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  1. I finally got this annoying-ass piece of food dislodged from my bottom wisdom tooth extraction site that's been stuck in there the last two days. Pretty sure it was from one of those plantain chips I ate over the weekend.
  2. TBH I've been listening to them for the past 24 years and I still don't know what to expect next. That's the beauty of their enigmatic, unpredictable nature. All I can speculate is that we may see something come out either next year or in 2023, based on gaps between past releases. The gap since the start of the 21st Century tends to be usually every two years, but between Untilted and Quaristice, as well as between Oversteps and Exai, it's been three. The period between Exai and Elseq is kind of a weird one though, since that's when they were active with AE_LIVE.
  3. Anyone have a chance to play RE4 VR? Looks very promising but it's exclusive to Oculus 2, which is dumb. I hope it becomes available to more VR sets later. (24 Oct GMT-9 edit) Tried a bit of Dusk '82 last night on my new Switch. It's basically a retro dungeon crawler version of Dusk, with some dope chiptune by the same music composer. Pretty neat so far, and perfect for casual gaming. And the parent game drops on Switch in just a few days.
  4. I played one of the more recent SSB games a couple of years ago, can't remember if it was Ultimate though. The original N64 version though I'll always have fond memories of. One might be surprised how devastating Pikachu can be.
  5. Hmmm. Well, now that I have a Switch..
  6. There's no winning with right-wing evangelical Christian types. If they met Jesus IRL, they just be like "get a job ya long-haired soyboy communist" or "get a haircut ya dirty hippie". The irony is that the majority of us agnostics would get along better with Jesus than all those Red-state reactionary zealots who claim that they're devout to him. Jesus overall just seemed like a pretty chill dude who only wanted to help people. We're also at page 420. I know Jesus would be more than happy to pass one around.
  7. Then your assignment is to start creating one within the next 24 hours. Failure to complete within said window will result in you being reported. Good luck.
  8. This forum wouldn't exist without Gen X, if you truly think about it
  9. Finally cleared Metroid Dread, after 15+ hours. Solid game, but at the same time I'm damn glad to be done with it. My left hand was aching so bad at the very end I literally had to pause the game just to rest it for a few seconds. Looks like Hard Mode is unlocked now as well. Hahahaha no thank you.
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