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  1. https://futurism.com/neural-network-draw-doom-guy-high-res (no homo)
  2. Maybe it's like sulfuric acid. Boring because it's used in batteries, but very nasty because of its corrosive properties.
  3. Kevin Hassett deserves a plunger from a McDonald's restroom to the face. Soulless, plastic-looking capito-fascist motherfucker.
  4. This is why we don't make unwanted advances. That's about the time when Nixon resigned to dodge the impeachment bullet...and when Led Zeppelin were at their prime. And when Taxi Driver first hit theaters. But I wasn't born until the year the first Terminator came out. Although in current times I'm not sure it matters when any of us were born, because we're all in the same squalid vessel together (except the ruling elite in the skipper's cabin) If it's any consolation I have all four now. But only one is protruding in an awkward fashion.
  5. I'd argue that xenophobia and incest are almost mutually exclusive.
  6. Yeah Van was great, but I couldn't live there either for that very reason. Wouldn't mind going back to Portland some day though.
  7. Two Japanese words/concepts that don't have a direct English translation: 1. tatemae - stated reason 2. honne - actual intention This is supposedly a core principle in most business negotiations.
  8. Yukon is pretty much next door to me. And some of our fellow Canadian WATMMers I've already met IRL. But I'd need a good, solid reason. I've lived in Japan before, but realistically it's not a viable option for long-term residence. I'd mostly likely only be able to do so on a one or two-year English teaching contract. Or we can remain here and hope that we make it out of another potential four years of Trump bullshit with actual light at the end of the tunnel. I dunno. No matter what the election results will be in November, I don't see a way out of this political miasma any time soon.
  9. Both major political parties are FUBAR. Maybe I should move to New Zealand or somewhere after this COVID shit is over.
  10. Doesn't help that trump.br AKA Carl Satan is in charge either
  11. RIP Trump supporters Doesn't mean I'll be having a field day though. And neither does this necessarily impede Trump's chances at a second term, if the Electoral College has taught us anything. TBH this whole thing is tragic given how gullible a lot of these folks are. For all the problems they're dealing with, they yield to Trump to give them scapegoats to target as a placebo for their woes - a false solution. He's playing them like a fiddle.
  12. Started Chex Quest HD last night after finishing Prey on hard difficulty, which actually gets easier as you progress with numerous upgrades. But it turns out both games have an Arboretum map/section. I still need to try Subnautica and/or P.A.M.E.L.A. this summer. But Void Bastards is very tempting again.
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