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  1. How was I so slow to come to this realization...
  2. Doom 3 engine, so not really. I think the weird gravitational manipulation shit is what made it unique more than anything. Otherwise I don't really take it seriously.
  3. Taking a break from Control because it's being a bitch. So I started 2006 Prey. Let's hope it never becomes VR-compatible.
  4. Had to tell a guy who came into our work today to wear a mask before entering our building. He came back in with a napkin on his face held up with a pair of sunglasses (no joke). If I wasn't on the clock I'd probably take photos for meme exploitation.
  5. I have to act normal in public while simultaneously questioning my own existence
  6. Sounds like merely a reaction to the 1619 Project. I swear, if we don't vote this shit pig out...
  7. Is it possible for a moderator to lock threads temporarily?
  8. I don't get why the cops don't just arrest these gu-...oh, wait.
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