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  1. I accidentally sifted cumin instead of sesame seeds over my mixed canned tuna over rice, only to discover that it enhanced the flavor even more.
  2. Oof. Mine is about 195/mo but it includes internet. Bigger fish eating the smaller fish when it comes to capitalism these days, but I digress.
  3. Yeah there's pretty much a monopoly here now on electric. It's bullsh...but I don't think the previous company was much better tbh Latest FWP is that my latest dank meme dump was mostly half-assed. Oh well.
  4. Yeah, just for electric. Gas gets billed separately by a different company, but the rest is taken care of by the condo association I think (except for recycling - I have to do my own recycle runs). But my gas bills never reach $30/mo. Weird. Seems to be the opposite trend here. The electric bill in the middle of summer tends to be as low as the $30-40 range. But then again most buildings here don't have AC due to a milder summer climate. I guess it's the heating that sucks up most of the energy.
  5. My latest electric bill was just under $300. And this is under a different electric company that bought out my previous one, so I was basically forced to create an account with them.
  6. You may be right. Three years ago was just the first time I saw it.
  7. I think the 3-year-old-meme-turned-contemporary-term-for-alpha-male "Chad" is bullshit and needs to die out. Chad is a mythical conformist asymptote for pretentious clout chasers.
  8. Prodeus (early access) user maps Duskers (at night - need to buy a light-up keyboard so I can play in full darkness) Synthetik (why is this game so addictive) I'm thinking about getting back into NES & SNES emulators too. Recommendations welcome.
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