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  1. Pauline was my mentor in college and encouraged me to go into sound production as she saw I had a passion for music and sound. She was a cool lady and is missed by many, I'm lucky to have briefly known her.
  2. Fuck that was just what I needed today. All hail AE, c-c-c-cheers mate
  3. Whatever is playing right now is obviously super old and has the "Aw" sample they claim they named Autechre after. This might be the OG track to end all OG tracks...
  4. Yeah totally loving waking up to this set, making my work day much more enjoyable. Strong start!
  5. Counterpoint, I quite like this. A pleasant surprise for me and the first album of his I've liked since Cosmogramma. It has quite a few featured artists but I think most of them work within the context of the album. Most of the tracks I'm not super into are the singles they used to promote the album. I may be in the minority here but I'm digging this and although it can't touch Cosmogramma, it at least sounds like a return to form to these ears.
  6. Well you have the debut album and Joyland too. All great. Also Austra is a good listen. Well, yes of course - it was actually @six who got me turned on to TR/ST by using "shoom" in one of his Smash TV Memorex videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/smashtvmusic/videos Aw thanks for the shoutout, glad I turned you onto his music. Just heard the new album and it's great, this guy rarely misses.
  7. I also got this version and prefer it to the actual album. Sounds legit to me but it could be a well made fake I guess.
  8. six


    Glad it wasn't just me, I was really bummed and didn't enjoy the set that night. My friend who is more of a fair weather fan left 20 mins in. Hearing a seemingly completely different set on headphones, much more enjoyable to hear it as intended.
  9. Don't care about pretentious write ups, this is a solid release.
  10. six

    Gescom Nesh

    After a few more listens I'm pretty positive the track at 52 minutes is unreleased late 90s Gescom/Ae. So good. https://youtu.be/nxqFNM_Y6tg?t=3110
  11. six

    Gescom Nesh

    Wow somehow never heard this one. That track starting at around 52 minutes has gotta be unreleased Gescom right? So good, would fit right in on Envane, one of my favorite eras of theirs.
  12. Nice find! I'm teaching myself After Effects and figured I'd throw some new experiments in. Def BOC inspired.
  13. Got a new 4-hour marathon electro/techno/IDM mix that might be of interest to you all. Just uploaded it to Mixcloud in four segments with the tracklist below, ring in the new year right! Smash FM - Cyborg (Part 1: Deathlok) Kraftwerk - It's More Fun to Compute Vector Lovers - Boulevard Brothomstates - Naeae Eletrok Bicep - Aura Miles Tilmann - Spirex AFX - Love 7 John Tejada - Beacht Claro Intelecto - 2000 The Exaltics And Rudolf Klorzeiger - 00044.00.1.5 Rustie - Zig Zag (Heinrich Mueller Remix) Colonel Abrams - Trapped (Hell Interface Remix) Umek - Complikator Visonia - The Moon Doesn't Want To Look At You Cisco Ferreira - Womans Scent (Heinrich Mueller Remix) Convextion - Vapor Pressure Smash FM - Cyborg (Part 2: Murphy) Model 500 - Night Drive (Time, Space, Transmat) Dopplereffekt - Cellular Phone Microthol - Late Shift At The Meson Factory DMX Krew - Apple Grid Dave Monolith - Alksai Slashing Cousin - Exposure Therapy Om Unit - Prawn Cocktail Fluorescent Grey - Endless Saccharic Acid Deed; Every Show Oozy Void Vision - Hidden Hand CN - Rough Landing Posatronix - Shake It Arpanet - Illuminated Displays Bitstream - Incubator Gosub - The Rain Comes Down (Dcast Dynamics Remix) Transllusion - Dimensional Glide Lost Trax - Birth Bochum Welt - Puck Drexciya - Triangular Hydrogen Strain Abstract Thought - Synchronized Dimensions Anstam - Observing The Patterns Smash FM - Cyborg (Part 3: Krang) Karen Gwyer - The Workers Are On Strike Steve Moore - Zero-Point Field Various Artists - No. 8 (Autechre Remix) Drexciya - Red Hills Of Lardossa DJ Stingray - Silicon Romance Plaid - Host The Tuss - Synthacon 9 Jodey Kendrick - Indus Silver Club EOD - On A Herald Go EOD - Cytoarchitecture Photodementia - Postpre Autechre - The Plc Rolando Simmons - Drymen Smash FM - Cyborg (Part 4: The Shrike) EOD - Questionmark 6 CN - Anubis AFX - Fenix Funk 5 DB - Orisphee Ruxpin - Koch Islands Royksopp - Skulls Datassette - Flechte I Cube - Cryptoporticus (Cloudy Mix) Datassette - Crucifix Autophonic - Craft Crash Blamstrain - Linja Outer Space - Arrival And Assessment Vainqueur - Elevation I (Version 3)
  14. Weird, I was randomly relistening to this album this week. Some great tracks, I especially like Unit.
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