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  1. The Associated Press just called Biden for PA. Looks like this nightmare of a week is almost a wrap.
  2. I have a good friend who is pushing that line of thinking and it is indeed really fucking stupid. As much as I want ranked voting in the US to give third party candidates a real shot, it's simply not here right now. I'm not a Biden fan fan and he won't magically fix the myriad problems the country is facing right now, but that was the easiest fucking decision I ever made. Rabid politics are stupid on both sides but let's at least bring the appearance of sanity back to our sham of a democracy.
  3. X4 is a modern classic. The type of Ae track I live for
  4. Oh hell yeah boys, what a great surprise today! This is an excellent counterpart to Sign, still accessible but definitely jammier and weirder. And fucking lol at Sign Plus --> Sean pls
  5. I unfortunately couldn't tune in for long but loved what I was able to catch. Does anyone know if they audio was recorded? Video would be even better but I figured that's a stretch.
  6. As a huge fan of Luke's I feel like the a lot of the stuff from the past decade has been kind of phoned in. Which is why it's so great to hear a proper return to form on this album. It sounds like he had more freedom with the samples and I wonder if he was restricted on some of his past releases in regards to sampling. Plenty of great tracks on this one and it's consistently good from start to finish, looking forward to playing this a bunch more!
  7. It's funny having been on this forum for almost 20 years at this point and every time a new album comes out it's the exact same deal as far as immediate reactions go. Of course people just straight up might not like this, but this feels like the Oversteps release all over again, and Quaristice before that. Predicting some changes of heart in the next 2-4 weeks. I for one love the return to a more melody driven style but everybody's got their own thing!
  8. Cheers for the straightforward answer!
  9. I think I missed the memo, what's "the green one" people are talking about? An actual rumored second album or a classic WATMM inside joke? Still loving this on day 2
  10. Well that was not what I expected. Immediately one of my favorite AE albums and will likely become one of my favorites overall. So so good, can't wait for the digitals!
  11. Wow, such BOC vibes on this track and the last one
  12. Loving this subtle bassline on the last one
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