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  1. Yosemite. Antisemite. Lots of mites to keep track of.
  2. Yeah. Currently relistening as well. Light rain is a bit depressing. Annoyingly so actually. But after that, it picks up pretty quick again. New family is ace. If you can't appreciate this album you're at the wrong place, imo. 😜
  3. It's impossible not to make an ass of yourself when you come across an edgelord. Like I'm currently doing, mr edgelord. ;D
  4. No no no. You're seeing it completely wrong. Seeing how few people outside the Netherlands ride bikes regularly, the Dutch -on average - are frigging bike masters. Could always be better. But at least they know the fundamentals of how to ride a bike. The fact we don't dominate the sport (apart from Mathieu vd Poel) means little. There's still plenty of fruitcakes biking abroad. Plenty people view the Tour de France. If the situation was more like with speedskating, the Netherlands would dominate biking as well. Not many people watch the world cup speedskating. Tour de France... I don't kn
  5. At least we know what his game plan is: take everything to court! Even if it's useless, go the long way and frustrate the process as much as possible. That's how you do business. The asshole is taking the GOP with him down the shitter.
  6. Dude, that's an insult! ;D Netherlands is biking country numero uno! We have the best bikers! No intention to move, btw. No reason. As of yet.
  7. Their most experimental? I wasn't a fan of Spokes, but that's because I thought it sounded like Plaid going through the motions. It's way too stereotypical/formulaic plaid, imo. At least, that's what it sounded like to me. And the couple of albums after Spokes as well. Really lost interest with Spokes. They went from "buy blind" to "first check and pick the tracks I like". I'd argue they weren't experimental enough! Hard to believe they think Spokes is their most experimental. If that's from an interview, I'd be happy reading it for extra context. I'm not hearing it. Still love some
  8. If you take the covid-event as an example, I think you see a couple of things. Yes, priority (similar to political will) is important. But you also see the same urgency in non-governmental institutes. And basically the general public. Including the market. (yes, there are some counterexamples, but the general picture is that the markets tend to be even more strict than some governments) And no, this global action is actually pretty disorganised. Take the attitude of various countries, for example. Most countries are fighting for themselves, instead of working together. Take the scarcity w
  9. It has little to do with sound quality, but the sounds themselves are f-ing interesting
  10. I'm sure a lot of the money is being funnelled into the shadow economy of tax havens. Reporting losses to the government leaves you less taxes to pay. It's all a ponzi scheme for the uber rich getting richer.
  11. It's all Silicon Valley logic to me. Ek makes as much sense as Zuckberg. It's a heavily skewed logic. But with truth behind it, because the monopoly is real. There are lots of people lost in their walled gardens. And the more people in their walled garden, the stronger their ability to play the role of the leader of a cult. Lots of followers who believe in what they preach, I'm guessing. For the outsider, at least for me, it's mostly scientology-speak.
  12. He died laughing? /too soon
  13. LOL. But it was kinda refreshing to have both Dems and Reps bitching on the big corporations. Doesn't happen often. And I'm sure these public meetings are mostly grandstanding for the public. The real stuff happens elsewhere. (eg. the investigation of all those documents the corps had to hand over to congress) The fact that both sides of the isle are bitching might imply that there's actually stuff going to happen for a change.
  14. The impact of that comment will have an impact that will be felt by generations to come. The history between RDJ and Joyrex basically has a before and after "quite good". Although the kickstart-event should not be ignored, the "quite good" event is the WATMM-equivalent to the big meteorite that ended the dinosaurs period. 😜
  15. Dats some damn good news! cuminmapantz
  16. https://www.discogs.com/Sequential-Sequential/master/39936 (basically a typical 1993 trance/ambient album)
  17. Joyrex has the same level of understanding of British as the Dutch? What a backhanded compliment! ;D
  18. US on a massive diet. I guess the fight against obesity is the best approach to fight the corona virus...
  19. Havent watched the entire thing, but were all the republicans just trying to save their 2020 campaign? Good to see us law makers taking their jobs seriously...
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