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  1. The other album should be called Twoisms. Just to pay respect to the fact that you're a bunch of fruitcakes!
  2. yeah...should have seen this coming. shouldve seen the sign that is
  3. The videoclip is even a nice approximation of Ae aesthetics. Especially given that it predates SIGN by a shit ton. You do the calculations. 2020-1987.
  4. goDel

    Rob pls

    fixt ceephax lol. don't even
  5. No. Even though you might not like it, it still wouldn't suck. Given that it would definitly bring a whole new "WTF!? Why? What? How?"-mindfuck to break your skull on, if you wouldn't like it. That's AE-101!
  6. Ehm, can you elaborate some more please? You meet ae on slsk? Or you met some people and went to some ae gig, and there you talked to stop and sign... just curious 🙂
  7. Bulk collection ruled illegal. Not sure where to put this. Search results didnt bring up a Snowden thread. This is close enough, i guess.
  8. He is? Wait. Seriously? He's a scientist? Field? This is news for me. Can't remember it ever being mentioned. Sounds unlikely to me. As he's been releasing tunes and touring for quite a while now. Not much spare time to get a PHD. Please, don't be a dick and say he's a scientist in how he crafts his tunes.
  9. Awesome! But that new shirt is a no! Rob looks like a god damn scientist!
  10. No pre-order download track 😢
  11. On a tangent: Anyone knows where to find his Renoise tracks album. Supposed to be on his bandcamp, but it isn't there anymore!? https://jfdirectlyfromjf.bandcamp.com is empty I pretty much like the crossover side of it. 🙂
  12. Start with the pilot and then follow season 1 as long as she likes. If she's really into it, do season 2. If she loses interest, tell her the movie is awesome and way better than season 2. I'd only start with 3 if she could stomach everything that went before.
  13. His other releases are under Trickfinger ? Or has he used other names as well?
  14. There's people voting for this guy. And there's a lot of them. Good way to lose faith in humanity very fast.
  15. it matters this is politics: everyone has their own idea of what they think matters and how much. it's subjective. you could use polling data to see what most would think. as opposed to inventing your own theories on what people think. that's usually not a very productive way. here's some data about BLM. nothing about these recent events. but obviously, it takes time to measure that objectively. And by the time you could measure it, it's probably 4 news-cycles in the past. (in other words, you're better off ignoring the hype of the current news-cycle) https://fivethirtyeight.com/feat
  16. Yeah, I'm afraid these protests getting out of hand work in Trumps favor. BTW, even Michael Moore is warning Trump might get re-elected again. Getting annoyed with people protesting their way into another Trump term, tbh. Looks to me the US has lost its mind. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/aug/29/michael-moore-donald-trump-repeat-2016-warning
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