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  1. i like the saxophone bit, but the rest was rather boring 6/10
  2. i actually like skrillex(huge fan of boys noize too), he's a genius, he did something noone had ever done before and he managed to come up with a whole new dubstep subgenre with just a couple of songs. the reason we hate skrillex is the majority of his ignorant and close minded fanbase. so i keep it a secret. i liked the track.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoH0ylzEHeA ricky looks like hitler without the mustache. seriously.
  4. http://peopleslist.pitchfork.com/list/b55940a7/
  5. what the hell? why don't they have selected ambient works 85-92? oh wait...
  6. it's basically just ricky and steve making karl tell about his views on things. i see why though. karl's hilarious.
  7. that cold, clean, refreshing, white, wintery, discant sound that goes like TSS TSS TSS TSS in xtal. i'm sorry, i have no idea what that sound is called.
  8. what do you mean? it isn't that difficult. also the manuals are in norwegian, so i can understand them perfectly. i'm actually pretty good at english (i have the highest grade in my class , 6-), i just did'nt know what an "anlegg" was called.
  9. i use pc + cambridge audio docmagic 100 digital to analog converter it's hi-fi
  10. fuck this shit. /mu/ will understand.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/user/anonymstol2/videos doubt it
  12. i know it's just the way that he's acting so smug about when it's shit.
  13. ...i'm starting to suspect it's trolling
  14. jesus christ why do i even bother.
  15. it's so simple! he doesn't do anything special with it! i have loads of songs like that which i trew away beacouse they are fucking embarrasing! if i realeased tracks like that i would have about 4 albums by now!
  16. today on this norwegian facebookish site, which i have been a member of for a long time now, this little faggot (well he's 6 years older than me (21 yrs old) but whatever) starts bragging about his music and brings up his youtube channel saying that he's so fucking genius and so on. he even has his whole profile page dedicated to how he makes music (fl studio) and shit and he acts so fucking smug about it. one of his songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRRtYeL3nD4&feature=channel&list=UL WHAT THE FUCK WATMM!!! even I make more interesting music than this faggot!!! and i'm o
  17. its so calming. and you remind me of per somehow. one of my favorite artists when i was about ten elleven twelve. literally just crying nostalgia right now. thank you so much! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKe4-Rno12c
  18. the drums and the bass are dominated by low frequencies, so if you don't have a good music centre then you're missing alot of the song. or something. (i be sorry for me bad english ødøhørp dørp)
  19. i have denon PMA-710AE integrated amplifier argon-TT1 record player gemini CD-9500 PRO III cd player cambridge audio docmagic 100 digital to analog converter dali zensor 5 speakers dali E-12F subwoofer
  20. http://soundcloud.com/zylomafoni/oh-wow-its-exploding
  21. well i guess it's deep house then.
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