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  1. http://i.imgur.com/qbebjgZ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/qbebjgZ.jpg corner of Hollywood & vine. apparently.
  2. boils down to good mixing, essentially. shaving out frequencies. plus whatever home brewed tools he may have to facilitate that. there's a lot of gating and ducking on drukqs, suggesting a forced cohesion, plus, the guy's got the time an money to basically tool around all day with this shit. ears, trust in your working environment, and a good ear. so go figure. working with fft and spectral manipulation generally sounds pretty terrible; even the famous face in windowlicker sounds pretty good compared with amateur attempts; my thoughts? either a great and woefully underappreciated studio engine
  3. all of the leak collections I've heard have been laughably shit. I'll admit that oddly, the hype wagon hasn't been as slick as say boc's... an odd move. I'm guessing that yes, there'll be two or more records... Personally I think the metz minipops connection might be spot on. and now we wait. also, first post. hello wattm :)
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