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  1. Replaced a bathroom sink faucet all by myself.
  2. Prodeus is now @ ver 1.0, which I think means it's finally out of early access. Looks like the maps have been tweaked a bit, achievements have been added, and even in-game currency and shops have been introduced. If I'm being honest, it's nothing short of a masterpiece and renders Doom Eternal irrelevant.
  3. Watched the first five episodes last night. Dope so far. Would recommend, even if you've never played the game or watch anime in general.
  4. I'm a bit embarrassed to bring this up, but I think I might be turning into an arachnophile now. NSFW reason EDIT: JFC this is so embarrassing
  5. Hey you YEAH I MEAN YOU I got a message for ya
  6. I think I tried it briefly two years ago. The Starship controls were awkward af for me. Maybe I'll give it another shot at some point and "train up" a bit.
  7. Catfishing in order to gain intel...that's pretty clever. Seems like Ukrainians are just incredibly resourceful in general.
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