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  1. What happened to that badger related gear thing that joyrex kept alluding to/banging on about? Is it dead?
  2. Three days in and I'm getting to the point where I can't quite process the where and hows of all this. This is Aphex twin. His legacy, the much rumoured (and boasted) kajillion records, and - We're getting it for free. I'm floored. Half expected this stuff to be released in dribs and drabs over the next twenty or so years. This is - astonishing. Just thank you! Richard you fucking legend. Truly an innovator.
  3. they're fucking pissedHa. This. Interview with Steve beckett yesterday was less than complimentary about RDJ and his lack of promotional interview duties. Was well. Given all this, quite funny
  4. ^ Plus imagine the fun we can have with album art! Needs to package it all up as an iTunes Extra... Agreed, that would be awesome if he did. What do you think about creating unofficial titles and art though if he doesn't? I'm down for this. Collectively, could probably knock up something quite tasteh
  5. Not possible I must say, the epicness of the SoundCloud Dump will be hard to top... but depending on your leanings, the thing I've been hinting at might be moreso from a personal perspective.Is it an apex twin rompler,tracker style?
  6. Nice ! And I really hope he'll unleash 2015 tracks as you mention it on your cover Yeah does seem a little ambitious, but hey ^^
  7. http://m.imgur.com/GpEL7ov Sleeve/ mp3 art idea. Can't figure how to embed on here
  8. Just cracked up in the post office At seeing that
  9. Dunno if he'd want money back but he surely deserves a BIG round of applause for believing!Totally
  10. Sent him a link to my bill hicks/ IZ US mashed...Wonder if he'll read it?! I'd post a screenie, but shit at html, apparently
  11. Nothing to see, just screwed up uploading a picture How do you, BTW? Imgur?
  12. Arghh! this is nuts! Smiling so much :D So glad I'm off today!
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