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  1. MIXL2


    yeah, all of these dates are still a bit odd...
  2. This track slams m9, I like the big acid reverb horns lots
  3. Why no love for Damogen??? I love that album start to finish. Ufabululum...not so much. kinda same here actually although there are a couple of tracks on damogen that I often skip also sometimes I'm in the mood for ufabulum def doesn't get played that often tho
  4. MIXL2


    the vicacid.net site is down now? edit: this sounds very good pls thx
  5. no. rare earth metals are stuff on the bottom bit of the periodic table, ytterbium, terbium and others (I don't know about electric cars but I know they are integral to phones and stuff).. iirc china has kinda of a monopoly on those can't be arsed to look for a source though
  6. most banned members still have their profiles so idk read the rules nwae another fun driving album in my experience esp long late night drives.. feels nice
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