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  1. thx for posting guys. I have yet to take these drugs but I will soon after I get done roasting some chicken based on this bitchin recipe i got from paula dean. Once again thx
  2. Hello music lovers. I was listening to a young fella the other day that goes by the name of aphex twin. I figured "hey john, quit bein a crank and give the young fella's music a chance". So I gave it a listen and guess what!!!!....I fucking hated it. Jesus Christ darn golly what is this crap. I then thought hmmmmm.......maybe I should see a live show of his, maybe that could give me a new perspective. So I hopped in my ford and headed to one of his shows. I wrecked four times on my way there so I was having a bad day to say the least. Anyways, so I am at the show heavily injured from my simultaneous car accidents, feeling like shit and I noticed everybody at the show was a bit odd. They loved the music to its fullest and had a great time. Meanwhile I am getting a headache from all this racket, and getting quite confused as to why I am not enjoying this as much as these youngins. I asked one of the youths why he liked this music, and he quickly replied "RIUUHFVSHUDNVJS55454567467567". I was caught off guard and confused. I then looked into his eyes. I started getting flashbacks of the 80s, my hay day. It did not take too long to realize that he was fucked up. This was not cocaine fucked up, because trust me, I KNOW COCAINE FUCKED UP. He was on something unique. Something beautiful that I could not grasp. He then knocked me the fuck out and I woke up in the parking lot of the venue confused and horny. I learned that I need something spicy to like this confusing racket. This id where you come in watmm! I need some suggestions for young people music enhancement. Please do not be rude. I know a lot of you people like this fella, but I just don't got the fucked up brain for it. So I kindly ask for your help. THX P.S. IF YOU TL DR I WILL DESTROY YOU
  3. Hello fellow music lovers. I am new to this forum and new to computers so sorry if this post sucks. I just wanted to talk about my hayday, the 80's. Now I won't go too much into detail about the music from then, actually I just wanted to talk about one song. This beauty, That is music. Not the stupid IDM and other garbage that they play nowadays. This is what music and life should sound like. Now I gotta take a nap, but I gotta say one more thing. When your listening to your aphex twin and your squarepusher....just remember this tune. You will rethink the way you listen to music forever. Im out
  4. its funny because nardwaur blows and skrillex is great
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