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  1. i thought i did for a while, but in fact i just like very particular textural drone/rock music that gets noisy at times. i've sampled a lot of noise, but only mouthus and sightings stayed with me.


    power electronics and harsh noise are a dank meme basically, i don't get how it can be considered as some meaningful music.

  2. run up to 20 tracks with a maximum of 20 vst effects on

    that's a bit vague, it can be nothing or heavy as fuck.


    we don't appreciate pussy ass pcs in here. just go for the next tier, the 1500$ one, cpu power won't go to waste, eventually software will catch up. bigger and faster ssd will always be useful. just cut the gfx card and replace the power supply to something around 500 watts, no need for more.

  3. first man - watched it in the cinema, i always help ryan gosling financially, last time with blade runner 2049 and now with this one. the film's ok, technically impressive (the camera work and the cinematography), understated and reserved (besides the action sequences which are pretty intense, and the sound which was way over the top but kinda cool), backed up by a pretty stupid score, and overall kinda boring and forgettable. only went to see it because i hoped damien cheezle will somehow subvert this artistically hopeless biopic genre, but besides de-dramatziing and de-glamorizing a significant event it's pretty much on-rails biopic with very familiar and dull moves and turns.

  4. the kindergarten teacher (u.s. remake) - very nice. comparing it to the original - the core is intact, the script is engaging intellectually (that is if you're interested in topics such as artistry and its adoration, talent, its cultivation, pretense and so on) and its trademark feel that is kinda creepy, kinda cringey, unsettling and tense all at the same time is there. but the original's annoying euro-art-fag mannerisms are subdued, it's generally softer and more approachable, there's actually a soundtrack and some nice cinematography, and gyllenhaal is a stronger actress that can carry such a complex role much better. although some interesting elements are cut off. it's simpler, but more focused and emotionally more potent due to those changes.

  5. the most important rule about choosing computers is not to buy macs. otherwise just get the laptop with best cpu/biggest ram/ssd you can afford. ergonomics and reliability is just something you'll have to research from user reviews.

  6. Not a single post about Patriot in this thread? (Or is the search fucked?)


    Best TV show in years I reckon

    i tried but it's kinda hard to get what it's all about. on one hand it's a complete farce with all kinds of quirks, clownish and absurd characters and ridiculous situations, on the other it's some kind of family drama, but then you get this ultraviolent side as well. and those three don't really mix well in the series, it's mess tonally and thematically. that lead guy is very bland too which doesn't help it being more watchable.

  7. i don't get it, why not just get a baseball cap or something with the writing "i'm a fucking idiot" instead of getting a tattoo that expresses basically the same thing, but has the downside of not being removable.

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