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  1. Very cool, excited to check this out this weekend. Didn't know about this, thanks for the recco!
  2. Just wanted to thank everyone involved in recording these and filling in a comprehensive tracklist. Times are bleak and I've been working my ass off but this gives me tons of new music to explore over the weekend.
  3. Just me or is the crazy laughing sample in The Interceptor the same one used in Autechre's Gaekwad?
  4. Certainly not the oldest here age-wise or even longevity, but I've had a good run. I joined in 2003 when I was 20 and I'm now 37. So almost half my life on WATMM. I owe this place a lot, have found some extraordinary music and people coming here every week. Even though I miss the early days when Fred McGriff, LOL Alzado, Kaen, and Zaphod were household names (Leah, slow amen breaks, not even gonna fix that burger, the first couple years of jazzband, etc.), it's still great to see WATMM as a thriving community for cool music. Thank you Jorex for giving a bunch of weirdos a home. Fuck I forgot about disgusting with salsa hahaha. Also Fred's story about his out of control shit attack used to make me cry laughing, does that still exist anywhere?
  5. Forgot about this too, thanks for the reminder!
  6. What a nice surprise, love this. A late in the year AOTY contender for me for sure.
  7. I'm streaming a new 200 track, 10 hour mix tomorrow (Sunday 10/13) for anyone who's interested Smash TV presents Music For Hulk Hogan Sunday 10/13, 10-12pm EST at my Twitch below
  8. Pauline was my mentor in college and encouraged me to go into sound production as she saw I had a passion for music and sound. She was a cool lady and is missed by many, I'm lucky to have briefly known her.
  9. Fuck that was just what I needed today. All hail AE, c-c-c-cheers mate
  10. Whatever is playing right now is obviously super old and has the "Aw" sample they claim they named Autechre after. This might be the OG track to end all OG tracks...
  11. Yeah totally loving waking up to this set, making my work day much more enjoyable. Strong start!
  12. Counterpoint, I quite like this. A pleasant surprise for me and the first album of his I've liked since Cosmogramma. It has quite a few featured artists but I think most of them work within the context of the album. Most of the tracks I'm not super into are the singles they used to promote the album. I may be in the minority here but I'm digging this and although it can't touch Cosmogramma, it at least sounds like a return to form to these ears.
  13. Well you have the debut album and Joyland too. All great. Also Austra is a good listen. Well, yes of course - it was actually @six who got me turned on to TR/ST by using "shoom" in one of his Smash TV Memorex videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/smashtvmusic/videos Aw thanks for the shoutout, glad I turned you onto his music. Just heard the new album and it's great, this guy rarely misses.
  14. I also got this version and prefer it to the actual album. Sounds legit to me but it could be a well made fake I guess.
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