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  1. This thing about the masturbate. Please do tell!
  2. perhaps this is still working notice: i do not support this message, or whatever you call the opposite of support. you decide, i'm the idiot messenger
  3. Might end up buying this instead ;D https://www.redbubble.com/i/mug/Aphex-Twin-Macross-Plus-Anime-T-Shirt-by-slowrotation/53145939.9Q0AD
  4. ... can someone post a single example of where that happened to a white guy? You'd have to go to Iran or North Korea, I'm guessing.
  5. Couple a good ones https://news.artnet.com/art-world/jon-mcnaughton-trump-memes-1631806
  6. That's pretty much inherent to all forms of society. Whether or not capitalistic. It was the norm before there was a thing such as capitalism. Arguably capitalism is one of the few systems to potentially present a solution. Again, potentially. If you approach this from the Piketty perspective (capitalism leads to concentration of wealth and power if left unchecked), his solution is not to change the system, but to improve it by means of taxation/regulation. There is no alternative without concentration of power/wealth.
  7. In other words, the GOP is dead. Which is kinda sad, because well... the left over is far worse than the grand old party ever was, methinks. Also, is it weird to see a correlation with the death of xltronic?
  8. I always need to chuckle when they try to frame it like they're doing you a favor by tracking you and giving you personalised ads. As if I want them to track me to provide personalised ads. F#ck off already with your personalised ads. Yeah, sure please have all my data in order to "enhance" my online experience with ads.
  9. ^^^ Yes, this. Loved the first Indrukken. His other stuff on bandcamp is a bit hit/miss though. But Indrukken was ace, so hopefully the second volume will as good and all that /crossesfingers
  10. Well, lets look at it the other way around: if people would be able to get it again, we would have seen strong evidence by now (as it would happen frequently). We haven't seen such strong evidence at this point in time. Obviously, this isn't proof of the opposite either, but at least it gives a good sense of where we are: if people are able to get infected another time, it's not as easy as - say - the winter flue. If it would be - again - we would have seen plenty examples of that already happening. Just take this into consideration, is all i'm saying. If you prefer a white man
  11. Positive news. (potentially) Some results from a study published in Nature about T-cells immunity. It appears that people who were infected with SARS in 2002/2003 - which is a similar virus - still have T-cell immunity after 17 years. And it also looks like those T-cells from SARS also protect against the new corona virus. So immunity might be long lasting (these T-cells aren't the antibodies that go away after a month or two) and immunity (resistance is a better word perhaps) to similar viruses might carry over. source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2550-z_reference.p
  12. Guessing R&S is looking for some extra income. Lots of classics from the 90s put up on BC recently. Spending way too much money, tbh. But it's good to have these albums readily available in the cloud, without any worries. So I'm happy to spend even if I already own these.
  13.  That what it says. I'm guessing the zilty reached a new dimension of intelligence. Transcending the current internet.
  14. When it comes to national policies, there's more than just the risk of kids getting COVID19. At that point during the crisis it was a necessary step for a number of reasons. It the height of the crisis the trust of the public was crucial. And the demand to close schools was very strong from all kinds of directions. Even from the medical field. Remember that one of early arguments to keep schools open, was to help nurses and doctors (and other jobs that were defined as crucial) to be able to keep doing their work. So when besides a large part of the population, even the nurses and doctors calle
  15. Although I'm personally not a fan of the masks. And in the Netherlands we're doing fine without them (they're only mandatory in public transport), the thing I absolutely agree with, is to do what the experts say. Have clear rules based on evidence and apply them. That's the only way to get the population to do what is necessary. With some variation in the outcomes (Sweden? There's a debate there...), it's pretty evident it's clear to put experts center stage during a crisis like this. I mean, if our experts in the Netherlands would say "wear a mask! they are mandatory!" ....well, I'll bas
  16. Yeah. The biggest chance for a Trump win will depend on the intensity of the corona crisis: will all voters be able to vote? I'm afraid Ignatius made a point about this perhaps being some kind of voter suppression strategy by the orange head. In Trump land, that's considered fair game.
  17. Thats a very narrow explanation of what is going on over here in the Netherlands, and in the US. The thing which is ridiculous in the US is that even though there are huge differences in corona-spread between regions in the US, the president basically refuses to acknowledge that and forces all states to open schools. And threats with holding back finances if they don't. Regardless of the local situation. And remember that in the Netherlands schools were closed during the period the crisis was the most severe. This is not an argument about what the impact is of a certain kind of polic
  18. good stuff! amirite to believe the 88-download at bc is the album in mono? or just a random collection of tunes?
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