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  1. I think the 3-year-old-meme-turned-contemporary-term-for-alpha-male "Chad" is bullshit and needs to die out. Chad is a mythical conformist asymptote for pretentious clout chasers.
  2. Prodeus (early access) user maps Duskers (at night - need to buy a light-up keyboard so I can play in full darkness) Synthetik (why is this game so addictive) I'm thinking about getting back into NES & SNES emulators too. Recommendations welcome.
  3. Good. I'm glad your reading ability serves you well. YT is merely an alternate learning method - one by which I've learned many recipes this year. If there are cataclysmic ramifications for preferring one learning method over the other, then I'm curious to know why.
  4. I pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 back in April, but I agree that the amount of hype around it is reaching levels of absurdity. I just hope it'll live up to it.
  5. Oh god. I know exactly what you mean. It's like they all feel that they have to write a god damn autobiography that takes up two-thirds of the page. I don't get it. That's why I just use YT for recipes - most vids are less than 10 min.
  6. I'm up at 4 AM on WATMM, eating cold noodles and guzzling a 24 oz can of Modelo. This is my life now.
  7. Oh yeah. That's the one where a certain anime dog girl accidentally murders Santa.
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