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  1. Hmmm. Well, now that I have a Switch..
  2. There's no winning with right-wing evangelical Christian types. If they met Jesus IRL, they just be like "get a job ya long-haired soyboy communist" or "get a haircut ya dirty hippie". The irony is that the majority of us agnostics would get along better with Jesus than all those Red-state reactionary zealots who claim that they're devout to him. Jesus overall just seemed like a pretty chill dude who only wanted to help people. We're also at page 420. I know Jesus would be more than happy to pass one around.
  3. And this whole time we were led to believe that Frank Oz voiced Yoda. We were wrong.
  4. Then your assignment is to start creating one within the next 24 hours. Failure to complete within said window will result in you being reported. Good luck.
  5. This forum wouldn't exist without Gen X, if you truly think about it
  6. Finally cleared Metroid Dread, after 15+ hours. Solid game, but at the same time I'm damn glad to be done with it. My left hand was aching so bad at the very end I literally had to pause the game just to rest it for a few seconds. Looks like Hard Mode is unlocked now as well. Hahahaha no thank you.
  7. Kind of a FWP/FWAS mix, but my left wisdom teeth are finally out as of four hours ago. Wondering when the bleeding will stop, but the pain meds seem to be working at least.
  8. SIGN has been out for over a year now. psin AM still hits me in the feels hardest - a foreboding yet cautiously optimistic tone perfectly reflecting the time of release...with the end of COVID still nowhere in sight and the looming threat of a possible Trump reelection...
  9. 1. I completed another oil change on my car, plus replaced the air filter for the first time ever. Now it runs smoother and doesn't smell like old dish soap in the inside. 2. I bought my first Nintendo Switch two days ago just in time for Metroid Dread. Still have a ways to go til completing the game though. 3. The creator of the game Duskers DM'd me on Reddit thanking me for a post award.
  10. And rightfully so. I think I've only put in about two hours so far. But this is it - the big return of the Metroid IP. It's not only a faithful return to the OG Metroid games, but an overhaul. New planet, new abilities, movement is ultra smooth, and now you can free aim as well as use melee attacks + parry. Also for anyone who's played Fusion and are familiar with the SA-X, well...say hello to the E.M.M.I.
  11. Man I hope my Switch arrives as scheduled tomorrow, because Metroid Dread is the main reason I ordered one.
  12. I remember that being the name of their MySpace page back in the late 00s
  13. Had some potato & cheese pierogis wif Ruskie Standard vodka. Can't believe I killed like three-quarters of the bottle over the weekend already. Anyway that pierogi shits is p good wif mayo. Pistachio iScream for dessert
  14. Japanese and Russian swear words are pretty satisfying in the right situation. I can probably name a few. OT: Just discovered the concept of analysis paralysis, and realizing that it's become a major bad habit throughout my life. It's basically overthinking a decision, getting overwhelmed, and spinning one's wheels whilst getting nowhere. And there will likely be more situations down the road where it's not an option.
  15. I didn't even know Sober October was a thing. Is it like No Nut November? I had my first vodka in over a month last night and had to take ibuprofen this morning from the hangover/headache. Too late I guess lol
  16. Just had poké for lunch, but was kind of a letdown this time. Had to pay two dollars more than I did last time, plus I don't think the tuna was marinated enough, if at all. Felt like a step backwards overall. Good thing I took it home first, since I had soy sauce and sesame oil on hand.
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