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  1. i like the chippy arpeg, some nice melodies you have there too. will definitely be back to listen to this again!
  2. if i didnt know any better then i would probably have mistaken this for aphex or autechre. nice work!
  3. i have no idea why but this made m think of one of those times when you are laughing REALLY hard with your friends and it got me instantly in a good mood. anyways it's pretty good
  4. soundcloud is a pain in the ass. i would really like to listen to your tracks but it's not working. wat do?
  5. http://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/for-mye-koffein-first-song-i made it when i was 11 or 12.
  6. upload the first song you ever made or the oldest one you have on your computer http://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/zylomafoni-liquid-sunday-part this is my first song (it's called part 2 for no particular reason. there never was a part one.)
  7. i love those "bass drops" and all the other interesting sounds. the ending is also very nice (make an extended version of it). but i don't like the acidy melody that comes in at the start and shows up troughout the song.
  8. oh my god i love this! how do you make this anyway it's so proffesional and good! makes me want to film someone being badass in a suit at holmenkollen in slow motion for some reason
  9. http://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/little-pirate-inspired-tune maaaaaaaade a little trackkkkkkkkkkkkk
  10. lol i hate hearing my own voice though.
  11. saw a windowlicker cd in a and i had heard alot of aphex twin so i bought it on impulse. bought squarepusher's shobaleader one presents: d'demonstrator on vinyl in record store and i had seen it alot in record stores so i bought it on impulse. watmm got me into ae when i first came here.
  12. i love the melodies! but there's something about the drums that don't fit...
  13. i keep having this dreams where i listen to some fictional bands i have never heard of and the songs i hear are fucking SICK! i wake up and when i realise that the songs i heard i had made up myself. so when i rush to get my camera to record the vocals and melodies and leave a note on what synths/vocoders i use (takes me about two minutes) i've forgotten it. what the fuck am i going to do?
  14. care to put them up on youtube? my internet connection is bonkers.
  15. http://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/needs-title
  16. lol some parts reminded me of a shot of a spy or something walking trough the streets with a briefcase and yeah it's difficult to explain. the song in itself is rather boring actually (imo), but you definitely put a lot of effort into it so it's overall pretty good.
  17. you're collaborating with hitori tori? you are so lucky.
  18. i LOVE the intro with that synth that goes beoeewoooowoeoeoeowwoeo (lol i'm so tired! and the whole track it self is pretty funky. i actually think i'd buy this on vinyl.
  19. sounds like one of jean michel jarre's works from cant remember which album. it's so chill and cool.
  20. shit just read the read before starting a new thread thing. i feel so ashamed and narcissistic. gonna start commenting on people right away.
  21. >that feel when i'm never going to make such a thing like that wow this is so mesmerizing. love the vocal samples.
  22. http://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/fluttershys-so-chill it may sound like it, but i didn't sample anything and everything's made with vsti's
  23. lol this sounds mysteriously alot like the one i did at the beginning. some parts sounded a bit awkward though
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