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  1. from an outsider point of view the way to join is 1) to make your own tuss thread. or rather, at least one. 2) to share all of your theories regarding the tuss, irregardless their relevance, or the subforum you're in 3) (and consequently) to make sure there's talk about the tuss in all the other subforums as well that's about it.
  2. i'm a bit disappointed. too much on the electro/acid-side of things. it sounds too clean. i liked the dirty sounds of the first two parts.
  3. try to get on moo. it has flacs and insanely fast dl-speeds i don't have any invites, btw
  4. Watch out for the Church of BOC Scientology! You'll be Fair-Gamed if you don't!
  5. hahaha great pic! yes, of course it could have been one album. but this way we get more artwork, and the hype is bigger. it's all just great marketing!
  6. All 6 tracks are leaked. I'm fairly disappointed, to be honest. I would have suspected everybody already had it by now. Guess not. Do yourself a favor and make friends with moo-members.
  7. The Devon track that was up on Brian's myspace page is now called "Synthacon 9" for some mysterious reason. It's a great track and on it's own the reason to buy the album. Other tracks are quality, as well. Definitely a great album! Hi there HmND! XLT needs more people banned!
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