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  1. Any excuse I have to share this beautiful rendition of Avril 14 by the Richard D. James
  2. what's the purpose of posts redirecting people to other threads? it derails the topic of discussion - only topical posts please
  3. does this lovely rendition of avril 14 count as shitpost music?
  4. Hmm Its a curious line of thought.. Im still stumped on how it relates (or if it relates at all) to the shenanigans that gave been going on in the Hell Interface fb though.. Just for posterity, this video was uploaded to the HI fb last Monday.. It remains the most bizarre part of this whole ordeal imo
  5. Interesting I guess.. It doesn't shed light on what's happening though.. I don't think?? This is all very odd..
  6. the post is on fb.. https://www.facebook.com/boardsofcanada/posts/294828888679773 hmmm
  7. ngl we're quite stumped.. today the boc fb posted no negation or affirmation of the hell interface fb activity.. who knows what's going on..
  8. Oh god no. Oh dear, I was so happy with having killed all bosses with all characters about a year back.. I feel I almost have to go back..
  9. The banner and ppic on fb have now gone black, the video was also unpublished
  10. keeping an eye on http://www.hellinterface.com/ time will tell what happens...
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