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  1. i've been listening to shpongle for quite some time now and i'm REALLY digging the synthline on "behind closed eyelids" that kicks in at 2:43 does anyone have any music similiar to that part? some psychedelic music or maybe even trance? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNKS2ohqEAc
  2. me and a buddy of mine are going to a concert in trondheim this saturday. if that's what you're thinking about when you say change of scenery.
  3. i've actually never listened to an aphex mix in my life. are there any?
  4. went on a long bike ride today (15 km) like i used to do in 7th and 8th grade (8th and 9th grade in america) while listening to acid jazz. although i would bike about 30 km back then every second day, but it was still awesome. it's such a nice weather today too. i gotta start doing this more often.
  5. i listen to a lot of jean michel jarre. pretty sure it's considered space. went to a couple of JMJ concerts with a friend of mine too.
  6. what a great advice. wish you were my psychologist.
  7. thanks man. that song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day.
  8. it means that this life is just a virtual reality. and when i die it has only been 5 seconds of my real life and then i can just put some money in the virtual life machine again and live a new life.
  9. well i've been depressed since 8th grade (wich is 9th grade in america i think?) and since then its uasually been like i'm depressed for maybe a half year and then i'm pretty happy a couple of months and then i get depressed again. well i went trough a lot of pretty hard bullying over 8th grade (yes even physical violence) beacouse i came out as bisexual. i dont blame them though, i live in the country and people are retarded, scared and close minded around here. so they probably thought/think i'm one of those pink stereotypes when i actually consider myself more manly than the rest of them
  10. I seriously believe in that. I've believed in that since i was 13.
  11. 1) well my last psychologist wich i had a half year ago sucked beacouse she didn't help me with what i seeked help for (depression). i mentioned this guy that i just couldnt stand at school and then the whole therapy went on that. so im not doing that again. 2) tried meds. dont like it. 3) well that actually might work. thanks
  12. it's pretty pathetic to ask for help and advice on a site like this, but I've been depressed for several months now. what should i do?
  13. overrated - brostep underrated - dunno
  14. wow that's so 90's. reminds me of jean michel jarre too.
  15. well i'm a collector myself, so i'm not thinking of selling them.
  16. yeah d'demonstrator is my favorite album. have it on vinyl and original cd as well. so it's kinda cool to have the promo too. and the bibio shit was pretty good.
  17. i'm hundred percent sure the shobaleader one was not fake. it has watermarks and everything and it was used by a norwegian radio station called p3. and who bother's to fake warp promo's and sell them for 10 kr (2 usd) anyways. it probably would cost more to even make the sleeves and the stickers and all.
  18. went to a flea market today and i found a lot of warp promo cd's squarepusher presents - shobaleader one: d'Demonstrator promo cd bibio - mind bokeh promo cd dreams - come true promo cd africa hitech - 93 million times promo cd PVT - chruch with no magic promo cd are they rare?
  19. i actually thought about leaving for a while there, but after 0:57! this is fucking amazing!
  20. it's a joke. i made it in under 30 minutes
  21. http://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/fingerbib-kazoo-cover beacouse i'm a dick
  22. ok the beginning is better now.
  23. i simply cant listen to this and watch your profile pic at the same time. im seriously that freaked out by it. what the fuck is that anyways?! (the song is still great)
  24. there are two songs on go plastic! that i think stands out from the rest of his songs (red hot car and tommib) but the album in it's whole isn't really that special.
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