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  1. my dad has donutbeard, but he's a deathpunker.
  2. https://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/unreasonable-first featuring mikki mæus as "steinkast beinhar"
  3. that first track is fucking brilliant! i would love to hear an extended version of it where that first sample is repeated more.
  4. sounds like a jingle from a local radio station
  5. dude, do you have any albums i can download?
  6. (artwork by patternoverlap©) zylomafoni - verdens ende 1. vi er en treningsgjeng 2. god jul Erling 3. rett fram og tilbake 4. slakk sving 5. relikkbussen 6. bryt deg opp 7. god jul Bernt 8. å rulle ned bakken 9. i still laid it because i suck at calling television 10. organisert kriminalitet 11. god jul Dorothy 12. bonus track © all rights reserved http://mrhappiness.bandcamp.com/album/verdens-ende
  7. http://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/you-and-us-and-mine-and-yours a little piano thing i made today, and field recorded.
  8. lol this thread is still going?
  9. http://gak-is-back.com/ it's squishy! it's bouncy! it's bubbly! it's gak!!!!
  10. i guess this might sound retarded, but the drums at the start and the first synth that comes in is kinda BoC-ish. i would definitely buy this.
  11. probably gangam style and anything that's a trend theese day's because people are to scared to think for themselves nowadays
  12. fingerbib - aphex twin and anything by slagsmålsklubben, playfull and upbeat chiptunestuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAclVpYzBTw&feature=related
  13. http://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/sunny-town with a cheesy title strings and synths dunno
  14. båling våter ål åver ffffeeeees (boiling water all over the face)
  15. i don't know why, but i can't seem to enjoy this in any way. i think maybe it's sebaceous the unsynched drums or some of the synths.
  16. god i'm so jealous! this is amazing! what i liked the most was the synths and the melodies. there's not much to criticize on this really. it's just... perfect
  17. been making music without my subwoofer as of late. now i get why people say my kicks are WAY too loud...

  18. well the kicks were sorta supposed to drown the sounds. i like it that way.
  19. http://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/throw-away-your-eyelids-part-2 part 2
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