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  1. speaking of, the new episode of the terror is really bad. it has nothing to do with the first one thematically, completely different thing, but it also has nothing to do with the first season's quality. really bad writing, acting, no atmosphere whatsoever nor terrific soundtrack, facsimile shallow dialogue. just really generic and unambitious drama/horror tv show with somewhat interesting setting (japs in us in ww2). dunno why they even bothered to shove it under the terror umbrella.

  2. shaping up to be the most embarrassing thing watmm had anticipated for a long time:

    • game of thrones font on an album cover that looks like something winamp's visualization plugin came up with randomly
    • an instagram clip that looks like an intro logo for a video game production company that plays before the game starts
    • the track itself is a late 90's butt-metal band trying very hard to do post rock with the constant progression and change ups, darboukas and double pedal drum fills,  and "ethnic music" hilarity, shoving as many ingredients as possible to appear progressive and sophisticated ?
    •  "My own mitosis", " Recast my tale with my allegorical elegy " just flol.
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  3. i'd still take autists like zef for serious world managerial positions over some street/world smart affable and empathetic seth rogen like dudes. some systems require professionalism, very strict adherence to rationality and logic and thus a good deal of the `tism. i'd even say that ethics is one of those fields, it is basically a set of strict laws that one must learn to navigate to maximize overall statistical goodness for a huge number of people.

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  4. Perpetual Grace, LTD - new thing from the guy who did patriot, which got rightfully cancelled. it's an uninspired take on cohen bros thing but without the lols that made patriot watchable, kinda of a dreary watch witnessing all those attempts at him trying to be quirky and smart, shoving in all kinds of cool musics and stuff. ben kingsley redoes sexy beast, it's all a big meh. the thing that bugs me the most is that the whole fucking thing is all brown and yellow, it's like someone peed on the film. i really don't get why would anyone think it's an interesting artistic decision.

  5. 9 hours ago, ambergonk said:

    20 people dead in anti-immigrant shooting at a Walmart in El Paso: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/03/us/el-paso-walmart-shooting.html

    DIdn't see this posted yet, but I'm posting it in the Trump thread because I believe he is complicit in this, seeing how xenophobia is basically his entire campaign. Becoming the firebrand of white nationalist terrorism will be his legacy.

    if there had been a wall no mexicans would have entered and no anti mexican shootings would commence :cisfor:

  6. minding the gap - a docu about about three skater friends from a shit town and shit families and their transition to adulthood. superbly edited, shot and paced, but loses all steam and becomes a very one dimensional drag when it decides to focus on "the issues"™ (mostly bad dads) rather than the actual lives of those three guys. a big missed opportunity because the dude collected a lot of great material and has a skill to convey a lot while wasting little with his very intuitive editing skills.

  7. the boys is shit for deadppol fans. a hackneyed, tryhard and self aware take on the superhero thing that thinks itself as original but is actually much worse than any of the films/tvs it takes on, mainly due to incompetent direction and dumb writing.

    10 hours ago, lickneonlights said:

    Tried to get into the new season of Orange is the new black, and realized I just can't be bothered anymore. It's fake and gay and stupid and I hate every character in it. I don't even know how I made it all the way to season 7.

    lorna turned out to be a pretty tragic, cassavetestian, character in this last season, made me wanna look up what yael stone did besides this trash show.


    too old to die young is def a headscratcher and a mixed bag, from dull and dumb and boring as fuck to fascinating and hypnotic and unpredictable. shit acting from the mexican duo and great acting by jena malone who invigorates every scene. same with cliff martinez score, some really bad cheese synth fart wankery to some really inspired moments and cool licensed music choices (like that jamaican(?) stuff). even the last episode is exactly half good, the jena malona part is great but then we get another drawn out, diminishing returns, `tute liberator scene. really dunno where #nwr (lol) is going with this. this is reminiscent of the twin peaks:return quite a bit, kinda of a wide scale, anything goes, epic with complete director's control, but nwr ain't david lynch, the highs aren't as high. he isn't von trier either when it comes to fucking with the audience, just isn't as clever. so i dunno, it's definitely more interesting than the typical A.I. scripted netflix trash, and there is some kind of own rhythm to it you can sometimes tune into, but i'm not so sure it's all worth the effort tbh.



  8. from what i see it's basically just bernie and warren, the rest are just a bunch of noobs/middle of the road/weak sauce type of candidates. but who's got a better chance against the orange d-bag? usa is ~45% morons who vote republicans no matter what and ~45% dems, what moves the other ~10%? i think bernie speak is still a little too wild and red for general americans, warren focuses on the same issues as bernie but deals with them from a more american yet critical perspective. so doesn't she stand a better chance after all?

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  9. 12 minutes ago, Polytrix said:

    Yeah, it's speech and language therapy single case studies comparing a certain type of treatment efficacy.  So at its simplest it's pre/post treatment scores as per some form of assessment. 

    ok, that's way off from what i'm familiar with, but do drop a link to one of those papers.

    spss is dogshit btw. if you're not too invested in it already and if your environment doesn't force you to, do switch to something sensible like stata (proprietary but very neat and complete package) or R if you plan to go balls deep into advanced quantitative stuff.

  10. was supposed to have a sex dream today, but the dream sex scene started with the girl getting on top of me and sprinkling olive oil over my t-shirt. the rest of the dream was me coming up with excuses for not wanting to sex with her. and that was that.

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