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  1. my dad has donutbeard, but he's a deathpunker.
  2. https://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/unreasonable-first featuring mikki mæus as "steinkast beinhar"
  3. that first track is fucking brilliant! i would love to hear an extended version of it where that first sample is repeated more.
  4. sounds like a jingle from a local radio station
  5. dude, do you have any albums i can download?
  6. (artwork by patternoverlap©) zylomafoni - verdens ende 1. vi er en treningsgjeng 2. god jul Erling 3. rett fram og tilbake 4. slakk sving 5. relikkbussen 6. bryt deg opp 7. god jul Bernt 8. å rulle ned bakken 9. i still laid it because i suck at calling television 10. organisert kriminalitet 11. god jul Dorothy 12. bonus track © all rights reserved http://mrhappiness.bandcamp.com/album/verdens-ende
  7. http://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/you-and-us-and-mine-and-yours a little piano thing i made today, and field recorded.
  8. lol this thread is still going?
  9. http://gak-is-back.com/ it's squishy! it's bouncy! it's bubbly! it's gak!!!!
  10. i guess this might sound retarded, but the drums at the start and the first synth that comes in is kinda BoC-ish. i would definitely buy this.
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