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Community Answers

  1. Chiastic Slide has been my "white whale" album for many years, I always hope to find an affordable copy in second hand shops. Very excited to finally cop this on vinyl!
  2. Yeah anyone talking shit about Katz's has never been to Katz's, a NY institution
  3. Damn, nice sample spotting! Who knew Ade was such a big Tim Noah fan
  4. Lol I have no memory of making that thread but god damn do I want a Kurt Russell sandwich now.
  5. If you like his rnb/melodic side, Flower Boy is my favorite solo album of his. Felt like he really matured on that album, both in terms of the lyrical content and his production. I gotta get more listens in but so far I like this new one a lot too.
  6. This sounds more up my alley than most of the stuff he released in the past year. But at this point, given how absurdly prolific he's been...is he ok? lol
  7. I really love the first half of Dark Gethsemane. Spooky Burial is the best Burial, that vocal sample is dope, anyone know it? Sounds like something out of an old Giallo film or something. The rest is ok, don't like the second half of the aforementioned track much and the other tracks are decent but nothing to write home about.
  8. Wow, what a pleasant surprise. Also was expecting new age cheese but this is really original and different for him. Really cool concept album, some shades of Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement, FSOL, BOC, etc.
  9. You're right, it was totally Daedelus with Samiyam also on the bill. I also had a convo with him at the merch table, seemed like a really nice guy. Shit dude, hadn't heard about Double K, that's rough to hear. PUTS was always consistently great, loved their energy.
  10. Awesome, thank you, will check those out!
  11. @BobDobalina I never hear this album brought up anymore, this was such a fun concept album. I really loved it at the time, a real throwback to the Tribe/De La Soul early 90s era. Hope you're well dude, long time! I still remember that fun night we had out like a decade ago in Brooklyn. What show was that, Samiyam?
  12. This is great, I consider myself pretty well versed in this scene but this artist is brand new to me. Really strong first impression, the best new album I've heard on Mu in a while. Anything else I should check out?
  13. Dude is my favorite non electronic producer because of just how damn eclectic his taste is. I know he's a Cabaret Voltaire fan, can't remember what track but I've heard a sample of theirs in his work before and he has mentioned being into them and Throbbing Gristle in an interview.
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