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  1. The moment kids on the innernet start callin me boomer, I am automatically midlife chrysalis
  2. Those bitch-ass hoes be extortin. Throw the coffee in their face.
  3. This is what solidarity corn-riddled poops (and farts) looks like
  4. Honest mistake most likely. Plus I forgot that 401(K) factors in starting this year. Best thing about being a federal employee is the benefits.
  5. I'm considering doing a cover/remix of NIN's Copy Of A this year but with Hatsune Miku singing just to see if it can be done. I love the melody but I feel like the instrumentals as a whole could be fleshed out more. And Trent's singing style is sometimes too breathy for my liking. (fuck I'm embarrassed now)
  6. Just got paid today but I'm pretty sure I got shorted on my paycheck. Boss probably failed to take holiday pay into account again. I'll be transferring jobs soon anyway, so I'm not sure it's really worth bothering with at this point.
  7. I still remember Christmas 2005 when my grandma got a Chinese opera DVD for my Japanese sister-in-law as a gift. But I can't remember if we laughed in front of my grandma or not.
  8. I bought the full game but haven't played it yet. I have a bad habit of this when it comes to Steam purchases. I'm guessing it's a Souls-like then? One of the best I've played in recent years is Hyper Light Drifter. I had to do a fresh restart on Fallout: New Vegas recently because of bullshit corrupted quicksave & autosave files. So this time I'm doing another run with autosave on travel only, but otherwise only manual saves just before ending play sessions. Apparently save files can get corrupted over time if overwritten too frequently, so quicksaving is out from now on. As much as I
  9. http://pm1.narvii.com/7431/d398f256c8fd4f81167e8dfa97f8da611b55982br1-828-489v2_uhq.jpg
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