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  1. guess I just never listened to cro magnox all the way trough? I don't remember this track at all.. real beaut!
  2. a shitpost musics from times past
  3. guessing this has been posted b4 but its my first time hearing it so
  4. what's up w people going back to acid? same w the upcoming new µ-Ziq.. edit: not complaining! just interesting
  5. this one had me fired up today.. special vibes real LOUD!!
  6. I'm quite in love w the track @ 6 mins love to hear µ-Ziq w breaks again!
  7. has he ever done 303 acid lines in his tracks before? I cant recall ever hearing it in his tracks.. u do hear it here in a couple of them!
  8. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUpPey6gtv3/ sounding good! quite excited for this..
  9. hadn't heard these before.. enjoying this latest one quite a bit!
  10. there was no video for it and Richard was already too controversial and "off the reservations" with his political opinions. Hollywood, the record industry and Madison avenue will never boost his exposure ever again. Modern culture is tightly controlled and vetted, at best going forward Aphex Twin will be a minor figure of 90's nostalgia as long as he keeps his mouth shut. and also windowlicker is 10 billion times more interesting and better than anything post and including syro. edit: for now
  11. MIXL2


    reposting this classic, I remember someone here calling this "the best" but don't remember who..
  12. we will have to have one stream for the left ear and the other for the right
  13. just related, didn't know where else to put it..
  14. lol what's the idea behind this?? edit: ah I get it after reading a bit.. was expecting some vaporwave I guess edit2: 🥱
  15. are we 100% he isn't using it ironically
  16. I haven't checked but have the dancecorps covers been mentioned? also pretty much any J-core/Dancecore/Mashcore ("post-breakcore" edit: not love love records!) cover past 2012 looks like absolute ass.. but cool music!
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