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  1. A Duck in a Tree 2012-11-10 | A Box of Fire Nov 13th, 2012 by zovietfrance The 18th of a weekly series of radio programmes created by :zoviet*france: for Basic.fm. First broadcast 10 November 2012. Our thanks go out to the artists and sound recordists included here for their fine work. track list 01 Ben Ponton - 2012-11-07 6th Floor – University Street, London, via Lift 02 Cowboy Junkies - Mining for Gold 03 Ben Ponton - Afga #5 04 Brume - Cliche #1 05 Datach'i - Whhispering Window 06 :zoviet*france: - Live at Workplace Gallery, Gateshead 18.03.06 [extract] 07 Cheap Machines - Live – London, Slow Sound System, The Foundry, 13/02/05 [extract] 08 :zoviet*france: - Untitled ['Environments 17/18/19.08.87' track B3] 09 Chris Edwards - Manx Shearwaters on Skokholm 10 Contact with a Curve - untitled ['Painting a Wheel with a Squeal and a Spin' Track A3] 11 Hapsburg Braganza - Lion 12 Nunc Stans - Sitka Sound 13 Ben Ponton - 2012-11-07 University Street, London – 6th Floor, via Lift link direct link
  2. this feels more like old clark than amon tobin but eh.. its ok gonne give the album a listen soonish
  3. this thread totally missed me... never heard these! cheers!
  4. Im glad you enjoy it man, it has been a busy couple of weeks for me so I've fallen behind on the listening.. hopefully can get back into it during the summer! A Duck in a Tree 2012-11-03 | Opposite the Rainbow Room Nov 6th, 2012 by zovietfrance First broadcast 3 November 2012. Our thanks go out to the artists and sound recordists included here for their fine work. track list 01 Penumbra - Tsunamis 02 David Holmes - Birth 03 Demarnia Lloyd & Stuart Harris - Long Ride 04 Boards of Canada - Into the Rainbow Vein 05 Bryan Ruryk - Osler Incident 06 In the Country - From the Shore 07 PBK / Asmus Tietchens - #4 08 Speedranch^Jansky Noise - Chris Sievy has a Big Plastic or Cardboard Head 09 Jack Finlay, Douglas Grindstaff, Joseph Sorokin - Subterranean Elevator (Long) 10 Jack Finlay, Douglas Grindstaff, Joseph Sorokin - Engineering Room Interior 11 Raum - Abstract 1 12 [unknown sound recordist / BBC] - Ext: Pass Right to Left 13 Coelacanth - The Iron Molecule 14 Heimir Björgúlfsson - Untitled ['The Opposite' track 9] 15 [unknown sound recordist] - Night Sounds 16 Ben Ponton - Fragment from a Damaged Audio Cassette Recording of Miriam Brickman Playing George Crumb's 'Dream Images' link direct link
  5. yea atleast according to mdg boc will always recreate rather than sample for the most part... getting TH vibes around this time of the year.. I rlly like this track
  6. getting this on every page and also having problems posting (chrome browser)
  7. Ello, 

    maaaaaaaan, just a thank-you/heads up for maintaining the Zoviet France Ducky fred......work and 2 kids are slaughtering my time currently, so listing the tracks here is the cherry on top. So so good, I rinsed a few ages ago & had kinda forgotten, then....bosh. 

    As a cheers ears segway, the Smithsonian has a series of pcasts on various themes. Noticed your other thread on African releases, so there’s a fair bit of crossover. Mickey Hart did a series of remasters funded by the same gaff and that’s well worth digging through too (spare you 20 Grateful Dead youlubes)



    Diolch yn fawr iawn!





    1. MIXL2


      cheers man, enjoy and thanks for the link!

  8. I suddenly got this vision of a tycho subforum...
  9. enjoy 🙂 A Duck in a Tree 2012-10-27 | The Green Shaded Light Oct 30th, 2012 by zovietfrance The 16th of a weekly series of radio programmes created by :zoviet*france: First broadcast 27 October 2012 by Basic.fm. Our thanks to the artists and sound recordists included here for their fine work. track list 01 Syd Barrett - Golden Hair (Instrumental) 02 Christina Kubisch - The True and the False 03 Costaipsa - Walla Basic Hall 04 Lee Patterson - Plateau #1 05 Artificial Memory Trace - Reboundell 06 Dan Joseph - [untitled – 'Morpheus' track 6] 07 Maeror Tri - Urging Waft 08 :zoviet*france: - Live at Big Water, Sunderland Aquatic Centre, Sunderland, UK | 10.03.10 [extract] 09 Fennesz - The Colour of Three 10 Julian Neto - III 11 Ben Ponton - Dos Delaal [Beta 2.0] link direct link
  10. he said post-postmodernist m9 this on a whole new lvl
  11. breakcore is coming back again bwois
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