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  1. Earlier forecast called for rain all day today, but there ended up not being a single drop. And no rain in the foreseeable forecast either. Alaska is turning into a desert. Sucks.
  2. Just beat the final boss in Gunfire Reborn last night. New DLC just around the corner too it looks like. Basically roguelike Borderlands without the cringe dialogue. Also played the updated System Shock remake demo by Nightdive last night. Can now traverse Cyberspace, and god damn it's crazy how much smoother it is compared to the original. Can't wait for the full game. And I've also been technically helping fund the Fallout: London mod project. Will be my main excuse to reinstall FO4 next year.
  3. Cornstarch...why didn't I think of that.. That's what I used when I made mapo tofu and it worked pretty well.
  4. Just made chana masala for the first time but it came out runny. Pretty sure it's supposed to have a thicker, pastier texture. Hopefully it'll congeal overnight like my Japanese curry does.
  5. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (1999) Setting was cool. Visuals and animation were well done. But it turned out to be more of a drama than an action flick, kind of like Minority Report was. I guess Akira has permanently spoiled me when it comes to anime. I wanna see the new B&B next.
  6. Four more years until the 250 mark. Pretty sure that's about the average lifespan of any major dynasty or empire throughout the course of human civilization. I have a feeling collapse is inevitable for this country. And it's probably for the best.
  7. I'm a week late to reply, but man I'm so sorry. Group texts are the absolute fucking worst and should be nuked from orbit.
  8. Just remembered that today is my 10th anniversary of WATMM membership. Time flies I guess.
  9. Damn I'm glad to see signs of life from Lunar Software. I thought Routine was truly dead. Also Starfield AND System Shock (remake) trailers in the same day...I feel spoiled.
  10. Yep. But at least they make their contribution in potatoes.
  11. Project Warlock II in early access now. Pretty cool so far. But I also have to be more mindful of how I invest my free time these days.
  12. I remember when my grandparents used to take us thru Couer D'Alene in a Winnebago motorhome during summers when I was a kid. Beautiful area. Too bad it's also known for white supremacist shitheads.
  13. I now have Photoshop, a drawing pad, and a drawing glove. But I can't draw for shit. And I've been meaning to do a sketch for the past two weeks that I haven't started because there are lots of pros out there and I keep comparing myself to them and don't know what the hell I'm doing. I guess at some point I just need to be like "fuck it" and start drawing anyway, despite being a total beginner.
  14. What was that bit he mentioned about the time he and Rob were doing Cavity Job when the guy doing the mastering panicked because he was afraid that a perfect square wave would break the speakers? For some reason that had me rollin
  15. I literally clapped when he mentioned Beavis and Butthead being his favorite work by Mike Judge. Also he pretty much confirmed he uses software exclusively these days. And fuck mosquitoes. Little c**ts have been eating me alive lately too.
  16. I missed the live stream, but I think I'll watch the rest of the VOD later. And I pretty much feel the exact same about Morbius.
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