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  1. 10" does it mean album or single, no clue about vinyl record size, 180grams?
  2. wow I just wrote a fkn long comment and hit back on the browser... gosh... I try again later. offtopic: does anyone here know a song that is close to ventolin?
  3. comment when you are done, I am really suprised... once I took one dave monolith track wrongly and thought it was made by AFX, I am not saying this must be him but it could. maybe his stuff usually has just a little more depth to it, but not all of it. this one is the most wicked braindance of them I guess, but the whole release is vspecial https://detund.bandcamp.com/track/ufo-tofu
  4. this is some serious IDM. let us make it big and spread the word. https://detund.bandcamp.com/album/lost-and-founded checked her facebook she also got some love for Aphex Twin, but listening to the music this is quite obvious. I think this is the closest to Aphex Twin I have ever heard. https://www.facebook.com/ariadneslabyrinth Yo! Greetings to WATMM forums!
  5. smart girl on my facebook hinted that all the AFX signs on the worldmap are signs that a big 2017 tour is imminent?
  6. I read a lot of people who did not like the "high-pitched" songs, I guess it is a mix... I just listen to the BBC1 recording 12 times to have my 24 hours of good braindance
  7. the bestest mix ever, changed my life, I was only 16 when I got exposed to this... want to sue!! not sure what this 24h mix is about, anyone know?
  8. woo missed this, https://rolandosimmons.bandcamp.com/album/magic-crystal I was following this label he has a release on because of spongemagnet and then also ninjato, copped their shit. now I was on the user18081971 page and he liked something of rolando simmons, great stuff! https://soundcloud.com/rolando-simmons this reminded me of http://ninjato.bandcamp.com/merch stuff I wanted to buy for a long time. I like the design of the shirt if you guys don't cop it, maybe I get another one of the shirts next month. PS: "If you want to make a bomb shelter in your garden, the best material to use is passports, that shit is indestructable."
  9. the last one is nice, can I haz one?
  10. https://soundcloud.com/user18081971/avril-altdelay I don't get it, is there new shit imminent or maybe repress of analords, remix albums or what?
  11. I was lucky to get this one, I wanted some new posters I'm very pleased with it, really great quality prints. The covers of the box and vinyl are great. It is 10 artists and 30 tracks so I do not expect to like all of it. http://www.discogs.com/Various-Ostgut-Ton-Zehn/release/7662546
  12. I run into Kandingray here in there, he's a great guy looking forward to get this one as collectors edition. Anyways not sure about the RN collector editions, the cover is not included but an artprint, it has not much more to offer, just this art print, for this release it is white label vinyl and the artprint signed by him. Dasha Rush CE was just the art print which is nice, but going for the double price I was a little disappointed!
  13. you could have put the glasses of for the picture ... I didn't think of aphex twin when I did the picture and I still win, crazy!!
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