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  1. yt link listened to this a fair bit from that ig stream.. sounding good!
  2. also available for pre order here https://www.soleilmoon.com/shop/zoviet-france-chasse-vol-3/
  3. now on bleep https://bleep.com/release/296524-zoviet-france-zoviet-france-bundle
  4. but will they see it in the darkness. fluorescent paint?
  5. this, today, ALL DAY!!
  6. this is nuts pls pls pls some1 record
  7. Same I'm close to Finland but life is chaos rn.. maybs if I get lucky
  8. saw this.. he did say he was done with the caretaker so I wonder what this falls under..
  9. we must unite all artists and release only fecal goregrind until epic has no option but to let bc be
  10. any1 know who done this rmx pls let me know
  11. probs amongst the first vids I saw on youtube ~2009 can't stop lovin em
  12. I'm ignoring this thread better for my health
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