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  1. the internet is poison

    1. MIXL2



  2. I think a BOC album in September would be a wonderful way to welcome Fall

  3. Ello, 

    maaaaaaaan, just a thank-you/heads up for maintaining the Zoviet France Ducky fred......work and 2 kids are slaughtering my time currently, so listing the tracks here is the cherry on top. So so good, I rinsed a few ages ago & had kinda forgotten, then....bosh. 

    As a cheers ears segway, the Smithsonian has a series of pcasts on various themes. Noticed your other thread on African releases, so there’s a fair bit of crossover. Mickey Hart did a series of remasters funded by the same gaff and that’s well worth digging through too (spare you 20 Grateful Dead youlubes)



    Diolch yn fawr iawn!





    1. MIXL2


      cheers man, enjoy and thanks for the link!

  4. partial multisig timelocked revokable cold storage smart contract mechanism

    1. MIXL2


      can it store the rush, the adaptation and the general backwardness of the act?

  5. back in the day my pops used to say

  6. I want influx of bad software/audio plugin names :D

  7. you can live in my coffee cup

    1. MIXL2


      something something fridge something something pencil erasers

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  8. could go for a pizza right about now

  9. Being sick sucks, at least it gives me the opportunity to listen to music all day.

    1. MIXL2


      i just started :/, at least is a friday

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  10. I think I'll die soon.

  11. I'm finally depressed.

  12. my father is very unwell. please send positive vibes his way

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