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  1. It was created specifically as a septic compartment for pseudo-intellectualism so it won't spill over into other threads.
  2. Carpal tunnel in my left wrist, most likely after going full DDR with the WASD keys almost every day. Decided to use a pair of winter socks as a makeshift pad/cushion to straighten it out. Seems to help a little, but still feels slightly awkward.
  3. | http://pm1.narvii.com/6876/26d59d8d72ca5dc03faaa504d2ce3cce056ef619r1-868-680v2_uhq.jpg
  4. My life feels like a dead end rn. Maybe it's time to move to Switzerland or something. Or return to Japan next year if I apply for that English teaching position this fall. But even then, it's not like it'll be paradise. Fuggit. I'm falling way behind on my dank memes contribution around here lately. That's probably the most pressing issue.
  5. I have an Instagram but haven't touched it since last August. And Facebook I probably check only once a week anymore, and every time I do I feel like I haven't really missed anything. I guess I could try to delete my social media accounts but can't be bothered. Out of sight, out of mind basically.
  6. Weighed myself right after my gym workout after work today and I gained 14 lbs (roughly 6 kilos) in the past month...according to the locker room scale. I had a hard time getting it to steady the last time too. It's one of those old-fashioned stand scales with the sliding weights they use at hospitals and clinics - no electronics. But it's also the only scale I've seen there for the past year or two. Pretty sure it's gotten worn and janky. So I'm tempted to just buy my own bathroom scale. Also I finally have focused inspiration for a new music track, for the first time in probably five or s
  7. I like the fact that there's also a mod that replaces Mr. X with Shrek. But mods or no, nothing beats Claire's booty physics.
  8. Metroid Fusion is awesome. Haven't played it in ages though. The dev team nailed the creepy atmosphere. Now I wish I had my old GBA just so I can play it and Zero Mission again.
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