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    it is raining every day over here
  2. MIXL2


    hey m9 welcome back
  3. MIXL2

    µ-Ziq - Hello

    It says video unavailable, so I guess they pulled it. What was it? Plays for me, its the title track.. sounds like it would fit snuggly in the earlier releases from this year, a few more breaks.
  4. I recognize this name.. was it an admin from an idm group on fb or something? edit: they are https://www.facebook.com/groups/idmfan/about
  5. very curious how different the sound will be, if at all, together with :z*f:
  6. I've looked and there's nowhere to upload a banner image - unless I have the wrong subscription or I'm blind. yea I can't see it either
  7. I technically joined 10 years ago.. lurked a while before that
  8. I want a full album of Umil 25-01-like tracks. Digilords please. I pray for this erryday
  9. but are they the most idm 2022?
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