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  1. This one is now available on yt..
  2. I have been looking for this as well
  3. On that boc note, a couple of images that came up randomly as of late.. First this.. randomly came up and I saved it couple of weeks ago. Then this came up when google lensing the "hexagon syns" on that image.. It is from this article: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pxi6br7knxxu3p6/electronetwork (1).pdf?dl=0 Reminds me alot of @mdg:s avatar and also this vid.. Just random synchronicities I guess .
  4. sounds excellent! will listen when I can
  5. end bit of that track is so awesome, I want hours and hours of that sound..
  6. Sounding awesome! Rlly appreciate mike keeping it real and releasing musics, unlike others.. 🌝
  7. it's all in you r head 🌄 🌚😴🌝 🤖👽👹🤡💀👻 😳 😣🥶🥱🥱 🌚 😪😴 🌝
  8. what is this thread about? ah I see Google Assistant is so useful I think I love her
  9. Knew this reminded me of something. is like the same pattern where swirling but in the opposite direction.. made a year ago.. spooky! edit: maybe what a turquoise hexagon sun looks like?
  10. we all need more phace meltin in our lives
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