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  1. had this BLASTING at my place at new year's appy ardcoree vibes!
  2. Coupled w the vid especially
  3. Some more from me (Proper cheese but works perfectly at the right times) (I remember first time I heard this it totally caught me off guard.. what a feeling)
  4. this is gorgeous thanks for sharing!
  5. I have had this track for years and never bothered to look up who it was.. Really hit me finding out it was salv just now.. rest in power m9
  6. I don't recall seeing this thread before.. And I couldn't find it when searching so! Can be for any reason.. Whatever done it for u at some point.. Doesn't happen often for me but here are some: (lyrics on this)
  7. I believe we have had atleast two threads before about this Not specifically idm though..
  8. Could someone perhaps explain how this follows a Fibonacci pattern? im sure I’m just being dumb numerically I understand what the Fibonacci sequence is, but I fail to hear anything in that song which sounds like 1,1,3,5,8,13,etc it's the space between the notes in the melody if u think of a bouncing ball but in reverse which also follows the same pattern it first slows down then speeds up then slows down again everytime doing so following the pattern
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