. And "keeping up" ain't my thing, especially when it's the industry standard. Too old for that shit.
  12. I'm not fond of the fact that Bloomberg is in the race. He's a Trojan horse as far as I'm concerned.
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