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  1. Haven't really done much gaming lately. Played S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: SoC again like a week ago, and then a teeny bit of RE4 on Switch last Fri. But it seems like I rarely game for more than an hour per day anymore. Either too much fatigue after the work day or too many things to take care of during the weekends.
  2. Wish I had one. I did buy a knee sleeve about an hour ago that's supposed to have some gel cooling effect though. Got a knee brace too, but the upper velcro strap keeps scraping against my skin, which is bullshit. I've had intermittent right knee issues as well, probably as far back as 2014. But I think it's more of an outer joint thing. Could have something to do with my left ankle sprain in Japan back in 2008, but I'm not entirely sure. Never bothered to see a doctor though. Don't wanna deal with any crippling medical bills (thanks US health care system)
  3. My first crack at makin mapo tofu (w/ plant-based burger). Didn't turn out half bad, despite forgetting to add sugar.
  4. I have one remaining homework assignment for my intro Python course, which isn't due til the first of May. But I just can't be arsed to start on it right now. I'd rather fuck around and do stupid counter-productive shit instead.
  5. Nightmare Reaper, now that it's finally out of early access. But Project Wingman looks intriguing too, after watching my favorite streamer play it yesterday. Plus it looks like it has VR support. Would be an interesting experience to be in a virtual fighter aircraft cockpit with a pair of Index controllers.
  6. I want out of my current job. Pays more than my previous one did but it feels like I have no autonomy. Plus I'm crammed into an old greasy, dusty shitbox with a bunch of conservatives and forced to do whatever random grunt work my boss assigns me for the day with at least one other accompanying crew member. At least when I started over a year ago we had a decent office location. One day I just wanna walk out and be like "fuck all of these guys." I've heard promising things about being a mail carrier. Might look into it. EDIT: Actually I get along with them better than I make it sound. But it's still not a viable long-term work environment for me.
  7. Probably. He loves his intimidation tactics. I'm just sick of his bullshit. Somebody needs to give him the ass-whoopin of a lifetime. I don't care who does, although best to be done by either Ukrainian hands or by one of his own.
  8. "I'mA uSe NuKeS iF u GuYs DoN't StOp HeLpInG uKrAiNe" You're not the only one with nukes, cyka.
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