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  1. listening to it at double speed in vlc, very drukqs-ey
  2. still nothing? jeez. it can't be *that* big. what are the current theories? I fell asleep.
  3. hat album? hidden aphex twin? I don't geddit. but I am excited :) dear Mr Richard: give us a saw follow up or some double album beast for the fans. x
  4. been listening to this all day (work permitting) finally at home with it playing on my studio setup; circlont64 just slapped a huge grin across my chops. Ace.
  5. if that's aimed at me, well. cheers. I was just trying to help... god forums are elitist.fwiw, been listening to aphex quite happily since '94, when a friend of mine interned at ambient soho. was a revelation, never looked back. let's feel the love?
  6. I went to the listening party in London. the first two tracks were distorted as hell; the bass was almost unbearable. definately mixed hot. tracks 3 and 4, four especially were funky as hell. the 80's synth pallette on this record is amazing. some serious miami vice style biting fm pads going on. the vibervibed track sounds great; isn't much different from the one available on youtube. one super all over the place track that I just couldn't connect with. the album is a club record. it's like he's come back to show acts like modeselektor exactly how it's done. the second to last track is huuuge
  7. I went to the listening party in London. the first two tracks were distorted as hell; the bass was almost unbearable. definately mixed hot. tracks 3 and 4, four especially were funky as hell. the 80's synth pallette on this record is amazing. some serious miami vice style biting fm pads
  8. also just back. can confirm; shit is funky. it's an album of club tracks almost. some amazing synth work in there. Doesn't disappoint. sort of keytar vibe to one of the tracks... one really manic track about halfway thru that just sort of.. eh. I didn't feel it. anastasia is as close as identical to the barbican performance. track 3, some others and the second to last one. SHIT WAS AWESOME
  9. it's been mastered. trying listening to it on your phone. Them's the rules.
  10. naysayers can go fuckemselves quite frankly. we've all here spent sunday mornings googling new Aphex, whilst enjoying a renaissance of autechre, a formidable return from boards of canada, clark being clark, and wisp, lone, Richard Devine, and tipper, (to my mind) picking up the slack. oh, and chaircrusher's Brostep album. s'a good time to be alive, people. drink it up.
  11. my hunch for the final track comes from the musical phrasing; Ana sta si a. that said, The record will come out, I'll be wrong, and look like a rite c___
  12. I'll bet my last dollar that the Barbican track is the piano outro :)
  13. spent the last hour working out how I can record this; haven't recorded off the radio since I was about 12. have it rigged up to My studio. apparently on after 8pm feels good :)
  14. I have a theory; and it's only a theory - all the song and dance and hype surrounding the syro release, and these 'digital content unlock' cards.. and the initial tip off about TWO new albums.. could good guy Richard being playing the industry expense side of the whole thing - to give us a second lp for nish? also, couldn't get a London lp ticket, proper bummed.
  15. my first aphex record would've been come to daddy. I was given two tdk 90's waay back in 97 of a friend's top aphex picks, and they included saw 1, some of the stuff from classics, and possibly a few gems I've never in retrospect identified. way back in 1995, when we were raiding the neighbours ganja patch, getting wasted under uv light, a rich tapestry. if I could pick? polynomial c, that.251 one from the abb series, and rhubarb. it's been a long road, endless years of aphex album? Google searches. 10/11/12/13/ ad infinitum
  16. EKT (Expert Knob Twiddlers) and EKT Plus are different levels of membership obtainable by paid subscription and offering numerous features and benefits not available to free accounts. The little dots relate to the amount of posts a member has...the more dots, the more posts. Usually an indicator of the length of time a person has been on the forum and their level of interaction. and that's the kind of answer I was looking for :) thanks yo :)
  17. off topic, can someone briefly explain to me what the number of little dots under a member's name means? fairly new here. and ekt plus? what's that then
  18. I'm still hoping the theoretical 'second lp' is SAW lll :) it's been ages, and given the level of hype this early on, and the accurate predictions, regarding Clark- this being the anniversary of warps 25th year, I'm guessing we're going to get a real treat :)
  19. a London listening party would be awwesome... that said the hypetrain may deliver beyond our expectations. many londoners here?
  20. clean flat, studio monitors, non crunchy breakfast, phone off.
  21. I try to update the original post with useful information for as long as it feels relevant to do so. There is no track or performance apart from manchester, metz or singapore that's virtually confirmed, let alone suggested, although some members have baselessly suggested that the Barbican (suspended piano) performance might be aisatsana (track 12). There are two recent interview snippets by fader mag and pitchfork if you check back with the OP. Current news is that we have discovered the typeface on the album cover to be Norm Simple Regular. font confirmed. on fire, people ;)cheers ch
  22. Aahh atp thanks. I was actually asked to go down to that by a friend, he was playing. (quinoline yellow) had to passit up work commitments. don't kick me, I done that already.!
  23. the barbican piano piece is a huge favourite of mine; I'd love to see it/ a rendition on a? record :) manchester, metz, minehead/atp (on youtube as aphex twin - unreleased 2), and singapore all are kind of confirmed
  24. I ask as thisthread is crazy long and not so easy to navigate on a phone. help, links, appreciated :)
  25. morning all:) very new here; I lurked during the boctransmissions, good to share the excitement about the imminent shit. so how many of the live tracks are established as being n the record? I know the usual suspects: m,mz,St. is there a fourth?
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