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    lol at debating the ethics of veganism. just don't fucking hurt or kill other beings that want to live and not feel pain. is that really something that needs some in depth analysis?


    I would say there's a lot of gray area here when it comes to animal rights vs human needs. If you think that killing animals for food is not ok even though it might be more ecological in some cases then fine. How about killing insects or parasites to prevent diseases? Is that ok? How about if the diseases caused by the said creatures didn't actually hurt humans but some other species? Would you rather kill the insect with the lower cognition than let the disease spread to a mammal?


    If you say "ok fine, it's ok to kill insects for a survival of higher species" then how about a scenario where there's a high fatality disease spread by rats, like the black death of the olden days? Rats are pretty intelligent and probably have emotions. Would it be ok to wipe out the rat population to prevent a pandemic that would maybe kill thousands or more people?


    I don't think the question is so simple that "just don't kill or hurt anything".


    how is protecting yourself/others from harm a counter argument to veganism exactly?

    if a bear is going to maul you and you have no chance of escaping, then yeah, you can hurt him to in order to stop him from killing you. same logic applies to your other examples, they are more complicated technically, not ethically.

  2. lol at debating the ethics of veganism. just don't fucking hurt or kill other beings that want to live and not feel pain. is that really something that needs some in depth analysis?

  3. Any of y'all vegan? If not, why not?


    i'm vegan.



    Any pro-tips about going vegan?

    yes. if you think you'll have trouble becoming or staying vegan, just think of how much of a spineless piece of shit you are if you have no control of your cravings or of what goes into your body. this realization, the notion of you being a spineless piece of shit if you can't sustain something as trivial as vegan diet, will force you to stay vegan.

    (it also works for all other addictions, btw)

  4. dragged across concrete - lol. a remarkable display of not giving a fuck and just doing something you love, and with great confidence too. less tight than brawl in cell block 99, but also less superficial. there are some interesting layers this time and not just meatheadery (as enjoyable as it was).

  5. the guilty - this kind of thing is becoming a genre i guess, very similar to tom hardy's locke but with higher stakes. some of the tropey scandinavian gritty crime thriller stuff seeps in and its psychological moves seem a bit mechanical, but nevertheless it's very well acted, tight and engrossing.

  6. re: Sebastián Silva

    yes, i like his films too. interesting director. he really knows to convey the feel of the situation from the pov of the lead characters, and in general, very well. i think that's his specialty basically, there are a lot of mumbly, loosely scripted indie films dealing with the same late 20's-30's people and their problems, but he knows how to gets into the real guts of the experiences, to pinpoint small cues and details (probably in the editing) that help make it feel very real.

  7. RMAA generates the needed signals into a wav file that you play on whatever device you want to test. then it shows you many things, like THD, IMD, SNR, frequency response and so on. the thing is that if you see good numbers in the final results it means that both your dac+headphone amp and adc are good. alesis io looks like it has good thd and snr specs for its inputs, so it's probably fine for such purposes. another thing to consider is that you might need to run such tests with some kind of headphones as a load in parallel, that'l give you a clear idea of how the device performs irl with headphones.


    this is a good overview of audibility of certain artifacts:


  8. @timj


    you take into account the whole device and just measure its audio performance. compare the input to the converted and amplified output and see if any kind of audible garbage crawls in. you can basically do it at home with programs such as RMAA if you have a decent recording device.


    dunno about class d amps in portables. they're usually used when you need a lot of power and efficiency, in active subwoofers for example. but with headphones, and especially with earbuds/iems, you need just a few milliwatts to get them loud.


    both are "transparent", meaning they sound better than human hearing. so no auidble difference between them.

    eugene may i ask u how come u know so much about audio fidelity? I remember the other thread where u discussed with what's his face about night and day so i wondered... I'm not taking the piss I'm on you're side i despise audiophiles....


    Btw what do u mean they sound better than human hearing? Don't u mean they're good enough so that human hearing can't tell the difference? Cause u know human hearing doesn't 'sound', human hearing 'listens'... Hehe

    yeah, that's what i meant. all devices produce distortion and noise and whatever during the process of coversion or amplification, but if they do it at a low enough level you shouldn't care as it will be inaudible.

  10. went to a dental hygienist yesterday for the first time in like 15 years, a fucking nightmare that lasted about 20 minutes. horrible gum pain, blood and saliva splashing everywhere and spilling onto the neck all while ktpa1 and 2 from smojphace ep are being blasted into your eyeballs with that drill. the hygienist was a brutal russian lady with no concept of human rights whatsoever, i was in tears from the pain but she was completely unphazed, didn't even stop and ask if im doing ok. a true professional.

  11. it's a inherently retarded film in any case. if you believe those people - then you're simply in it for the pedo snuff as amen mentioned. if you don't - then the emotional bludgeoning is supposed to convince you? but then it goes against the most basic principle of establishing facts and such...

  12. Flogging a dead horse with yougene.

    So do you feel the same way about the meetoo cases or just towards this sacred cow?

    all of them obviously.

    i accept the notion that the typical legal processes can be flawed when dealing with this stuff. but it seems like #metoo's working theory is that they are always flawed and allegations are always true. that's fucked up.


    i would actually go further to claim that as a public we shouldn't have the right to know about a person's past misdeeds once he has done his time or whatever because of pretty strong stigmatization process, but that's another topic.


    what difference does it make how many there are? go to court and prove your shit, then spread the news however you please if you win. but doing this backwards, is well, backwards...

    Yeah right, went to court once and families were paid off. Anyway, it’s not like courts are the almighty arbiters of truth and lies is it. The guilty often get away with crimes, especially if they have enough money.

    Perhaps resistance to the accusations also stems from those who own the rights to, hence make money from, his music.


    you're going into minute details of the case i don't care for, i'm talking about a principle.

    and yes, courts are the best arbiters of truth currently available. if you want to present an argument that docus can rival courts when it comes to establishing facts you have a lot of work to do.

  14. i think that films like those should be illegal before a serious investigation by professionals took place. it's just another example for this  backward thinking that #metoo institutionalized in recent years - "first we dump shit on someone in public and completely destroy him and then see if he manages to get out of it", which obviously he never will as his name will be linked to allegation forever regardless if they were true or not. allegation of sexual misconducts of different types have a particular stickiness and dynamic in the modern semi-puritanical pitchfork-wielding discourse (for more details on its mechanisms: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2106476). basically i don't think anyone has the right to put the seed of an idea in peoples' minds that some person is a pedo (or some other sexual criminal) before going through all the necessary legal processes to prove that for good first.


    this is my general take on the whole #metoo biz that is relevant to this topic as well.

  15. I’m not hearing enough praise for Burning in this thread.

    thought it's another one of those over the top korean crime thrillers with stupid twists that you like. turns out it's a pretty good polanski-feeling mystery that is fueled by contemporary social issues and youth's modern despair rather than mystery for its own sake/entertainment. solid stuff.

  16. i enjoyed the favourite quite a bit. the tug of war at the core of the film isn't too original or interesting, and isn't too deep due to its semi-farcial nature (though it does get deeper towards the end when things slow down and colman's performance helps it a lot), but everything around it kinda makes up for it. the no fucks given treatment of the whole 18th century court biz, the pacing and the editing, the camera, the acting, the production, the lols and so on. all very very tightly and neatly put together while still retaining some of that dogtooth spirit with its ultra cynical wit that sets it very far apart from other attempts to deal with similar setting and subject.

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