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  1. Yeah it was like a 200+ MB update I think. I played DC quite a bit on my phone last Sept, then recently bought it on Steam but haven't played on PC yet. Never played Blasphemous though, might buy it later.

  3. Speaking of which, what's the status on artists like Team Doyobi? VHS Head? Then again Seefeel saw like a 15-year hiatus between their last two albums I think
  4. It's weird to think that I was actually inside the WTC at one point when I was a kid, back in Sept 1995 I think. I don't remember much aside from the fact that my fam and I were waiting in line for a good hour in the lobby to board the elevator, which then took us up to the 100th something floor. I just remember the building swaying slightly from that height looking down at the city scape and I think there was some popcorn vendor on that floor too. Last time I was in NYC was March 2003. It was kind of surreal gazing down at that same foundation years later only to find construction crews mo
  5. Now that we have a new prez...what will become of Space Force, I wonder? Can we discontinue it now? Or will we end up developing it further to defend the lunar and Martian colony frontiers with hi-tech pew pew lasers down the road?
  6. 1. The half-life of uranium-238 is about 4.5 B years - same as the officially determined age of Earth. Coincidence? 2. The Doge meme from 2013 which would later evolve into swole doggo in 2020 was derived from the real life shiba inu Kabosu. Yep, that's the name of the iconic shibe we've seen in countless meme copypastas. I think she was 8 years old back in 2013, so idk if she's still alive today...
  7. Edward Snowden do be havin the right kind of fangirl tho
  8. Burgers are the lifeblood of the Dank Memes thread (which I've been falling way behind on lately...gotta step up my game). I'd consider a Burger to be the Dank equivalent of being knighted. As for Farnsworth, that's confused me for the longest time. But I am relieved to hear that it has a positive connotation.
  9. If there's a competent Terminator game, the best one I can think of in recent history is Terminator: Resistance released in November 2019. Movie-base games were generally pretty janky back in the early days of consoles, mostly due to technology constraints at the time I think. Goldeneye 007 was a rare exception. (no pun intended)
  10. Can't help but reflect upon how a political pandemic got defeated by a biological one, at least in one country. Regardless though the cost of human life can't be trivialized.
  11. It's more refined for sure. It's just difficult for me to categorize which genre Glasper fits into, because it seems like he always straddles between the two.
  12. Can't tell if this is jazz or hip hop tbh. But basically the same vein I think
  13. It's been said that he's basically Genghis Khan with a programming degree
  14. Only enough to recognize cyrillics and a few basic greetings and swear words. Trying to learn more on Duolingo lately (along with Indonesian). I still have no love for despots though, Putin included. Main reason I got interested was when I got into the Ukrainian game series S.T.A.L.K.E.R. over a decade ago. That and I get the impression that Russian gamers are master shitposters.
  15. Can't help but notice how Jlex Aones became more of a fatass since the last election
  16. a1 - Mixed bag, in terms of cohesion and fragmentation. If we're talking demographics, it seems to be majority white male Westerners, mainly Gen X and Millennials. Mostly politically left-leaning urbanites though. a2 - Popular music these days likely depends on trending internet memes. IDM itself never really seemed to gain popularity since I was introduced to it in the late 90s. It always seemed to cater to a niche audience. But it may have had some indirect influences on more well-known artists in recent years. Die Antwoord's "Ugly Boy" for example is a cover of Aphex Twin's "Ageispolis".
  17. We now have a president that speaks (mostly) coherently and addresses the actual key issues at hand. The new WH press secretary carries herself professionally as well. This will take some getting used to, but in a good way.
  18. Just bought this on Steam and played it. So yes, it is a real game. On Steam. Also played Cyberpunk first. This one seems to have aged better after the fact.
  19. Prolly due to global warming n' shit Indeed.
  20. Tea For God looks p cool but I wonder if it's only Oculus-compatible? This upcoming VR title looks intriguing as well - looks like it'll be available on Steam in April (I only know a few Russian words so far, but this is just a demo vid)
  21. Good. I think it was last week I heard that the goon squads were planning a second raid on all 50 state capitols tomorrow. At least they had the courtesy to spill their intentions in advance.
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