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  1. I really tried to find out way back when.. best I got was some rando from fb saying it was a tribute band from aus but I never found more about it. Kinda felt like nobody really knew. edit: I remember them reappearing later, someone uploaded them claiming to be boc but can't find that thread.
  2. this is sounding excellent!
  3. Did you guys know that the Op-z by Teenage Engineering has the plaque image hidden under it's battery? Pretty cool cocidence considering everything that's going on.. I am color blind but the Op-z looks similarly colored to turquoise, or cyan (to my eyes)... I swear I'm just as clueless if not more clueless as to what these things mean, maybe its just false pattern recognition.. But it sure as hell is fun!
  4. His best stuff was made on playerpro imo, hardware can only do so much.. Unless you started out with hardware I think is a big big trap. I becomes more abou the hardware than the music.
  5. The world for sure is changing. I think im going to end o moving to Island eventually, seems like a chill place.
  6. Listening back I had some really fueled ideas in a couple of tracks.. I wish I had that same energy still. This second one was made only using the po-12, I should have avoided the realm of hardware I realize now.. is fun but for many (myself included) it becomes more about the gear than the music..
  7. I tried reversing and slowing down Nothing Is Real just for fun, sounds very nice imo! https://www.soundcloud.com/mixl2/nothing-is-real_reversed-wav
  8. I really like Seshat and Anubis on this. Excellent abum.
  9. I'm hoping the next full moon brings answers.
  10. I should stress I have no clue what all of this is about, I just followed my intuition. At the very least BoC broke my brain (in a good way)
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