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  1. Sriracha or gochujang?

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    2. Joyrex


      Dude - waaay better than Shitracha - you'll thank me for it later. Especially coating it on a whole chicken and grilling it

    3. StephenG


      Mm, it looks good - I just googled "gochujang grilled chicken" and lots of recipes came up, looks like it gets a bit blackened. 

      I think I might just try that this Sunday!

    4. darreichungsform


      I wouldn't do that. Trying new things is never good. It's dangerous

  2. inhaling shattered pretzels

    1. Joyrex


      I like huffing wheat toast

  3. Happ Intentional Doggo Day

  4. Your profile is 0% complete!

  5. and don't forget all the trouble

    1. sweepstakes


      rubble rubble

  6. Escher Labs

  7. the phone call

    1. ManjuShri


      moshi moshi

    2. chronical


      *moshi moshi*

  8. FO76 IS A F**K 犬糞 734,296,371,404 SERVERS CRASHED

    1. WeAreOceans
    2. Brisbot


      don't worry it'll be playable this time next year

    3. ambergonk


      Supposedly they've already dropped a 5GB update to address some issues. And you may be right.

  9. Mr. Speaker, we are for the Big

  10. Behold mine field, in which I grow mine gonks, and thou shalt see that it is barren

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    2. ambergonk


      And when the two wisemen spake of the end, the folk had deemed it casual..at first. But as it turned out, all would soon become idle, once the last shimripl hath passed. Turns out the two wisemen spake true.

    3. Hail Sagan

      Hail Sagan

      I like the bible(?) edits you got going on. It works.


      Noah and his sons and his wife and his sons' wives entered the gonk to escape the waters of the xflood.

    4. ambergonk


      And the humble David smote the turbile epic Goliath with a single well-placed splesh, and a celebratory bqbqbq was had by all.

  11. 808 State - Pacific State still ethereal, 28 years later

  12. oh shit there's a horse in the hospital

  13. Who the hell calls from Antarctica?

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    2. ambergonk


      They are smarter berds than we give them credit for.

    3. ambergonk


      NIN - March of the Pigs should have been on the soundtrack of March of the Penguins. But at least it was narrated by Morgan Freeman.

    4. barbu


      arctic ants

  14. square root of three divided by zero

    1. KovalainenFanBoy


      all primes have irrational square roots ya dingus

    2. Perezvon
  15. Team Doyobi - still alive?

    1. hello spiral

      hello spiral

      one of them was gonna release something recently then apparently lost it in a hd failure :(

    2. Tricone RC

      Tricone RC

      oh shit i was wondering about them yesterday. their last two were incredible

  16. happy danksgiving

    1. auxien


      ohshit son u rite tho

    2. ambergonk


      dat tryptophan

  17. bruh check my mixtape hffp:\\clownsound.corn\always-be-hustlin like subscribe share

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